May 13, 1865

Macomb Eagle

Negro Equality.

            Conspicuous among the very natural tendencies of the republican party has been the political and social elevation of the negro to the level of the Caucasian. This Democrats charged upon them the hour of its first conception, and every subsequent indication of its fulfillment has been quickly pointed out by them. There has been no question but an overwhelming majority of our people were strenuously opposed to this gross injustice to themselves, and hence the leaders of the party contemplating it ultimately have so soundly denied it, until such a time as the people should be educated up to a standard of thinking that would approve it. Thus thousands, who originally abhored the idea, have gradually been led to regard the negro as equal to themselves, and as much entitled to equality in everything as their own brothers. There yet remains many republicans who maintain the superiority of their own race, and if the question be asked them to-day would reply that they never would consent to their own degradation by equalizing the condition of the two races.

Still blinded by the hollow denials of party leaders and confined by party prejudices this class still adhere to that party and are being rapidly educated to that point which will soon accept the now abhorent doctrine, as divine. The mental vision being thus rendered obtuse they have failed to perceive the rapid strides already made by their party to a consummation of this disgraceful scheme. And though striking confirmation of this occur almost every day, they fail to comprehend them. To such it is even useless to cite the most glarring and self-evident proof which occurred in the making up of the funeral procession of our lamented President at the Capitol. We allude to the humiliating fact that first and foremost in the procession was placed a detachment of COLORED TROOPS.

This was made known to us by the following paragraph from the details of that mournful event;

“First in order of procession was a detachment of colored troops; then followed White regiments of infantry, bodies of cavalry and artillery; the navy, marines, army officers on foot.”

Though there were white veterans there, brave and noble men, who had promptly responded to the first call for troops to defend the Union, and who had heroically fought our country’s battles for four long and bloody years to sustain their fallen chieftain, they were denied the proud distinction of leading that solemn throng, and that honor was bestowed upon the negroes who perhaps, had never faced the cannon’s mouth.

Not only was this humiliating to our white soldiers but was equally to the entire white race in America. Nor was this by chance, it was premeditated. And yet, there are still those who, in spite of such overwhelming proofs as this will deny such to be the just intention of those who lead the policies of the Republican party. – But it is folly for them to deny it longer. Already have its journals begun to demand this for the negro. The Liberty Herald of recent date reaches what we have seen in many other kindred journals, as follows:

“There is use talking or objecting. We have got to come this at last, and we may as well realize it at once as to put it off. Colored men are citizens, and if they help to defend the country, restore the Union and maintain the Government, they must be allowed the right to vote at elections.

This is mildly, but honestly drawn, and can leave no candid man long in doubt as to the ultimate result of such teaching. We repeated it time and again asserted since 1856; The Republican party must be voted down, or, they will vote the negro up to a level with us all. As there is at present but little prospect of voting them down, the progress they have made already that direction, justifies us in the prophecy that:

In 1868 the negro will walk up to the polls with the white man; have an equal voice in saying who shall govern us set in jury boxes with our neighbors, and stand at the marriage altar with our daughters.


“Catch the Hare – then Skin Him.”

            The extreme patriotism of many northern journals sometimes often carries them too far and leads them into positions at once ridiculous and untenable. A large number of these publications are already discussing the method of punishing the rebel president. One paper declares that he should be hung; another advocates exile; another imprisonment; another that his personal property be confiscated.

Now, we would suggest that those intensely loyal journals hold their tongues, restrain their patriotism and hold back their verdicts until they catch Jeff. Davis. Then, let all these sentences be passed upon him, – let him be punished as justice may dictate. But, by all means, “catch the hare – them skin him.”

In the meantime, it might be well for them to employ their leisure time in attending to the leaders of secession – Butler, Dix & Co. – and inventing some means of punishing them as they deserve.



            Mr. Editor: – Below is the programme of the annual meetings, for the present year, of the various Bible Societies of your county.

The undersigned has just been appointed general agent for McDonough county, and while he himself enters zealously upon his work, he would most earnestly invite the co-operation of all the officers and local agents, and all friends of the Bible in the different societies of the county.

The present is a time of great need – both of men and means. For this cause to much cannot be done. It is most confidently hoped that this cause, which has done, and is doing so much for man’s spiritual as well as his temporal well-being, will receive the cheerful and liberal contributions of all who are patriots, philanthropists, or Christians.

D. C. McCoy, Agent.

            Lamoine, in North S. H., Sunday May 7th, at 10 1-2 a. m.

Bethel, at Middletown, Sunday, May 7th, at 3 p m.

Industry, in C. P. Church, Sunday, May 14th, at 10 1-2 p. m.

Sugar Creek, at Nevada S. H., Sunday, May 14th, at 3 p. m.

New Salem, in M. E. Church, Sunday, May 21st, at 10 1-2 a. m.

Camp Creek, in Camp Creek Church, Sunday, May 21st, at 3 p. m.

Colchester, in M. E. Church, Sunday, May 28th, at 10 1-2 a. m.

