November 5, 1864

Macomb Eagle

A Lincoln Watchword.

            “THE UNION IS A THING OF THE PAST, HATED and DESPISED OF EVERY PATRIOT.” – William Bross, of Illinois.


The True Union Ticket.

            Men who love their country should be sure to vote the Democratic Union Ticket next Tuesday. This is the true Union ticket. All others labeled “Union” are falsely so called, and the word Union is only used to deceive the people.

Lincoln is not for the Union under the Constitution. He says “any “portion of such people who can, may revolutionize” and destroy the Union. He pretends to be in love with the Union, just as a strumpet may pretend to be in love with virtue, but it is only to secure the destruction of an unsuspecting victim. Lincoln and his party have well nigh destroyed every Union sentiment in eight millions of people, and in the name of the Union they seek power to destroy the last vestige of Unionism from the heart of every American. They use Union as a cloak for wickedness. They steal the livery of Heaven to serve the devil in.

Hannibal Hamlin mocks and makes a jest of Union men; he says they “would form a good subject for a picture!” Jim Lane, a Senator and supporter of Lincoln, says he is “ready to see any man shot down who is in favor of the Union.” Wm. Bross, a Lincoln supporter and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, says the “Union is hated and despised of every patriot” – by which he means that every leading Lincolnite hates and despises the Union. Thad Stevens says that “a man who talks about the Constitution and the Union in these times is a traitor.” These scoundrels are prating about patriotism and loyalty, and their paltry echoes and yelping lick-spittles throughout the country are swearing that they are the only Union party! Impudence and falsehood could go no farther.

The Democracy constitute the true Union party; their candidates are the true Union candidates; their ticket is the true Union ticket. No man supports it who wants Union men shot down; no one of our candidates hates and despises the Union, nor does our candidate for President say that “any portion of the people may revolutionize” and destroy the Union, as Lincoln does say.


The Old Men.

            Democrats! see that the old and feeble voters of your township are not brow-beat and crowded from the polls by abolition bullies. Let no the cry of “copperhead” or “traitor,” which are so glib upon the tongues of the Lincolnites, deter any man from doing his duty to his country and his God. Men in epaulettes will swear terribly, and abolitionists will swagger vigorously; but Democrats must not be intimidated. The price of liberty is something more than vigilance now.


Are You Ready?

            The great battle for constitutional liberty and the continuation of the American Union will be fought next Tuesday, the 8th of November. It will be great because it will be decided whether the people are in favor of Gen. McClellan, peace and a preserved government, “the Union at all hazards,” or Mr. Lincoln, and an endless war for the emancipation of the nigger, enormous taxes, draft after draft for more soldiers, and final ruin and disunion. Choose ye. McClellan’s election will be a great victory on the side of the country – a victory that will bring joy and gladness to every heart that loves the old Union and Constitution, the noble and holy work of the fathers. To the polls, true Union men, protect and perpetuate the government reared by the fathers. The efforts put forth must be none the less strong, none the less resolute, none the less united and determined than those of the fathers. On that day every true Union man on the side of McClellan and the country assists our brave and gallant armies in the field, and fights at the ballot-box the Shoddy party, the left wing of the rebel army. On that day an important decision is imposed upon us. We must decide whether the twin stars of Union and Liberty shall be once more put in the ascendancy, or whether they shall be forever blotted out, and the dark, portentous clouds of Anarchy, Disunion, and Despotism shall shut out the hopes of the American people. On that day we must decide whether the blood and treasure, the suffering and sacrifices made by our gallant boys in the field, for more than three years past, shall all be thrown away as fruitless, and the rebels at last be allowed to complete our national political and financial ruin. On next Tuesday we must decide whether the Union and the Government shall be utterly destroyed for the purpose of freeing the negro. On next Tuesday we must decide which shall prevail, Honesty or Dishonesty, Liberty or Oppression, Union or Disunion.

With an honest elections, we are confident of the result, but we want the rout a complete one, overwhelming and terrible. We want it so gigantic that it will strike terror and dismay to every shoddy sneak who howls Union, but whose acts show that he means the abolition of slavery or disunion and utter ruin.

Freemen! to your posts! Go to work one and all! Let the 8th of November, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, sound the death knell to the hopes of Treason, Rebellion, and Disunion, and elect for President the gallant and the brave McClellan. “The Union is the one condition of peace. We ask no more.”


The Coming Taxation.

