December 3, 1864

Macomb Eagle

Illinois Election.

            The official vote of this State, from all the counties, except Clinton, gives Lincoln 30,000 majority. The aggregate vote of the State is 345,000 – 5,000 more than in 1860, although since that time Illinois has sent 195,000 men to the army. The Democrats polled 20,000 more votes than 1862, when they carried the State by 17,000, and yet are beaten 30,000. Who says it was a fair election?


Subornation of Treason.

            A government detective named Stidgers gave the following testimony in reference to the sons of liberty at the recent treason trial at Indianapolis:

“The authorities know that the order was instituted in the interest and aid of the rebellion. The authorities instructed me to proceed actively in organizing the order. I was instructed to get as many in as possible, in order that they might be brought to justice. I was instructed to go on and extend the order.

Question – Were you instructed to go on and extend the order for the purpose of betraying men into the committing of treason?

Here the judge advocate interposed, and the question of the defendant’s counsel was over-ruled.”

By the “authorities” are meant Gov. Morton, Gen. Hovey, &c., operating under instructions from Lincoln and Stanton. The crime they were guilty of is subornation of treason, a hanging offense in half the civilized world.


Estate of the Late Judge Douglas.

            We learn from a Chicago paper that the executor under the will of the late Stephen A. Douglas has presented to the County Court of that county receipts showing that he has paid to Mrs. Douglas over $7,000, and to the two children over $7,000 – being proceeds from the estate after paying all the debts.

This is most gratifying intelligence to the large circle of friends and admirers of the lamented statesman and his family, for it has been widely circulated that the estate was insolvent.


            → General John A. Logan has announced that he is a candidate for Unites States Senator. His ‘loyalty’ should be rewarded, because he can’t work without the pay; but the ‘loyal’ are evidently of the opinion that he over estimates himself or his services. Perhaps they under estimate the latter, for both in quantity and quality he did more ‘dirty work’ than any other ‘loyal’ may in the State, save perhaps old Ogelsby. Perhaps they think his major general’s commission is ample pay for all he can do.


            → We hear that a man named Peterson, living near Andover, in Henry county, was murdered and robbed last week. Also that a woman named Colson, near Berlin, Mercer county, was found near her house, her clothes nearly stripped from her body, and a deep cut in her side where she was stabbed with a knife.


House for Sale.

            A good frame house, story and a half high, containing six rooms, large, dry cellar, with five lots, is offered for sale low for cash. – Apply at this office.


            Wanted. – We want our friends in every part of the county to write to us of every thing coming under their notice in their vicinity, that promises to interest our readers – such as accidents, deaths, and divers other occurrences that are happening every week. It does not matter if the writing is not all proper for printing; we will arrange that. – Send us short and accurate statements of all your neighborhood news, and you will thus aid us in making the paper much more interesting than it otherwise can be.


            A Colony for Central America. – From the Pittsfield Democrat we learn that a public meeting was held in that town last week, by persons interested in planting a colony in Central America. The sum of five hundred dollars was subscribed to pay the expenses of an agent to visit the country. We have learned that there are quite a number of men in McDonough county who not only sympathize with this movement, but who are also prepared to lend it their active encouragement and support. There are five Republics in the country known as Central America, to wit: Honduras, Guatemala, San Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. It is to the two latter that attention is now more particularly directed. It is believed that their respective Governments are highly favorable to immigration; and with regard to Costa Rica this is known to be the case.

‒ We have some information in regard to Costa Rica – its system of government, face of the country, soil, productions, climate, etc. – which will be of interest to all persons who, from whatever reasons, feel a desire to leave this part of the globe. We shall begin the publication of this information next week.


            Theatricals. – Our citizens were treated to two theatrical performances last week. – Campbell Hall was crowed to its utmost capacity on each evening, the audience patiently submitting to the jam, for the sake of the entertainment. The beautiful and instructive drama entitled, “The Drunkard,” was admirably performed. The leading character was well sustained by J. B. Ervin, and so was William Dowton and Lawyer Cribs, by D. M. Graves and S. J. Clarke, respectively. The Misses Perry, Hamilton, Clevenger, and Russell, performed their parts in a creditable manner. We have seen far worse acting on more pretentious boards. We are sure the public will unite with us in the hope that the company will give another performance at an early day.


