February 20, 1864

Macomb Eagle


Its Object to enforce Law and Order.

The Resolutions.

            Saturday last witnessed one of the most extraordinary and patriotic spectacles that has ever occurred in the history of McDonough county.  It was an uprising of the people, almost en masse, who had heard with alarm of the repeated assaults upon the life and the liberty of various citizens of the county; and they came, as by one impulse, determined to set the seal of their condemnation upon all lawless characters, and to warn those who have incited and encouraged these violations of law and order, that a fearful retribution may overtake their guilty souls, unless they speedily mend their practices.  The people of the country had become excited and indignant, and justly so, for many of them could come to town without being in danger of personal assault or of life, at the instigations of certain business men in Macomb.  A few facts will suffice:

A Democrat of Emmet township was thrust upon a goods box, kicked and cuffed, until in terror of his life, he yielded to the demand to “hurrah for Lincoln.”

Another Democrat of the same township was served in the same way.

Another Democrat was assailed by four or five persons and compelled to run for his life.

Other citizens of the country have been assailed for no crime or bad conduct whatever.  All the while certain small republicans in Macomb have instigated and gloried in these lawless practices.

At Colchester, a Democrat was beaten and bruised and finally made to swear allegiance to Lincoln and all his proclamations past and future.

Another man, old and infirm, and scarcely able to ride a few miles to obtain a few articles his family stood in need of, was also beaten and bruised and left half dead in the street.

The only crime that these men or any of them had committed was, that they loved the Constitution more than Abraham Lincoln, and the peace of slavery and the settlement of negroes in our midst.  The story of these outrages becoming circulated over the county, the people became aroused and by a tacit consent gathered at Macomb, as a central point, on Saturday last.  They were the independent yeomanry of the county, who have never yet been intimidated nor been false to their birthright of freedom and liberty, and who were determined that these God-given rights should not be destroyed while they had arms to strike or bodies to interpose in their defense.  The utmost quiet and order prevailed throughout the day.  There was no bluster and no threats.  And it was noticeable that those citizen-scoundrels who had been forward to point out “Vallandighamers” and “copperheads,” very discreetly kept in the darkest corner of their holes.  After dinner a meeting was called at Campbell Hall, for the purpose of expressing their opinion and their determination, in a few brief and pertinent resolutions.  Mr. James M. Campbell was called to the chair, and after reciting the causes which induced this gathering of the people, a committee on resolutions was appointed.  This committee reported the following, which were adopted without a dissenting voice:

WHEREAS, Our City and County have lately been the scene of lawless violence perpetrated by a small portion of returned soldiers upon some of our most peaceable and law-abiding citizens; in some instances boys and old, grey-headed men have been assailed by said soldiers with revolvers in their hands, insulted, beaten, and compelled to take certain oaths unwarranted by law. – Other citizens from the country have been dragged off of their horses, cruelly beaten and compelled to halloo for Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.  And

AND WHEREAS, The City authorities of Macomb have neglected or refused to interfere and stop such disgraceful proceedings.  Therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is the duty of all good men of McDonough county to take steps for the protection of the citizens in the enjoyment of their Constitutional and God given rights, to wit: Life, liberty and property.

Resolved, 1st. That we are now, as we ever have been, in favor of obeying the Constitution of the U. S., and all laws made thereunder.

2nd. That we will resort to the civil law to suppress the lawless invasion of our rights, and if these fail, we will repel force by force, and we ask all good men, without respect to creed or party, to stand with us and assist in maintaining law and order in our community.

4th. That we are free to acknowledge that the much larger portion of the soldiers have behaved themselves as gentlemen, and for all such we have respect and cherish the kindest feelings towards them and those who have used their personal efforts to prevent any disturbance are entitled to the gratitude of the people of this county.

5th. That there are individuals in our midst who have been busy in pointing out citizens to soldiers as “Copperheads,” and urging them to attack the peaceable and well disposed citizens of our county, and to such we say, the sooner you change your course the better for your own personal safety.

5th. That as the city authorities of Macomb have quietly set by, and seen day by day the grossest violations of law within the city limits without making any attempt whatever to suppress the same, which has given just cause to the citizens to believe that they have sanctioned the conduct of said disorderly soldiers and encouraged them in their lawleasness by their non-action.

7th. That the peace, safety and happiness of this community depends upon the obedience by all  to the country and to their impartial enforcement against all offenders, without respect to creed, party, position or condition.