            There are many who suppose that their taxes are already quite as high as they are likely to become. This is a delusion which it is as well were cleared away at once. No tax levied on real estate by Congress has yet been paid. For the purpose of keeping the people quiet until after the presidential election, Congress carefully deferred the assessment of a land tax till the year 1865. In the meantime, they are running the government on money received from incomes and licenses, but mainly from bonds and greenbacks, which, if ever redeemed, will be paid out of the land tax to be collected regularly, after the present year. It would have been a much easier plan for the farmers to have paid at the time what was properly due in each of the past three years, but this did not suit the trick purposes of the abolition leaders. They considered it necessary to keep it back until after they could elect another President, and for this reason, the farmers have as yet paid no part of the Federal war tax resting like mortgages on their lands.


Another Draft close at Hand.

            Washington correspondents say that in case Abraham Lincoln is re-elected and his policy endorsed, it has been decided that a draft for 500,000 more men will be made about the first of January. The Chicago Journal of the 25th recounts the bounties to volunteers, reminds the people that only one-half of the quota of each district was called for last month, and that after the immense outlays by individuals and towns and counties another draft for half a million or more will soon be called for. That papers says:

“These suggestions are thrown out for the purpose of averting, in the only feasible manner, the unpleasant experiences of the last two months, should another call for men be made AS IT PROBABLY WILL BEFORE MID-WINTER.”

A vote for Lincoln is a vote for another draft – a vote for more war, more taxes, more bloodshed, more sorrow. Young men, beware how you vote yourselves into the army. Fathers, beware how you vote your sons to die by cruel murder. Wives, implore your husbands to vote themselves and their country out of this war. Young women, entreat your lovers not to vote for Lincoln and your unhappiness. Vote for McClellan, if you want peace and Union without further war. Vote for McClellan and your own and your country’s welfare.


“We Change our Name but retain our Principles.”

            So says the organ of the Lincoln party in this county. The ‘principle’ for the party in 1856, when they called themselves the ‘Anti-Nebraska party,’ and run Fremont for President, was the same that it now is? If the word of their paper is true, they lied most prodigiously in 1856, or they lie most prodigiously in 1864. Then they only wanted to keep slavery out of the Territories; now they demand its abolition in all the States. Is the ‘principle’ identical? Did they deceive the people in 1856, when they broke up the whig party and organized the Anti-Nebraska party to keep slavery out of the Territories? Or is this war carried on to keep slavery out of the Territories? Is this why you want Lincoln reelected? Are the people to be conscripted and murdered by thousands, merely to carry out the anti-Nebraska ‘principle?’ Are they to be robbed of one-half their earnings, in the shape of taxes, in order to keep slavery out of Kansas and Nebraska? Are men to be arrested without cause and punished without trial, to aid in electing the woolly horse? Are the rights and liberties of white men to be subjected to a military despotism, in order that niggers may have freedom in Kansas? Oh, “we are all republicans.” When they demand the “Union without conditions,” and “no Union without abolition,” then they “retain the principles” of the Fremont campaign!


Army Victories.

            Even if victory was perching upon the banners of our army everywhere, – even if the Confederates were defeated at all points, and flying in disorder – this would only furnish an additional reason why McClellan should be elected. The present administration is incapable of taking a proper advantage of any victory, and no success contributes to the restoration of the Union. With subjugation and extermination as the motto of the party in power, all successes are barren and useless. With McClellan as President success in the field would be a substantial advantage, and would be a step towards restoration. Other means would also be employed to dissipate and disperse the rebel army, and thus render the task of our soldiers in the field more easy and certain. The plan of the republican party demands a long war or a recognition of Confederate independence. The plan of McClellan promises a speedy restoration of the Union and a peace of mutual advantage. Voters, choose between them!


What Commenced the War.

            The republicans have denied any responsibility in originating our civil troubles. But Mr. Lincoln at last claims for the anti-slavery element the credit it unquestionably deserves, of bringing on the terrible strife. In his thanksgiving proclamation just published Lincoln says:

“Moreover, he has been pleased to animate and inspire our minds and hearts with fortitude, courage, and resolution sufficient for the great trial of civil war into which we have been brought by our adherence, as a nation, to the cause of freedom and humanity, and to afford to us reasonable hopes of an ultimate and happy deliverance from all our dangers and afflictions.”

This is a plain statement that we were brought into this terrible war by the abolition sentiment, which Mr. Lincoln and his party are fond of calling “the cause of freedom and humanity.” How terribly the people have suffered! What a horrible catalogue of murdered white men and starved negroes stare the nation in the face! And Lincolnism is responsible for our woes!


