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As this nation celebrates the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, many local communities will commemorate the service of their men and the sacrifices of local women during this period of national strife.  As a part of that remembrance, “Macomb and the Civil War” will publish news articles that appeared in the Macomb Eagle and the Macomb Daily Journal one hundred and fifty years to the week they were originally published.  The two newspapers served the people of Macomb, Illinois during the era, and the articles to come will speak to life in a Midwestern community during the years of hardship and change that came with war.

The articles selected will not concentrate on the major military news items usually related when discussing the anniversary of the Civil War.  Rather, these articles were selected to show daily life in Macomb and McDonough County, Illinois, during the years of conflict.

Why two papers in a rural community?  The easy answer is politics.  The Macomb Eagle served the local Democratic Party organ during the period, and the Macomb Daily Journal and the Macomb Daily Journal was the voice of the Republican Party.  Due to microfilm availability, this blog will begin with articles from the Eagle starting on October 27, 1860, and the Daily Journal will become a part of the conversation with the July 12, 1861, edition.

All articles printed in this blog were originally run as a series in the McDonough Voice, the current newspaper serving Macomb and McDonough County.

Update: I have been notified that the column in the McDonough Voice will end as of the last week of September, 2012.  However, the electronic home of the Macomb newspaper sesquicentennial project will continue on, delivering you new articles on a weekly basis.


3 responses

  1. Robert,

    I’m a writer for Western Illinois Magazine, and I was wondering if I could interview you about your project and blog for our Spring/Summer edition. If you could email me back at the attached address that would be amazing. Thank you.

  2. Hello – I am doing research regarding the civil war at Bird’s Point Mo as we have several letters written by John R Deaton, my great great grandfather. I am in the process of transcribing the letters and putting them together in books for several of our relatives. We understand that he died from measles at Bird’s Point – he was from Iowa and the letters were written home to his wife, Sarah, and his parents and friends. If you have any other information regarding the war at Bird’s Point I would be interested to have it. Thank you.

    1. There are several letters written in the first year of the war that reference Bird’s Point. They generally speak to the experiences of the 16th Illinois Infantry and one of the Illinois cavalry units, but they may prove interesting to you.

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