8th. That we call upon the constituted authorities of the county to take legal steps for the suppression of all such lawless violence in McDonough county, and we pledge ourselves to render such assistance as may be necessary to accomplish the desired object.

9th. That a copy of these resolutions be sent for publication to the Chicago Times, Quincy Herald, Macomb Weekly Journal and Macomb Eagle.

J. H. HUNGATE, Sec’y.


A Strong Indictment.

            The Louisville Journal, in the course of an energetic article upon political affairs says: “There is not one element of political or civil liberty which has not been ruthlessly attacked the civil and military authorities of the Federal Government.  The elective franchise, and responsibility of public officers, the distribution of powers, the independence of the Judiciary, the supremacy of the civil over the military power, the powers and franchises of States, the freedom of opinion, of speech and of the Press – the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, and all the other liberties of the citizen, have been outraged openly and in numerous instances.  Thus the internal structure and vital spirit of the Government is threatened with revolution by the direct agency of the military and civil power.  The systematic transformation of our Government into a despotism is a peril immediately at hand.  The times, therefore, are entirely different from all that have heretofore been the subject of party discussions and contests.”


            → A pamphlet published as a campaign document for Lincoln, says: “The statue of liberty which has just crowned the Capitol at Washington, stands as a symbol of the future American of this continent.”  The statue here referred to is black.  That, we are told by an advocate of Lincoln, is the symbol of the American war for the future.


            → Guilt only dreads freedom of speech.  The ruler, or the party which attempts to punish it, publishes his own villainy to the world.  The man that answers a man’s arguments with a Bastile, acknowledges himself the scoundrel which he is accused of being.


Living up to the Doctrine.

            The Administration in its humane efforts to elevate the character of the Africans and equalize them with white people two years ago, benevolently sent out from Massachusetts, to Port Royal, South Carolina, at the expense of the whole people of the United States, a few hundred spinsters, to educate, civilize and refine the contrabands at that place.  The New Hampshire Patriot, of the 4th of October, gives the result of this very benevolent experiment of Mr. Lincoln in the following paragraph:

“Private advices from Port Royal say that many of the female abolitionists who went to Port Royal to teach the little niggers how to read and pray, have been obliged, within a few months, to abandon their black charges, and open nurseries on their own private account.  An officer informed us recently that no less than sixty-four white spinsters had contributed to the population in and about Port Royal harbor.  The climate seems to favor population even more than the production of Sea Island cotton, by paid negro labor.

The information furnished us by the officer concerning the sixty-four little mulattoes, has been confessed by the testimony of the Rev. Liberty Billings, Lieutenant Colonel of the First South Carolina Regiment, and who is here in consequence of ill health.  He says it is a sad truth.”

Here, republicans, is a sweet little morsel for your particular mastication.  President Lincoln has used the money of the people to prostitute these Yankee women, with buck niggers, and we may now expect him to provide a grand Magdalen Asylum for them and their woolly paramours.  Oh the morality of this republican administration!


            → We are indebted to Hon. L. W. Ross for a copy of McClellan’s report, and other favors.


            → Another cold spell of weather came to us last Monday night, and following the warm pleasant weather of a week previous, it chilled to the marrow.  The temperature must have changed about 30 degrees in ten hours.


            → Hon. W. A. Richardson made a speech in the Senate, on the 9th, in which he handled the administration severely for its prolongation of the war and the consequent waste of treasure and loss of human life.


            Public Speaking. – Capt. C. Rattery, of the 57th Illinois regiment, will deliver an address in the church at Bardolph on Monday night, and at Dyer’s (or 16th) school house, Mound township, on Tuesday night.  If any of the boys want to join the gallant 57th let them come along.  Large bounties, clever comrades, careful officers, and a good time generally.


            One More Opportunity. – Now is the time to enlist in the 78th regiment.  Each recruit will be passed free to Mt. Sterling, and will receive a certificate for a premium of $15, or if a veteran $25, in addition to his large bounty.  Remember that on the 1st of March the Government ceases to pay the increased bounties.  For particulars enquire of Lieut. Chandler, at Macomb.


            → The abolitionists of Pike county made an attempt to destroy the office of the Pittsfield Democrat, one day last week.  At a public meeting in Pittsfield a speech was made by J. S. Irwin, a jack-leg lawyer of that town, the evident purpose of which was to excite a mob and destroy the Democrat office.  This would probably have been done, had it not been for the efforts of Capt. Westlake, provost marshal of this district, and the sheriff of the county, seconded as they were by the Democrats and a few of the better class of republicans.


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