            → Is it possible that any person with ordinary information, can fail to see the certain destruction to this country that will follow another four years of Lincoln’s administration. – About one-half of the country is now as good as mortgaged for the public debt, and the same policy will sweep away the balance! “The last man and the last dollar” will have gone in the effort to abolish slavery in the rebel States! and be a failure at that!


J. S. Bailey and J. C. Thompson,

            Will address the people of McDonough county at Macomb, on Saturday, Nov. 5th, at 1 o’clock p. m.


A Difference between Men.

            Daniel Wod was drafted in Emmet township, but he was exempt from service because he was afterward enrolled in Hire. R. J. Thornburg was drafted in Chalmers, but he was exempt from service because he was afterward enrolled in Macomb. They are both republicans and all right for Lincoln.

Woodford Chappell was drafted in Eldorado. He was afterward enrolled in Industry, and after that he moved to Schuyler county; but he is a Democrat, and the fact of his being enrolled elsewhere and stood the draft elsewhere did not exempt him from service. The examining surgeon said he did not believe that Chappell could stand the service, but as he was unable to give the union league sign, he was held.

Why is there a stringent rule for Democrats and a loose rule for Lincolnites?


A few Questions for Democrats.

            Have you made preparations to bring the sick and infirm to the polls?

Have you seen your neighbor and impressed upon him the necessity of voting, and voting early in the day?

Have you made arrangements to resist all attempts to corrupt the ballot box, and are you determined to stand up boldly and resolutely, like freemen, for a fair vote?

Have you appointed challenging committees, and committees to see that every Democrat has transportation to the polls?

Don’t put these things off to the last moment, but attend to them before another sun shall set.

To work, friends, to work!


Look out for Falsehoods.

            We again warn the Democrats to look out for abolition falsehoods on the eve of the election, when it will be too late for exposure. – This is an old trick of the corrupt politicians who engineer the republican party. Foiled in their disgraceful attacks on Mr. Neece and Mr. Smith, they will be only the more desperate in consequence of it. There is no conceivable falsehood too infamous, if it promises a vote, to be unused by them. Messrs. Neece, Smith, and Nickel will be the particular objects of abolition fury. It will be safe to believe nothing that may be told about any of our candidates. Vote the whole Democratic Union Ticket, and nothing else. Vote it early – vote it all the time!


            → A company of soldiers made their appearace in Macomb on Thursday morning. We do not know at whose instigation they came, nor for what purpose. The civil authorities are certainly competent to enforce the law in this county, and when this has failed it would be time enough to invoke military assistance. We suppose the soldiers, whatever their business may be, will not do anything to provoke excitement or a violation of good order and law.


            → A citizen of this county, a member of the 78th regiment, who is now at home on furlough, says that he was at New Albany, Ind., on the day of the election in that State. He says he voted the abolition ticket, and he thinks about seven hundred votes were polled in that city by soldiers who were not residents of that State. We think this man ought to be allowed the run of the ballot boxes in this county next Tuesday.


            Broke Jail. – A man named Medley broke from the jail in this city on Tuesday night. – He cut a hole through the brick wall, and so escaped. It is evident that he had assistance from the outside. He was convicted of horse stealing at the last term of our Circuit Court and had served out about half his term of imprisonment.


            → Over 800 recruits, conscripts, and substitutes left Camp Butler on Friday for Nashville, via Indianapolis. They were loaded in box cars like cattle, and a heavy guard put on each car. Don’t you want to vote for Lincoln and be drafted?


W. H. Randolph Shot!

            A most deplorable shooting affair occurred at Blandinville on Wednesday morning last, which will probable result in the death of W. H. Randolph. Mr. B. had went to Blandinville to arrest John Bond, a drafted man who had failed to report. There are several versions of what took place between Randolph and Bond and his two brothers. One report says the firing was done by persons concealed and another that it was done by Randolph ad Bond alone. Six or seven shots were fired, Randolph received one in his abdomen and three or four in other parts of his body, which were supposed on the afternoon to be mortal. John Bond immediately fled; and it is believed his brothers have followed. Warrants for the arrest of the three Bonds were placed in the hands of sheriff Dixon, who started with a posse after them, but up to the time of going to press nothing had been heard from him.

No man can help lamenting this deplorable affair, and condemning the spirit which prompted resistance to an officer under the law. The law may be hateful and oppressive, and the officer may be personally obnoxious; but these facts will not justify resistance to the one or the murder of the other.

  1. S. Since the above was put in type, we learn that Mr. Randolph died at 2 o’clock Thursday morning.

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