January 13, 1865

Macomb Journal

Three Cheers for Yates.

Since our last issue, we have received the gratifying intelligence that Gov. Yates has been elected to the United States Senate. This is as it should be – a fitting tribute to the noble Yates for his services since the rebellion began. Our gallant boys in blue, who are now in the field, will greet the news with such cheers that will astonish those editors, and others, who have so bitterly opposed the election of Yates. The vote in the caucus stood 38 for Yates, 22 for E. B. Washburne, and 2 each for Gens. Logan & Palmer, Majority for Yates, 12. On Thursday the Legislature proceeded to vote for Senator, when Gov. Yates received 64 votes, and J. C. Robinson 43, thus giving Yates a majority of 21. All honor to the men who stuck to Yates in the caucus, and all honor to the Union members of the Legislature who voted unanimously for him on the joint ballot.


Which Will You Do?

            The President has called for 300,000 more men, and gives the people of the North till the 15th of February, 1865, wherein to fill the various quotas of the States. If, at that time they are not filled, a draft is ordered on that day. Now the question is, shall we endeavor, in McDonough county, to fill our quota by volunteering, or shall we sit supinely down and wait till Uncle Sam calls for us by name? The people can rest assured that the draft will not be delayed – the men must be had. The time is short, but still there is enough left, with a proper effort, to fill up our quota, then let us work, do something, and that quick.



            The Eagle of last week has a long article in favor of taxing the people to pay volunteers, and in the adjoining column is another article ridiculing the idea. Consistency is a jewel, but we fear our neighbor is not blessed with much of such jewelry!


            → Our republican friends used to say, when urged to volunteer, that they were staying at home to take care of the copperheads. As they have performed that job pretty effectually, we would suggest that they now assist the Government to take care of the rebels. They can go for one, two, or three years, and then get back in time for the next election. No excuse, gentlemen. – Eagle.

Certainly, Mr. Eagle, we “have performed that job pretty effectually,” and we have volunteered “considerably,” so much so that we intend the cops. shall have some hand in the muss. “No excuse, gentlemen.”


            Fire, Almost. – The smoke house of Mr. T. J. Price, of this city caught fire a few days since, but was saved after slight exertion. The fire originated by some shavings being set on fire by Mr. Price’s little boy.

Moral. – Children should not be allowed access to matches.


            Infanticide. – A young woman, lately from Missouri, by the name of Mary Long, was brought to this city last Saturday and lodge in the county jail, committed for the crime of infanticide. We refrain making any comments on the case until after the trial, which will come off at the March term.


            Adjourned. – The Legislature of our State adjourned last Friday, over till Tuesday. Our representative Hon. Wm. H. Neece, arrived home on Saturday morning. Legislative honors appear to sit easy upon him.


            Religious. – The Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists are still holding meetings in their respective churchs, and great interest appears to be manifested in them, the attendance being large in each.


            → J. W. Nichols, G. W. C. T. of the order of Good Templars in this State has been appointed public lecturer by that body, and employs all his time traveling and giving lectures.


            Arrived Home. – Lieut. H. C. Gash, late of the 16th Ill. Inft., arrived home on Monday last.


            A New Paper. – Mr. D. G. Swan, the first proprietor of this paper, proposes to start a paper in Bushnell in this county. As his paper will be Union to the core, we wish him success.


            Dramatic. – The Dramatic Association of this city will give another one of their interesting entertainments at Campbell’s Hall on Saturday evening on which occasion the drama of the Robbers will be repeated. A laughable farce “Hiram Hireout, or Followed by Fortune,” will be given.

The Association proposes to repeat the “Robbbers,” with a different farce, on Monday evening next, and as often thereafter as long as it will draw.


            → We have had splendid weather for the last two weeks.


            → Rev. Mr. Rhea has got his high school in operation. From the number of pupils we see in attendance, we presume he will make the school a fixed fact. Success to him.


            New York in Macomb. – Bullard’s great Panorama of the city of New York will be on exhibition this, Friday, evening, at Campbell’s Hall. – Let all the lovers of the beautiful be sure and attend, as it will be the last opportunity they will have, in this city, to see this truly marvelous work of art.


            Sight-Seeing. – Most people are fond of sight-seeing, and they often go far and pay largely to get to see some grand sight of the works of nature, or some beautiful or unique specimen of art. We have, in this city, a free exhibition of art that is hard to beat, we refer to Hawkins & Philpot’s photograph gallery, southeast corner of the square. Go and see.


            Bank at Bushnell. – We understand that a well-known citizen of this city is about to remove to Bushnell, to go into the Banking business there.


            → Grocery stores are plenty in this city, and one firm thinks there are too many, consequently they are closing out.


            → Enough snow fell here on Sunday evening to make the ground white, but it melted off by noon next day.


            Erratum. – In mentioning the suicide that occurred in this city last week, we gave the name of the man as “Thomas” Morris. It should have been “Daniel S.”


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