January 14, 1865

Macomb Eagle

Subjects for Gratitude.

            It is stated that some of the admirers of Admiral Farragut are contributing to purchase a testimonial for him in the shape of a $50,000 United States bond. Also that the friends of Gen. Sherman are raising funds to purchase a homestead for him, of perhaps equal value, in Ohio. This liberality, while it is creditable as such, might be much better directed. The pay of a major general and of a vice admiral is amply sufficient to render the possessors of these offices in independent circumstances. The people who have money to be liberal with could bestow it to a much better purpose by the erection of hospitals for disabled soldiers and sailors – those noble fellows who, almost without reward, or even the desire of it – have sprinkled on the plain and on the wave that red rain from which their commanders’ laurels have grown. If we as a nation, or as individuals, shall provide a home for those disabled in the ranks, we [fold] blessing on them and do ourselves an honor. “England has her Greenwich and Chelsea Hospitals for disabled sailors and soldiers; there the relics of her great victories on land and ocean are deposited, and there the veterans whose valor and blood helped to win them find a comfortable and honorable home. We have the most powerful navy that ever floated; we have an army whose superior as a whole, the world has never seen. The invalids from both branches of the service are increasing daily by the inevitable casualties of war. Numbers of these are without relatives or friends and with no rood tree whose shelter they can claim. It is our duty as it should be our pride and pleasure to build for them dwellings worthy of their deeds and our own gratitude; dwellings set apart for all time to come to that special purpose, dedicated forever to these helpless heroes who in the storm of battle have stood by the old flag and ventured their lives in its defense. – Let us the cease to shower upon the heads of individual favorites useless offerings and devote them to a more general benevolence. Let the people present to their “boys in blue” a Greenwich and a Chelsea – we are abundantly able to give what has been so gloriously deserved.”


            → The treasury clerks at Washington will not have their usual New Year’s present of penknives this year, and the Government will save some $8,000. The custom originated when the clerks had to mend and make their own pens, and there is no justice in it now. This is the very first item of retrenchment that we have known the Lincoln administration to make, and we hasten to record it. Eight thousand dollars is now about eight cents as compared to our former expenditures, but who knows, if the Lincoln party begin by saving eight cents, whether the habit may grow on them.


            → Gov. Yates inflicted upon the Legislature a message making sixty-seven closely printed pages. We venture to say that it is the hugest batch of rubbish that was ever carried out of the way. Its huge proportions are nt only swelled out, but consist almost entirely of pretensions, bombast, twaddle, and negro-phobia. We do not intend to afflict the readers of this paper with it. We can only pity the clerks who had to read it, and the members who, out of courtesy, sat and listened to it.


            → We may brag of the freedom of America, but it is nothing but brag after all. Here a man is not even mast of himself nor his own time or services. As an instance, who knows whether three months hence he will be playing his own vocation, or serving as a soldier. Old Abe disposes of us all as he likes, not as we will.


            Horrible Infanticide. – A young Woman gives birth to a Child and then Destroys it. – The usually quiet community of Middletown was thrown into a state of intense excitement on Friday last by the discovery of the dead body of an infant. The child was found under a house occupied by Joseph Thornburg, and many were the queries as to who was its mother and who placed it there. It had apparently been dead a week or more, and must have been destroyed immediately after birth. Suspicion rested upon a young woman named Mary Long, who had been living at Thornburg’s, and she was, after an inquest on the body of the child, arrested and lodged in jail. The coroner, J. Sullivan, Esq., was sent for, and on Saturday held an inquest. Three witnesses were examined, who testified to the finding of the child under the house, and also to apparent pregnancy of the woman Long, until about two weeks previous, when the appearance of pregnancy was longer discernable. We give the testimony of John Taylor, as follows:

John Taylor sworn – I have seen a young lady called Mary Long, who lived with one Joseph Thornburg, who lately occupied a house belonging to John Hoover, on the lot adjoining the lot I now live on. I have for a long time supposed the said Mary Long was pregnant, but for the last eight or ten days I saw a great decline in the appearance of said Mary Long. I saw the appearance of a dead body under the west end of the house occupied by said Thornburg, at the time of said pregnant appearance disappearing. Said dead body was concealed under the sill of said house, wrapped in calico rags, and rocks placed about it apparently to conceal said deceased child.

John Taylor.

            The other witnesses, C. M. Purcell and Evaline Taylor testified to substantially the same facts. The jury returned the following verdict:

We the jury, after examining the body of the infant, and hearing all the testimony that could be found, find that said infant came to its death by violence inflicted by the hand of one Mary Long, whom we believe to be the mother of the child and a member of the family of Joseph Thornburg.

R. L. Horrell foremen,
John Vorhees,
J. C. Webb,
Amos Gibson,
G. B. Reed,
S. D. Wallace,
Lyman Griswold,
Richard Raffety,
G. W. Matthews,
John Farnam,
Charles Dickason,
Wm. R. Sullivan.


            → We mentioned last week the death of a child, from burning, in Tennessee township. Since then Mr. J. J. Lower has furnished us the following particulars: The parents Charles and Mary McKinsey, went to the woodpile to get some wood, leaving the child in the sitting room, in which was a lighted candle. They were not absent over two minutes, and when they returned the candle was on the floor, the child in the kitchen with its clothes in flames. This occurred about 6 p.m. Sunday evening, and the poor sufferer died in about 24 hours. The child was about 14 months old.


            The Largest. – We had supposed that our friend Harkrader’s big hog was the brag porker of the west; but the following from a Kansas paper, if true, is a notch or two ahead: “A hog was sold at Atchison, Kansas, the other day which weighed 1123 pounds net. It brought ten cents per pound, making the snug sum of $112.30.


            → Real Estate transactions are pretty lively these times in this county. As a sample of how the land lies we will mention the sale of a quarter section of unimproved prairie, about two miles from town. It sold for the snug sum of $4,000. Amos Dixon was the lucky purchaser, and he considers it quite a bargain.


            → Our worthy friend J. C. Thompson, Esq., has, it is reported, gone to Washington city. We do not know what his business is, and can only imagine one of two things: first, to join Hancock’s veteran corps, or second, to sing “John the Cooper” at Old Abe’s inauguration.


            → The Monmouth Review says wolves are so plenty in some parts of Warren county that they even enter the farmers’ dooryards. Better hunt them out.


            → Those oysters, hot coffee, etc., at the Farmers’ Aid Society, are very good. Go and sample a dish, or get a cold or warm lunch, and be convinced for the stomach’s sake. Kept by John Abell, south of Wolf’s meat house.


            → Charley Wolf wants the people in town and the rest of mankind to know he is selling the best of meats, either beef or pork, in any kind of cut, at the lowest greenback rates. Call on him and see.


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