October 31, 1863

Macomb Eagle

Go to the Polls!

            Every friend of the white men ruling America should go to the polls next Tuesday and vote the Democratic ticket.  Let no matter, important or unimportant, keep you at home that day.  Our opponents are at work with all the energy that desperation gives to fanatics, and they will bring out their last vote.  Democrats must all vote – there is no excuse for any man failing to cast his ballot for the welfare of himself and his country.  Do not depend on your neighbors going, but go yourself.  Those who have wagons and horses should help those who have not.  Go early and vote early.  Every Democratic vote should be polled early in the day, and then stay and watch the polls and make what inroads you can upon the enemy.


Vote for White Men to Rule


Which Union?

            Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds are the candidates of a party which goes in for a union and equality of races, and against the Union of States and supremacy of white men. – Knappenberger, White, and Barge – are in favor of the Union of the States and white men, and opposed to union and equality with niggers.


Election next Tuesday.


            → If the laboring white men of this county want to be “jostled” out of their work and have their places filled by negroes, they can signify such willingness by voting for Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds, the candidates of the party which is laboring to bring about that object.  On the contrary if the laboring men want to preserve their places for themselves and their children, they will show it by voting for Knappenberger, White, and Barge, who are the candidates of the party which is in favor of white men ruling this country.  Make your choice!


Vote against the “union of races” party.


            → The Knox Republican, the organ of the “union-of-races” party in Knox county, says of the late elections that “It is a victory worth more to the country that the annihilation of Lee’s army.”  This is another straw to show that the republicans do not want the war ended this year or next year.  The annihilation of Lee’s army would give the Federal arms so great an advantage that the rebellion might soon be destroyed.  But this is of less consequence than the election of a few abolitionists to office, in the estimation of republicans.


Election next Tuesday.


            → Knappenberger, White, and Barge have been trusted and tried in the performance of the duties of the offices for which they are respectively candidates.  They have shown themselves to be faithful, capable, and honest – thus filling the old Jeffersonian test of fitness for office.  Why should any man vote against them?  Why abandon men of known fidelity, of tried capacity, and of proven honesty, for those candidates concerning whom no such official knowledge exists?


Vote for the Union of States and
white men.


            → The republicans are continually howling about Democrats being in favor of the rebellion.  But they want those Democrats to volunteer for the army and fight to put down the rebellion.  In this, as in nearly everything else, they convict themselves of falsehood.  No man of sense should trust them for a moment.  Vote them down next Tuesday.


Vote against the “hundred dollars
for a breakfast” party.


Vote against Them!

            Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds – the candidates of the abolition party in this county – by their accepting such nomination, became identified with all the radical schemes which teemed from the fanatical brains of Sumner, Giddings, Lovejoy, Helper, and the whole gang of conspirators against the country’s peace.  Nowhere and at no time have the republicans, loyalists, or abolitionists of this county made any protest against the miserable policies which have plunged the country into irretrievable debt, burdened the people with heavy taxes, prolonged the war with all its loss of life and infliction of sorrow and suffering, and which now threatens to continue its destructiveness for years to come. – Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds, whether they approve of these things individually or not, will be held as endorsing them because they are candidates of the party that does endorse them.  Every years of this war the people of this county have given an emphatic condemnation of these abolition measures which have so encouraged and strengthened the rebellion.  Has anything occurred to change their opinion, or to unsettle their conviction that the war can only be prosecuted with success while it is waged against the rebellion, and not against the property of the people?  Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds, for all we know, may condemn the emancipation and confiscation policy, which has proved such a vast stumbling block in the way of restoring the Union and destroying the power of the confederate armies; but they are the candidates of a party, the leaders of which, in the language of one member of the cabinet, “will be found in the end co-operating with the conspirators of the South.”  If the people of this county want these radicals, these co-operators with the southern conspirators, to be driven from place and power, they must strike a blow next Tuesday against them and against all who sustain them.


Election next Tuesday.



            That the Union men of the South look to the triumph of the Democracy in the North as affording the surest guaranty of a restoration of the Union.  Gov. Bramlette of Kentucky is making speeches in New York in behalf of the Democratic ticket.  He and others who have suffered so much for the sake of the Union turn upon the abolitionists with indignation, and rightly characterize them as the murderers of their country’s peace and the convicted enemies of a constitutional free government.

Men of McDonough! will you encourage and strengthen the Unionists of the South and discomfit the rebels?  Vote the Democratic ticket and you will aid in this glorious work.  On the other hand the triumph of the abolition ticket – Stevens, Folsom, Reynolds – will gladden the rebels and discourage the Unionists of the South; for the reason that the triumph of sectionalism here will sustain the rebellion there which it first aided to put in motion.  Vote for the candidates of Democracy whose Unionism is not a sounding name and a hollow chest.


Vote to secure liberty and white
men’s rights to your children.


            → We still insist that those republicans who believe the abolition policy of the war is all right, and who believe that nothing but fighting will destroy the rebellion and restore the Union – that it is their bounden duty to volunteer in response to Abraham’s call to “rally round the flag.”  We hope they are not intimidated by the terror of battle, of the march, or of the hospital.  Come, loyal leaguers, show that your patriotism is not the merest hypocrisy – that you have the mettle which follows professions and loud boasts with stalwart blows upon the serried ranks of the enemy.

Why should you mourn, dear “loyal” friends,
or shake at war’s alarms?

