April 30, 1864

Macomb Eagle

The Negro Soldiers.

            The President, in a late speech at Baltimore, where he very complacently alluded to himself as “the government,” discussed the negro soldier question in his usual lucid now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t-see-it style. He would stand by his niggers, but it was full of difficulties. If he should murder the confederate prisoners in his hands, by the way of retaliation for Fort Pillow, what good would it do? If he should murder those hereafter taken, how would that help the victims of Fort Pillow? The rebels would be sure to retaliate on the white soldiers in their hands, and would he be justified in provoking this result? Still “the government” would stand by his niggers and protect them – the uniform should make them equal in all respects with their white brethren.

Now all this would have been avoided had a little common sense prevailed in the councils of Abraham. He well knew that employing negroes as soldiers was in violation of the rules of civilized warfare, and also that the Confederates would not agree to treat them as soldiers nor extend to them any of the amenities usually granted to prisoners of war. When Lincoln acknowledge the Confederates to be belligerents, and possessed of belligerent rights, he acknowledged that they had equal authority with him in determining the status of captured soldiers. He cannot therefore be justified in any attempt to change the rules of civilized warfare, and in the face of solemn and repeated objections on the part of the belligerents, his perseverance in these violations is an insult to the civilized world. We do not, however, apprehend that Mr. Lincoln will retreat from his false position, for that would call down on his head a storm of wrath from the amalgamationists of the country that he does not care to face. The fanatics have bound him to the car of their black juggernaut, and he must ride with it or be crushed under its bloody wheels.


            → Miscegenation is simply the old free-love doctrine extended to the wenches. It is only the natural progress of our republican philosophers towards the perfection of their principles, and proposes to convert the whole country into a vast free-love circle with the negroes in the center. Happy time for such good-looking fellows as Beecher, Summer, Lincoln, and the union league officers generally.

Black negroes and white,
Blue leaguers and gray,
Mingle, mingle,
You that mingle may.


Negro Suffrage.

            The United States Senate by a vote of 21 to 17, decided not to restrict the right of suffrage, and, as we understand, of holding office, in the new territory of Montana, to White male citizens, as has been the custom of organizing new Territories. The vote on this amendment thus making the negro and white citizens “equal before the law” was as follows:

Yeas. – Messrs. Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Conness, Dixon, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Grimes, Hale, Howard, Harlan, Howe, Morgan, Morrill, Pomeroy, Sumner, Wade, Wilkinson, and Wilson – 21.

Nays. – Messrs. Buckalew, Carlisle, Cowan, Davis, Harding, Henderson, Johnson, Lane, of Indiana, Nesmith, Powell, Riddie, Salsbury, Sherman, Ten Eyck, Trumbull, Van Winkle, and Wiley. – 17.

The National Intelligencer noticing this fact, remarks that “as it is probably that few if any negroes will ever emigrate to this remote territory, it will occur to every reader that the principal motive of those who voted for the amendment must be to signalize their adhesion to the policy of negro suffrage in the future.” There can be little question that the sumise of our cotemporary is correct. Negro suffrage, negro equality, political and social, and lastly, Wendel Phillips’ “sublime mingling of the race” compose the programme of the “progressive” leaders in the abolition party. We hope better things for the country than that a bargain Providence will permit it to be carried out.


            How Prices are Raised. – Congress proposes a duty on cotton of two cents a pound, whereupon all the small dealers in spool cotton propose to advance the price one cent upon each spool. Now, as a pound of raw cotton will make over one hundred spools of sewing cotton, it is not easy to appreciate the justice of this large advance in the price of a very necessary and important article in daily use. But while it is not easy to appreciate this fact, it is but characteristic of the advance in prices upon two thirds of the articles in daily use. Just hint at a tax of any kind and forthwith the price is put up to 20, 30, 50 and 100 per cent. The rule is to put up the price once when the tax is proposed, and once more when it is passed. And if the duty fails, the price is kept up. Remedy, make all you can and buy as little as possible and vote the democratic ticket.


            – A soldier belonging to the 63d Illinois entered a bar-room in Centralia, on the 19th, and got into a quarrel with the barkeeper, during which he struck at the barkeeper with a poker. Another barkeeper fired at him with a pistol. The ball missed the soldier, but struck a lawyer named Adams, inflicting a severe wound. The soldier went away, but returned, and stabbed two men who were standing by.


            – The Pike county Democrat informs us that Mr. Holmes, living near Pittsifeld, on last Monday made a quite respectable wolf haul. While clearing up a piece of land he heard while in proximity to an old tree, what he conceived to be sundry pups whining. He thereupon proceeded to cut the tree down, and found eight wolf pups. He received five dollars for the scalp of each one, being in the aggregate $40.


            – It is becoming fashionable in well cultivated circles to drop the ugly word lie and use telegram instead. – Thus, instead of saying, “he told me a lie,” you say, “he told me a telegram.” Instead of telling a man he lies, you say he telegrams. A man is now no more to be called a lying rascal, he is a telegraming rascal. These are some of the improvements of Mr. Lincoln’s dispensation.


            – Rude white boy – “Clear the track, you nigger!”

Small American citizen of African descent – “Now you jes’ luff me lone. I guess you’ll wish you was a nigger afore dis war’s over.”


            – The word miscegenation was invented to render amalgamation a little less revolting; but it is so much nastier a word than the original one, to denote the Republican programme of darkeys and white people in the same bed, that it will not redound much to the success of the cause of mulatto manufacturing.


            → At a meeting of the Democrats of Macomb township last Saturday, it was requested that the representatives from the township Clubs meet at Macomb on Saturday, the 14th day of May next, for the purpose of organizing the McDonough County Democratic Association. It is hoped that the various townships will be fully organized by that time and their representatives will be in attendance at the county meeting.


            → The first regular meeting of the Macomb Township Democratic Club will be held on Tuesday evening next, at 7 o’clock. Mr. J. H. Hungate will address the club. The public are invited to attend.


            → One day this week a man with a regular “bruiser” countenance and evidently about “three sheets in the wind,” asked us for a Knoxville paper. We handed him the miscegen sheet published in that town when he said, “Lay a dime on top of it, sir? When not so far gone as to be able to read that without more whisky!”


            → The doctors of Macomb have published a bill of prices, which look pretty “steep.” They will preclude all possibility of a poor man “dying by due course of medicine” in this vicinity hereafter.


            → Several substantial and energetic farmers of this county have this spring started for the far off Oregon or Washington Territory. Among them are G. H. Erb, J. T. McKinley, Wm. Walters, and G. W. Shippey.


            → The journeymen shoemakers of this city lately made a demand for higher wages, which, we believe, was granted by their employers.


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