April 29, 1864

Macomb Weekly Journal

Will McDonough Respond?

            Gov. Yates has issued a proclamation calling for twenty thousand men for one hundred days. These men to be forthcoming within twenty days. They certainly can be raised in that time, and McDonough can raise her quota without difficulty. Will she do it? We answer yes! McDonough has never failed yet, nor will she now. The men are needed badly, and there should be no holding back.


More Butcheries by the Rebels.

            Plymouth, in North Carolina, was captured by the rebels on the 20th inst., after a desperate struggle of four days duration. After the surrender the inhuman rebels butchered in cold blood two companies of North Carolina troops and all the negro troops who were in uniform.

There is a day of reckoning coming, when these fiends will pay dearly for their atrocities. Retaliation is horrible, but it must be done. Our Government cannot suffer the butchery of her sons without making the rebels feel and without making the rebels feel and know her power. Forrest, Chalmers and Hoke, and their men should be outlawed, and should be hung whenever and wherever caught. Not a life should be spared. All who wear the United States uniform should be protected by the Government and their cold-blooded butchery terribly avenged.


How Copperheads Talk.

            As the time for the Presidential election approached nearer, the copperheads show more and more of their colors, and utter their pestilential principles on every occasion. Long, of Ohio, and Harris, of Maryland, only spoke the true sentiments of the copperhead party. Such sentiments as the following are the secret platform of the miscegen party of the North. In New Hampshire, during the late campaign in that State, one of their leading stump speakers, Mr. Murphy, spoke as follows:

“The Democrats have submitted to the despotic sway of Abraham Lincoln for three years, thinking it better to endure a wrong for a short time than to risk all by a last appeal to arms. But now the time is coming when we can change our rulers. Rather than submit four years longer to Abraham Lincoln and be overrun by the hordes of his hireling soldierly let us ring out the cry of old; ‘To your tents, O, Israel! Democrats should arm and organize into drill clubs, companies, battalions, regiments and brigades, for these blood thirsty Abolitionists and shoddyite thieves and traitors, are a wind-broken, spavined, dyspeptic race, and one regiment of Democrats could whip three of them.”

There, gentlemen, you have it in a nutshell. They will submit no longer “to the despotic sway” of Abraham Lincoln. That’s the talk. “’Git’ to your tents, O, Copperheads!”

It seems, though, from the above that the cops. are not so sanguine as their “Southern brethren were about whipping Union men.” The Southern could whip five while the cop. can only whip three. We are very glad that they can fight as well as that, for perhaps they will have a good opportunity to show some of it yet, fighting down in Dixie. We need some good fighters with Gen. Grant, and these copperheads are just the ones to go. “I thank thee,” copperhead, “for teaching me that word.”


            → Our readers must remember that to-day, (Friday) is the day fixed upon by the Central Committee for the primary meetings in the different townships. Let there be a general turn out of all true Union men, and let them see to it that none but true Union men are returned to the County Convention; as the County Convention has to send delegates to the State Convention at Springfield.


            – The atrocities committed on the defenseless troops at Fort Pillow have been fully confirmed.



            In Sciota township, McDonough county, Ill., on the 20th of April 1864, John R. Hutton, son of E. and Jane Hutton, aged 18 years 5 months and one day.

His brief illness was borne with uncompromising cheerfulness; but neither amiability of character, parental love nor sisterly affection could stay his departure. Wept sincerely by his acquaintance, he has withered with the dew of youth upon his brow.

Macomb, Apr. 25th, 1864.

At his residence, in Scotland township, April 17th, after a lingering illness, Elijah Penrose, Sr., in the 73d year of his age.

Father though from yonder sky,
Cometh neither voice nor cry,
Yet we know for thee to-day,
Every pain hath passed away.


Union Meeting.

