January 2, 1864

Macomb Eagle

Republicans wanted War.

            Aside from the declaration of Chandler that “without a little blood-letting this Union is not worth a rush,” we have indubitable evidence that the leading republicans wanted war in 1860-61.  They wanted it by way of pastime, perhaps, for they had seriously told the people that it would be only a “breakfast spell” to whip the South.  Even Mr. Lincoln, after seven States had asserted their independence and had organized and put in operation a provisional government, declared that it was “an artificial crisis – nothing going wrong – and nobody hurt.”  Acting on this hint the republicans in Congress voted against every measure the adoption of which would have prevented war.  It is well to recur to the vote by which Crittenden’s proposition was rejected.  The vote was taken in the House of Representatives on the 27th of February 1861, as follows:

For the Compromise, Rep. 0; Dem. 61; — Amer. 19.  Total, 80.

Against the Compromise, Rep. 110; Dem. 1, Amer. 2.  Total. 113.

The vote was taken in the Senate, March 3, 1861.  It stood:

For the Compromise; Rep. 0; Dem. 17; — Amer. 2.  Total 19.

Against the Compromise; Rep. 20; Dem. 0; Amer. 1.  Total 21.


Fernando Wood’s Peace Resolution.

            The following is the preamble and resolution introduced by Mr. Wood early in December, and which were laid on the table by a vote of 98 to 59:

“Whereas, The President, in his message delivered to the House on the 9th inst., and in his recommendation to the people to assemble at their places of worship to give thanks to God for recent victories, claiming that the union cause has gained important and substantial advantages, and

Whereas, In view of these triumphs it is no longer beneath the dignity nor dangerous to our safety to evince a generous magnanimity, becoming a great and powerful people by offering to the insurgents an opportunity to return to the union, without imposing upon them degrading or destructive conditions; therefore,

Resolved, That the President be requested to appoint three commissioners, who shall be empowered to open negotiations with the authorities at Richmond to the end that this bloody, destructive and inhuman war shall cease, and the Union be restored upon terms of equity, fraternity and equality under the constitution.”

We cannot see, for the life of us, what there is so terribly criminal in this resolution, that it should stir up such a commotion among the intensely loyal.  It does not contemplate “peace upon any terms,” nor “peace upon rebel terms,” as the abolition papers have unblushingly asserted.  Plain people will believe that much good might have grown out of its adoption and the appointment of the commissioners.


            → It seems that the abolition counties are mostly to blame for the failure to fill up the quota of this State by volunteering.  The Chicago Times pointedly says Illinois will escape the draft if the heavy abolition counties shall do their duty.  The difficulty in Cook county is the heavy abolition majority.  They are nearly all Democrats who are volunteering, and if we had more Democrats we should have more volunteers.  The abolitionists who vote for the most unwise war policies do not propose to do any thing else than vote for them – they have not the remotest intention of fighting for them.  They propose that the Democrats shall do the fighting while they stay at home, and by their silly voting, make fighting unavailing to end the war.


            → This sentence, from the National Intelligencer, may be adopted by every Democrat.  “We profess no political loyalty save that inspired by love for the Union, the Constitution, and by respect for the Laws.  He who professes more has none.”


            → It is announced that “Colonel Chetlain of Illinois will have command of a negro brigade.”  Oh shame! that Illinois has a son so degenerate.


            → The abolitionists have set to work to damage the fame of General Grant, and it is believed that the administration will relieve him of command in order to assist in the attempted degradation.  Lincoln fears that Grant may be a formidable rival for the Presidency.  The conspirators at Washington are working much harder to secure the next President than they are to destroy the rebellion.


            → Wendell Phillips is again marking out the policy of the republicans.  He now says that all the lands in the South must be confiscated and given to the negroes.  Lincoln will obey in due time, and all Shoddydom will follow suit and “sustain the government” by voting for the advocates of this measure.


Emperor Maximilian.

            The Paris correspondent of the New York Times, writing under date of November 27th says:

“The Grand Duke Maximilian, who is now at Vienna, is said, by the Vienna Worstadt Zeitung, to have lately expressed himself, in conversation with his brother, the Emperor, in these words: “I will accept the crown of Mexico if I am offered the guarantees I have plainly and positively indicated in the Speech to the Mexican Committee, and under the condition, sine qua non, that the re-establishment of the American Union becomes an impossibility.”

The above, coming as it does from a trustworthy source, has a political significance which we would do well to heed.  Nothing is more certain than that Maximilian can maintain his seat upon the Mexican throne only by the permanent disruption of this Union, or the continual hostility of the two sections.  We may avoid the first, but can we the last?”


Business Notices.

–                      Physicians supplied at Chicago rates, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Every article purchased at the New Cash Drug House will be properly labeled before leaving the store.

–                      Physicians prescriptions dispensed with accuracy at the New Cash Drug House. – Medicine can be had at all hours of the night and on Sundays.

