April 15, 1865: Extra!

Macomb Journal

Assassination of President Lincoln.

            Washington, April 15, 1865.

            Abraham Lincoln died this a. m. at 22 minutes past 7 o’clock.

E. M. Stanton.

Chicago, April 15, 1865.

            President Lincoln was shot through the head last night at Ford’s theatre, and died this A. M. The assassin is supposed to be J. Wilkes Booth, the actor. About the same time a desperado called at Secretary Seward’s, pretending to be a messenger from his physician. Being refused admittance he attacked Fred. Seward, son of the Secretary, knocking him down, then passing passing on to the Secretary’s room, when after cutting down two male attendants, he cut Mr. Seward’s throat. The wound was not at last accounts considered fatal.

Letters found in Booth’s trunk show that this assassination was contemplated before the 4th of March, but fell through from some cause. The wildest excitement prevails at Washington about the President’s house. The residences of the different Secretaries are closely guarded.

Chicago Office.

Macomb Eagle





          The following dispatch was received here this morning. This news was so unexpected, that at first few credited the news, but it being confirmed, sorrow was depicted on every countenance, all business was immediately suspended, flags dressed in mourning and hung at half mast, and the Church bells tolled forth the sad intelligence. Thus, at the hands of an assassin and murderer, has fallen the nation’s most honored son.

Telegraph Office,
Chicago, April 15, 1865.

To all Offices:

President Lincoln was assassinated last night while at Ford’s Theatre. He was shot through the head and died this morning. Secretary Seward was assassinated and his throat cut by a desperado, who cut down his son Fred. and his nephew and two nurses before reaching the Secretary. At last accounts he was still alive.

Signed,        Chicago Office.


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