            Pursuant to a call, the Union men of this city met in mass convention at the office of J. B. Cummings, Esq., in the Court House, for the purpose of nominating candidates for Mayor and Alderman. The meeting was called to order by Mr. O. F. Piper, and on motion, J. P. Updegraff was appointed Chairman and J. H. Cummings Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Withrow, we proceed to nominate a candidate for Mayor carried.

On motion a committee of three be appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sentiments of this meeting. The chair appointed C. F. Wheat, O. F. Piper, and W. E. Withrow on said Committee. And where upon the Committee reported, the following resolutions which were adopted.

Resolved, That we enter upon the existing elections with an undivided attachment to the principles of the Union held by all true patriots, and in this hour of our country’s peril our hands, our hearts and our means are ready for the support of the National Government.

Resolved, That we witness with mortification the growing influence of intemperance and its kindred vices, in our midst, and we hereby espouse the principle that grocery license should be discontinued in this city, and consider our candidates this day presented, as pledged to oppose the the future granting of license for the sale of intoxicating liquours.

Resolved, That we cordially invite all anti-license men to co-operate with us on this vital enterprise.

Thomas W. Jordan was nominated by acclamation for Mayor.

Samuel Fox for Alderman 1st Ward,

Jas. Anderson, for Alderman 2d Ward,

Lorence Clisby Alderman 3d Ward,

W. M. Ervin, Alderman 4th Ward.

On motion’s Union Central Committee of three be appointed for this city, C. M. Ray, C. F. Wheat and J. P. Updegraff were nominated such committee. Adjourned.


            Negro Troops. – A regiment of negro troops passed through this city on Tuesday evening bound for Annapolis. The regiment was raised at Quincy, and numbers near eight hundred men, big, stout, and hardy fellows, capable of giving some good hard raps to the rebels. They were very jolly and cheered most lustily as they passed. It was amusing to see the grum looks and angry scowls that darkened the visages of the cops, after they found out that it was a “nigger” regiment. One gray-haired old “cop” in particular was very wrathy, and made a good many very sarcastic remarks during the evening about the “American citizen of African descent” going to the “slaughter pen.” Git along cops! “Ain’t ye glad ye jined the Hickories,” – a crowd that will not permit niggers about only for miscegen purposes?



More Democratic Traps Set.


This is the Spring for White Crows!


            Abbott has been throwing one of his awkwardly handled trumps, which, blinded by the Divine Providence, he tho’t he had won by a Democratic deal. – Democratic policy entailed on our city the curse of grocery licenses, and now that the legitimate effect is being seen and the demoralizing tendency of the system is beginning to penetrate the families of the city, we see their leaders flying from the corruptions wrought by their own policy, in holy horror, whilst they say –

“Shake not your gory locks at me,
I did not do the act!”

            It is rich to hear Abbott croak again for temperance. Now that his backsliding is healed on the liquor question, we suppose he will be an apostle of reform. In his April 2nd issue he ascribes the demoralization of the grocery system to Republicanism of course. When his cow goes dry, or his babies have the colic, or any other calamity comes, he deems himself an object of republican witchcraft, and his intelligent readers are satisfied that he speaks by the oracle – and yet he abused the Republicans just as greedily when he was on the other side. This shuffling is of course all trick. After cursing the town since it was a town, with their support of whisky and whisky suckers, his party now perch themselves on the pinnacle of no license and cry, come up here.

When Mr. Updegraff was Mayor, and we had a no license board, was the Democratic party in sympathy with the measure? Did any Democrat ever ever lift his voice with a God speed when Marshal Broaddus tried with the utmost earnestness, and the most devoted energy, to enforce the law? On the contrary, did the party hacks not stand on the street corners and pour out their abuse by the hogshead against those in authority? and did they not on all occasions, when a fine was imposed, or a man was arrested, take part with the offender? Did Mr. Abbott ever open his mouth, or write a line, in vindication of those in authority? – He was then in the temperance lodge under his first conversion, and ought to have been zealous, but he evidently leaned to the main democratic chance – the retail liquor system; — and it was not long until he joined the crowd in clamoring for license, with the unmanly plea that the Republicans were cheating the city out of a large revenue. – License groceries said the party, and put the rate high, and thereby regulate the traffic. Well, license was then trumps, and enough of inconsiderate Republicans were then found who bit at the proffered pill to carry the next election for Dr. Walker, the Democratic candidate. The system was then inaugurated of high license and whisky revenue. The present council, and its immediate predecessor, have made no innovations on the Walker policy, except, perhaps, to increase the license, and we have now almost played out this policy, and see the results. That the system is environed with evils of great magnitude none can doubt, but in the name of all that is sacred and honest, whose policy is it under which we are living?