–                      Wine, brandy, gin and whisky, for medicinal purposes, warranted strictly pure, for sale at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      This being the season of year for coughs and colds, all the popular remedies of the day be had by calling at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Concentrated lye and Babbitt’s potash always in store and for sale at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Trusses, shoulder braces, and abdominal supporters, a fine assortment to select from, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Scotch and Macaboy snuff, of the best known brands, for sale at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Howe & Stevens’ Family Dye Colors for sale at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Genuine meerschaum pipes, and a No. 1 smoking tobacco, at the New Cash Drug House.


Furs! Furs! – A fine stock of ladies furs, embracing every quality demanded in this market, can be found at Wright’s boot and shoe store.  Those who wish to see something really pretty and stylish are invited to call and examine his stock.


–                      A real exhibition of the biggest, hugest, and cheapest stock of pure drugs, medicines, etc., just received from New York and Philadelphia, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Writing paper, envelopes, copy books, memorandums, pass books, pens, inks, etc.  Those in wait of the above articles will find the finest and best assortment at the New Cash Drug House, ever exhibited in Macomb.

–                      Brushes of every known description, with the prices ticketed down, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Perfumes of the most exquisite odor, now issuing from the New Cash Drug House.  N. B.  Cinnamon drops for sale.

–                      Country druggists and merchants from Blandinville, Pinhook, Pennington’s Point, Chicago, and Quincy, will find it to their advantage to call at the New Cash Drug House before purchasing.

–                      The show cases at the New Cash Drug House are ram, cram, jam full of pretty and useful articles.  Just step in and take a peek.

–                      Toilet and shaving soaps till you can’t rest, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      The musical world will please note the fact that the New Cash Drug House has the finest and largest assortment of violin and guitar strings ever introduced west of the mountains.  Also pons, pegs, bridges, rosin, etc., for sale.

–                      Particular attention is given to the selection of dye stuffs, of which there can always be found at low figures, a full stock at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Port-monnaies, pocket books, wallets, and ladies satchels, an endless variety, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Hair oils, philocomes, hair dyes and all the popular restoratives and hair dressings of the day, in store and for sale exceedingly low, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Sperm oil, tanner’s oil, and machine oil, at the New Cash Drug House.  The above oils were bought in New York, from first hands, and are warranted strictly pure.

–                      A large invoice of S. P. Smith’s varnishes, together with paints and oils of every description, just received at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Those in want of combs and hair brushes are particularly directed to examine the fine stock now on exhibition at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Razor straps, shaving brushes, shaving soaps, and lather mugs, for sale at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Pocket companions and cigar cases, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      Glycerine and poncine soap for chapped hands, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      A well selected stock of beads, at the New Cash Drug House.

–                      A great many useful articles not heretofore kept, have been added to the stock at the New Cash Drug House, and buyers looking through the market would do well to call.

–                      Watch guards and chains at the New Cash Drug House.


Bounty. – The bounty to volunteers will be reduced to $100 after the 5th day of January, Tuesday next.  Those who want the $300 or $400 had better report soon to be sworn in at once.


→ Captain Wright has a few more of those desirable furs and skating [?], which he is offering at cost.  Now is the time for those who are not yet supplied with these desirable articles to make their purchases at a bargain.  Call soon for the store will soon be exhausted; and no more will be brought to town this winter.


→ The Macomb Eagle. – This excellent paper comes to us greatly enlarged and improved in general appearance.  The Eagle has been regarded from its first publication as one of the best country papers in the State.  It teaches pure Democracy, and deserves the generous support of the anti-abolition people of McDonough County. – Fulton Democrat.


→ The Macomb Eagle has been enlarged.  Its editor, Nelson Abbott, is a bold and vigorous writer and we are pleased to see the evidences of the prosperity of his paper. – Knox County Observer.


What to do with Them.

            A corespondent of the Burlington Argus, writing from Washington says:

The poor contrabands are being murdered by their pretended friends by the hundred.  We see by the papers that in some of the western camps half their numbers have died within the past months.  Similar causes have been at work here, and [?] like results.

I am informed that the general feeling among the colored people is a wish to return to their old homes and their old condition but this their false friends will not permit. – Freedom and banishment and death are their inevitable lot, imposed upon them under the garb of friendship by theoretical dreamers who eschew all the dictates of [?] and experience and common humanity in order to carry out their insane theories and gratify their pious malice.

The slavery question is in a [?] way to be effectually settled.  The negroes, under the hands of their puritanical protectors, are disappearing from the earth as rapidly as did the native population of the West [?] under the christian education of their [?] benefactors, who taught them the way to Heaven and straitway sent them there.

When they have thus disposed of the blacks and butchered or banished the whites, nothing further will ever heard among us on African slavery – that crowning sin, that “[?] of all villainies,” which has transferred millions of Pagan savages into sea of civilized christian people, furnished them with comfortable homes, and made their condition better and happier than any that the same number of their race ever before occupied or ever will occupy hereafter.  Then may the Saint enter into and occupy the godly land left vacant by the death or exile of a former benighted inhabitants, who impiously set at naught the teachings of the new religion, spurned the modern Gospel of hate, and were contented to follow in the paths anywhere their fathers walked, and resolutely refused to turn loose upon the world a race which [?] experience has shown to be incapable of successful self control.  To such stubborn unbelievers the maxim of Mahomet was rightfully applied: The sword was the only effectual [?]


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