            → There are some boys and young men in this town, who make it a practice to disturb every exhibition, concert, etc., to which they can gain admittance. These fellows, besides incurring the contempt of right-thinking men, render themselves liable to prosecution. If they are not pleased, or do not wish to hear the performance, they have no right to prevent others, who are pleased, from hearing. Young men should remember that they are not, however much they may be disappointed, released from the obligation to be and act as gentlemen.


            → Four boys, charged with creating a disturbance at the theatrical exhibition on Saturday night, had a trial before Esq. Withrow and a jury on Tuesday. They were fined each one dollar and costs. This may be all right enough, but we do not see why “boys” are singled out for punishment while men, who are equally or more guilty, are left unmolested. It don’t look like doing the fair thing.


            → The store of Ross, Simms & Harris, at Lewsitown, was robbed of $1,103 in currency and greenbacks, one day last week. – A man named Nimrod Morgan was arrested and most of the property found in his possession. He was bound over to court.


            → We have been furnished with the names of sundry young men residing in this city, who were found in company with a couple of “slurts,” in the brush near Alex. Blackburn’s. By agreement their names are not to be published until they are found sinning again.


            → The supervisors of this county will hold a meeting on Monday a week.



            On December 1st 1864, by the Rev. Mr. Nesbitt Mr. Edward McDonough to Miss Amanda Buzan.

We trust our friend “Ed.” Has found a “placer” that will prove much more profitable than any that he “prospected” over in the mountains. A long life and many “nuggets,” to you, Ed.


The Modern Beatitudes.

Dedicated to Clergymen of the Touch-hole Persuasion.

Blessed are the rich in pocket, for theirs are the Federal greenbacks.

Blessed are they that make widows mourn and prevent orphans from being comforted.

Blessed are the saints, for they shall inherit the southern plantations, and we are the saints.

Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after pap, for they shall be filled, and Father Abraham will give them a little more pudding.

Blessed are the unmerciful, for they shall exterminate the rebels.

Blessed are the impure in heart, for they shall see miscegenation.

Blessed are the strifemakers, for they shall be called the children of Old Abe.

Blessed are they that persecute others for conscience’ sake for they shall make earth a hell.

Blessed are ye when ye revile Copperheads, and persecute them, and say all manner of evil falsely against them for Lincoln’s sake.

Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in greenbacks; – for so rewarded they the Logans and Ingersolls that went before ye.

Think ye that I am come to destroy contracts and diminish profits; I am not come to destroy but to fulfill.

For verily, I say unto you, the Constitution and the Union shall pass away; but not one jot or tittle of the public plunder shall pass away until all be devoured.

Whosoever, therefore, shall not break all the provisions of the Constitution, shall be all called the least in the city of Washington; but whoever shall break them all, the same shall be called great in the city of Washington.

For I say unto you, that unless your treason shall exceed that of the rebels and Secessionists, ye shall in no case find favor at Washington.

Ye have heard it said, ye shall not kill, but I say unto you thou shalt kill, and refuse to be reconciled to thy brother, or agree with your adversary quickly, but deliver him to the Provost Marshal, that he may be cast into Fort Lafayette. Verily I say unto you, he shall by no means come out hence till he is fleeced of his last greenback.

Thou hast heard it said by them of old time, thou shalt not commit adultery; but I say unto you, thou shalt practice miscegenation, and raise little maroon-colored picaninnies to Father Abraham.

Again ye have heard that it had bee said by them of old time thou shalt not forswear thyself, but perform unto the Lord thine oaths. But I say unto you you shall compel Copperheads to take unconstitutional oaths, and swear to vote the Lincoln ticket.

Lay up treasures for yourselves in greenbacks and five-twenties, for where your treasure is there will your heart be, which is in Abraham’s bosom.

For I say unto you, you cannot serve God and Lincoln.

And after he had said these things a great multitude was converted, and there was great rejoicing among the elect.


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