The present Union Aldermen have repeatedly the past year offered their their opponents to pledge both parties to a no license party; they challenged them to open a poll for license or no license, but no, the reform must come out under the sacred name of democracy, the parent of nearly all the broils and drunkenness we have had since the city was chartered. The liquor business is now comparatively odious, and Mr. Abbott would fain have us believe that it stinks in democratic nostrils.

To be thus lectured by a party which has made whisky the right arm of its power for twenty years is consistent indeed: and by an editor who has scarce ever written a line to uphold virtue, order and temperance, but has always shielded outlaws and ruffians is rich – modest and highly respectful to the memory and understanding of the town.

The temperance order should organize a veteran corps for broken down temperance men who, like poor Mary Magdalen, are much possessed – sin much and repent often – and when one reforms, enroll him and put him to work with a temperance gun to shoot dirty words at his neighbors.

Before – at the Walker contest – it was no party before the election. But after it, it was published that there had been a great Democratic victory. Union men, beware!


            A New Paper. – We have received the first number of a new paper, just started in Warsaw, Hancock county. It is called the Hancock New Era, and is edited by Thos. C. Sharp, Esq. All the old residents of this county will remember Mr. Sharp, who was editor of the Warsaw Signal during the Mormon troubles eighteen and twenty years ago. He was an able writer then, and wielded a vigorous pen against the Mormons and their allies, the “Jacks.” He will wield as vigorous a pen now against the rebels, and their allies, the “copperheads.” We heartily wish Mr. Sharp unbounded success both politically and pecuniarily.


            Godey’s Lady’s Book. – We have received the May No. of Godey’s Lady’s Book. It, like its predecessors, is brim full of good things. The Book is electrotyped, and back numbers can be furnished at all times. Terms $3 per year. We will furnish the Lady’s Book and the Macomb Journal for one year for $3,50.


            More Idahoians. – Last week witnessed the departure from this place of H. R. Bartleson and Nathan Johnson for the gold regions in Idaho, and on Tuesday of this week Messrs. J. L. Anderson, Wm. Phelps and Stewart Hoge started for the same place. Mr. Johnson goes by stage, and the rest we believe have teams that have gone on ahead. They will meet their teams at Omaha.


            Our Army Letter. – Just as were ready for the press we received Mr. Magie’s letter, it having been delayed on the road. We shall print it on the first page of next week’s paper. It is unusually interesting, and no doubt will be read with more than usual interest by our readers.


            Sweet Potato Plants. – Mr. G. W. Smith, Nursery man of this place, will have, by the 15th of May, 200,000 sweet potato plants. Those wishing plants would do well to order soon. He will have several varieties, but principally the Nansemond, the best variety for this section of the country. Orders from a distance, accompanied by the cash, promptly attended to. His prices are, 50 cts per 100; $4.00 per 1,000; $18.25 per 5,000; and $35.00 per 10,000. Cheap enough.


            Removed. – J. McMillan & Co. have removed their Drug Store to H. R. Bartleson’s new building on the south side of the square, where they will be happy to see all there old customers, and a host of new ones, and where, at all times will be found a large and varied assortment of drugs, medicines, dye stuffs, &c. They have secured the services of Mr. John Nicholson, a practical druggist, who will see that all prescriptions entrusted to him are carefully compounded.


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