Tennessee, at Tennessee, Sunday, May 28, at 3 p. m.

Friendship, at C. P. Church, Sunday, June 4th, at 10 1-2 a. m.

Friendship, at M. E. Church, Sunday, June 4th, at 3 p. m.

Blandinville, at M. E. Church, June 4th, at 7 1-2 p. m.

Spring Creek, at M. E. Church, Sunday, June 11th, at 10 1-2 a. m.; also at Prosperity Hall, at 3 p. m.

Sciota, in Center School House, Sunday, June 11th, at 7 1-2 p. m.

Walnut Grove, C. P. Church, Sunday, June 18th, at 10 1-2 a. m.; also, in Presbyterian Church, at Hickory Grove, at 3 p. m.

Prairie City, (Churches) Sunday, June 25th, at 10 1-2 a. m.; also, at Union Meeting, at 2 1-2 p. m.

Bushnell, in Reformed Dutch Church, Sunday, June 25th, at 7 1-2 p. m.

Bardolph, in Pres. Church, Sunday, July 2nd.

Macomb, Sunday, July 9th.


            → Thanks to Messrs. Strader & Co., for their favor in the shape of a bran splinter new pair of shoes. These gentlemen are too magnanimous to us pass their splendid assortment of boots, shoes, hats and caps, in our dilapidated condition, and have the same generous feeling toward all those standing in need of anything in their line. Of course it could not be expected of them to make a wholesale business of giving their goods away; these gentlemen like the “rattle of greenbacks” as well as any one, but we assure our readers if they want anything cheap for cash, that they have an extended assortment of goods; or if any should be so unfortunate as ourselves – minus the “greenbacks” – give them a call, they will not turn you away, but give you anything you want – for an equivalent.


            → Our friend L. Stoker started for Germany last week, on a visit, but before leaving New York he bought a large stock of watches, clocks, and jewelry, of the latest patterns, which may be found at his store on the south side of the square.


            → If you want the best stock of boots, shoes, hats and caps, go at once to Browne’s, on south side the square, for he has on hand the best selected stock and he cheapest ever brought to Macomb.


Ladies’ Baskets.

           S. J. Clarke & Co., have just received a very large stock of Ladies’ Baskets, which they offer at about one half former prices. – They have also received a very large stock of Yankee Nortions, consisting of China goods for the centre table or what-nots, violins, rubber balls, dolls, beads of all kinds, tin toys, innumerable, fish hooks and lines, and a thousand and one other things, which we would advise our readers to go see, buy and be happy.


            → Palmer’s Great Western Circus is coming, and will exhibit in this city on Thursday, May 18th. Before entering the canvass the circus troupe will make a grand procession thro’ the streets, prominent in which will be a grand tableau wagon drawn by Forty Horses – at least so the bills say. – The members of this circus whom we have seen, are gentlemanly fellows, and no doubt the lovers of amusement will find in this exhibition enough to pay for attendance.


            We have received No. 3 of a new monthly entitled “Soldier’s Casket.” It contains short sketches of the heroism and bravery of individual soldiers, which will be read with interest, especially by those who have relatives or friends in the army. The magazine is entirely devoted to the interests of the soldiers. But few households have not sent some of their members to this war, and therefore a publication of this kind will no doubt receive a generous support. Valuable premiums offered to those sending clubs. Price, $2 a year, or $1 for six months.


            Dick Taylor has Surrendered, – And G. W. Bailey, determined not to be surpassed or undersold in this market, is still offering his new and choice stock of goods at the very lowest prices, and money can be saved by making your purchases of him. The ladies can not fail to admire the rich dress goods, which were selected with much care for this market. Be wise and call on him.


            Fight. – John Upp and John Curtis tried their hand at a “fisticuff” two or three times on Saturday last. They were both taken before Justice Withrow, and on the last round were fined $10 and cost. Bad sport that, and not very cheap either.


            Tailoring Establishment. – In connection with their ready-made clothing store, Dernham & Johlinger have fitted up a room for the merchant tailoring business. This branch will be under the management of Mr. W. H. Kerman, whose experience and skill in cutting and making fashionable clothing will be a sufficient guarantee of his ability to give satisfaction to those who may need articles in his line.


            → Messrs. McElrath & Co., on the southwest corner of the square, are daily receiving additions to their already large stock of dry goods, which they are selling at remarkably low figures. In connection with this establishment will always be found a large and well made stock of furniture which they will warrant to give satisfaction.


            → Mr. C. C. Clark is fitting up a room on the north side of the square, for the purpose of opening a confectionery and vegetable store. Success to him.


            H. Humiston. – This gentleman has just opened a jewelry store, on the south side of the square, two doors west of Watkins & Co., where he is prepared to do all kinds of watch and clock repairing. He also has a large assortment of jewelry, Yankee notions, picture frames, etc. Call and see him.


            ‒ We understand that two or three boys were engaged in the innocent amusement of smashing in the windows of Mr. William Barnes’ house. There can be no excuse for such work; and it is his duty to see that they are punished to the full extent of the law.


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