April 23, 1864

Macomb Eagle

The Great Speech.

            We trust that no regular or occasional reader of this paper will fail to read the great speech of Hon. D. W. Voorhees. It is the greatest effort of the day, and the halls of Congress have never listened to a speech so full of historical facts, so burning in evidence and clear in detail, and so unanswerable in all its conclusions. The palmiest efforts of Clay, Webster, Calhoun, or Douglas, have ever surpassed this wonderful effort of Mr. Voorhees.

Read it – read it all, for no paragraph is superfluous – and pass it to your neighbors for them to read. Let it sink deep into the heart of every man who is not either a fool, knave or fanatic, and it will arouse him to make another effort to save his country from the living death which now fearfully threatens it.


            → We must beg the indulgence of our advertisers. The space occupied by Mr. Voorhees’ speech has compelled us to leave a number over till next week.


            → “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” but good photograph pictures can be obtained at Hawkins & Philpot’s gallery at the same old price. Invest while the sun shines.


            → After the confederates had captured Fort Pillow, it is said, they killed all the negro soldiers they found. If true, it was a horrible and disgraceful butchery.


            → At Quincy the democrats carried their city ticket by 600 majority, and elected six of the eleven Aldermen. At Henry, Marshal county, the whole democratic city ticket was elected by handsome majorities.


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