January 23, 1864

Macomb Eagle

            → The Democratic National committee have fixed the time for holding the next Democratic National convention at Chicago, on the 4th day of July next.  This will meet the approval of the people of the Northwest.


Restoring the Old Union.

            The miserable republican journals of the country are not the only ones who are indulging in frothy buncombe about the Union.  A member of Congress by the name of Rogers lately introduced a resolution declaring that “our country and the old Union are imperiled by a rebellion against the wisest and best Government devised by man.”  If Mr. Rogers intends to assert that the rebellion against the old Union was begun and is carried on by abolitionists, then he is right.  But he proposes no war upon them to defeat their efforts, and we consequently suppose he does not refer to them.  If it is meant that the South are in rebellion against the old Union, then it must be pleaded in [fold] was first in rebellion against it and he elected a man President whose avowed purpose was to destroy the old Union.  The South are not justified in rebellion because the North had set them the example, and the position of the leading southern statesmen was, assure us that you will not destroy the old Union and all will go well.  But neither Mr. Lincoln nor his party would give the assurance.  They preferred to destroy the Union and then to shed blood to compel others to assent to its destruction.  From that day to this the leading men of that party have made no effort to have the Union as it was restored.  On the contrary, as the two sections have become more widely separated and embittered by the conflict of arms, the republicans have become more bold in their declarations that they did not want the old Union.  For more than thirty years the only traducers and enemies of the Union were found in the northern States, and the men who were then engaged in this infernal work are leaders and high officers in the republican party.  Their accession to power in the election of Lincoln has changed neither their purposes nor their tactics.  Their leading papers declare the “Union is a thing of the past, hated and accursed” by every republican, and Vice President Hamlin says in so many words that the Union cannot be restored.  Lincoln in his test oath proclamation is fully up to the abolition requirement that the old Union shan’t be restored.  Why then do men try to deceive themselves and the people, that Lincoln is trying to preserve the principles upon which the Union was founded?  The fact is, every political act of his life for the last eight or ten years has been devoted to the destruction of those principles.  If the South were trying to destroy the glorious principles of Washington and Jefferson and their compatriots, and the system of Government they established, then there should be no compromise with them.  The truth is they are only trying to preserve those principles and that system for themselves.  And it is this delusion – that Lincoln is trying to preserve the Union – that has enabled him to fill up his armies in the manner that he has.  The truth is, he does not want that Union, and the Congress in sympathy with his opinions will not receive a State into that Union on the terms on which Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, and Fillmore received them.  The Union we refer to is the compact of 1788, and it is the only Union we know of or have a right to advocate.  No patriot is in favor of any other Union. – But Mr. Lincoln does not believe in it.  His cabinet do not believe in it.  His Congress, many of the members elected by the bayonet, do not believe in it.  His officers who command the army, from Beast Butler down, do not believe in it.  The newspapers which support his administration do not believe in it.  It is a monstrous cheat and lie to say that this war is waged to preserve the Union.  This is God’s truth, and it is high time to plant ourselves upon the immovable rock of our Father’s Union and a White Man’s Government.  Any other foundation is built upon the sand which the first storm will wash from under our feet.  Our Fathers’ Union – our Fathers’ Constitution – our Fathers’Government – and the supremacy of White Men.  On this rock we shall be impregnable.



            The Puritans are turning slave-dealers again.  After all their homilies about the sin of “traffcing in human flesh” they are buying and selling negroes, not for life, but for a term of years, with as much gusto as other people would feel over an honorable and profitable business transaction. – The town authorities of various parts of New England have sent to Virginia and carried off negroes by the dozen, perhaps by the ship-load, for the purpose of filling up their quota of volunteers, under the President’s call for soldiers.  In some cases where more negroes were taken than were demanded, they have been sold to other towns which were short of the chattels!  These are actual facts.  And this is the way Puritan New England works out her share of this war, which they say is conducted in “the interests of God and humanity.”  This is the conduct of the Pharisees whom the people of the West are told to “look up to” for knowledge and religion.


New Style.

            Since the republican members of Congress have elected for [fold] that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, but like any other man and a bastard at that, it is supposed the next measure will be to abolish the christian era.  A very good substitute phrase will be found in the Lincoln era, or nigger era – the two phrases being synonymous.  If it can be coupled with a declaration that this is necessary “to put down the rebellion,” the republicans will all swallow it.


            → “We have laid 250,000 of the noblest lives in the Union in the grave.  We have mortgaged the industry of the future with $4,000,000,000.”  So said a Lincoln orator in a late speech.  The followers of the despot rejoice in all this waste of life and treasure, if the negro can only be freed.  They are even willing to murder all the white people in the land, for the sake of giving the negroes the land afterwards.  Ain’t you paying rather too much for your nigger?


            → A new test of the loyalty of the loyal churches is contemplated. – Organs and melodeons are to be banished, and a regimental band set in their places.  This will be in accordance with the fitness of things.  The sermons and prayers are all patriotic, and the music should of course be martial to correspond with them.  Churches which will not adopt the kettle-drum music will be fairly open to the suspicion of disloyalty.


            → The condition of Mexico presents a warning that should be heeded by our people.  The effect of equalizing inferior races with white men is shown in the unstable government of that wretched country.  Mexico has for almost all the time since the achievement of its independence been the prey of military despots and often been desolated by confusion and anarchy.  It is notable that every petty tyrant who for a brief period rules and oppressed the people based his usurpations upon the plea of “military necessity” – the good of the Nation – and claimed that he was the nation.  Abraham Lincoln and the party which supports him are introducing the same system into this Republic, and if they succeed in making negroes citizens then follows the mixing of the races and the degradation of white men. – Then follows the loss of our system of self-government and the rising of military chieftains who will rule by the potent power of the bayonet.  These things will come upon us, with the same certainty that similar causes will produce similar effects, unless more people [fold] the head of the government men who will observe and maintain the Constitution of our fathers.


            Barn Burnt. – The barn belonging to the Messrs. Cline, in Macomb township, was destroyed by fire recently, with its contents.  There were several tons of hay, five hundred bushels of wheat, four mules, [?], harness, farming tools, etc., were [?] destroyed.  The loss cannot be less than $2000 or $3000.  The barn was insured for $1,500 [?] company.  The Clines have no knowledge of the origin of the fire.


            → Mr. J. F. Wadham will hereafter keep on hand flour, corn meal, and buckwheat flour, from the Spoon river mills.  The reputations of these mills is a sufficient guarantee that all products will be of the best quality.  Mr. W. will also warrant the [?].


            → We understand that the house of W. Berry, jr., of Blandinville township, was destroyed by fire on Sunday last.  We have no particulars.


            Married. – On the 8th inst., by Joel Pennington, Esq., at Industry, Mr. Thomas Vail and Mrs. Isabel Utley.

Good for the old folks!  The snows of just seventy-nine winters have passed over the head of the “happy groom,” while fifty-nine summers have shed their beauty and fragrance o’er the “blushing bride.”  May they live to celebrate a golden anniversary of their wedding.


            Come, you Leaguers it is about time you all take the oath again.  You know your patriotism is not to be trusted more than a month at a time, without a fresh oath. – Walk up to the Captain’s office, gentlemen, and swear again; it is the only way you can gull fools into the belief that you are anything but a pestiferous set of arrant traitors, and most people are getting too [?] for even that sickly dodge.  Swear, Leaguers, swear.


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