‘Tis but the voice that Abram sends
To bid you shoulder arms!


                → Spurious tickets are one of the means heretofore resorted to by the republicans for the purpose of defeating Democratic candidates.  Look out for them next Tuesday.


Vote the Democratic ticket, and
defeat the “co-operators with
the rebellion.”


The New “Irrepressible Conflict.”

            The President seems disposed to return to his old trade – “splitting.” – Perhaps we should say he has never abandoned it.  His admirers tell us that in early life he split rails, and from that fact the abolitionists concluded he would do to split the Union, and so they supported him for President.  How well he has realized their great expectations needs no elucidation now.  In early life, we were also told, he “sewed up the hogs’ eyes,” in order to drive them over a river.  Since he has been President he has tried his ability to blind the people – to sew up their eyes – so that he could drive them into the abyss of despotism.  We must confess that he has done this with no small degree of success.  In the splitting business, however, he excels all his other performances.  His stalwart blows against the Union, combined with those of Jeff. Davis, have produced such an effect as to induce his confidential friends to believe that ultimate success will crown their efforts.  He split the people of the North – threw away from his support the moral strength of one-half the population – and at the same time vastly strengthened and aided the rebellion.  He did this, and did it when he could not possibly shut his eyes to the fact of such result being inevitable.  He has now split his friends.  One member of the cabinet says the other members of the cabinet “will be found co-operating in the end with the conspirators of the South.”  And a general in the army, who is also a member of Congress, says that Secretary Chase is a greater enemy of the Northwest than Jeff Davis.  This is the crack in the iceberg.  It is the new “irrepressible conflict.”  There is hope for the people in all this.  “When rogues fall out honest men will get their dues.”  They are held together by nothing but the cohesive power of public plunder.  Let the conflict go on.  Let it result as the Kilkenny combat did, and the country will then be rid of the most infernal set of scoundrels that ever used their country’s calamities as the means of furthering their own villainous ambition.


            As we Expected. – We find the Carthage Republican coming to us under the management of J. M. Davidson, Esq.  As a matter of course it is now a live paper, brimfull of home intelligence and sharp thrusts at the radicalisms of the day.  Mr. D. is, without question, one of the best editors and most spicy writers in the State.  The Democrats of Hancock will see that his energy and ability shall meet with a proper reward.


            → We regret to learn of the death, by suicide, of Ossian R. Ross, son of Hon. L. W. Ross, of Lewistown.  The deceased was attending the Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, and was in his 20th year.  He was possessed of more than ordinary talent, stood well in his class, had many friends, and was noted for his gallant and gentlemanly bearing.  No cause is assigned for the act.


            “A letter recently received from a soldier in the 78th regiment says that the Chattanooga Rebel copies from The Macomb Eagle, to prove that if the South will only hold out a little longer, the North will help them.” – Macomb Journal.

If the Chattanooga Rebel has done this, it has shown itself as unscrupulous a liar as is the cowardly scoundrel who wrote the above paragraph.


United State Lottery.

            Some facetious gentleman has perpetrated the following.  The points need no explanation:

United States Lottery!  Great Inducements!!  Brilliant Schemes!!!  All Prizes and no Blanks!!!!  Tickets for this Lottery for either Classes I or II distributed GRATIS.

No Internal Revenue Stamps required.

The drawing of a prize number will entitle the fortunate individual to

1 new, highly finished musket;
1 bran new suit of clothes;
1 pair of shoes and stockings;
1 elegant blanket;
1 nice haversack and knapsack;
1 nice cartridge box, with 60 rounds of ammunition;
1 nice tin plate, tin cup, knife, fork and spoon;

In addition to this, the holder of the lucky number will have a regular income of $13 per month, and “when this cruel war is over,” will receive a capital prize of $100.

With such inducements, the manager hopes to be largely patronized by an appreciating public.  This is no humbug catch-penny institution, but a genuine lottery, in which the managers will fulfill all they promise.

Legalized by act of Congress approved March 3, 1863.

All prizes cashed by the Provost Marshal of the different districts.

Time of drawing will be duly announced, and any drawing a prize will be immediately notified of the fact.

Col. J. B. Fry, Manager.


Items Here and There.

–                      A young man named Johnson met with a serious accident about one mile and a half north of town, on Monday last.  He was driving a wagon loaded with lumber, and while descending a hill some of the boards slipped forward against the horses, and started them into a run.  Mr. Johnson was thrown from his seat to the earth and one wheel of the wagon passed over his body, inflicting a very serious injury.

–                      We believe there is more dissatisfaction with the school arrangements this winter in Macomb, than was ever before known.  The foresight, wisdom, and economy of building four little school houses in distant parts of the city, and then requiring half of the smaller children to travel almost the city’s length and beyond houses near them, is now strikingly manifest.

–                      There is a sharp demand for business houses in this town.  Scarcely a week passes without some stranger being here, and becoming pleased with our city and county, would establish some kind of business among us if a house could be obtained for the purpose.

–                      The Chicago Tribune says “Mr. Lincoln is one of those just-minded men who believes in giving even the devil his due.”  We rather think the payments will go in the other direction.

–                      Falder’s tonsorial saloon is the place where “barbering” in genteel styles can be performed upon unkempt heads and faces “bearded like the pard.”  Go and be convinced.

–                      Abraham and Richard have both appointed the last Thursday in November as thanksgiving or “turkey” day.  We suppose we shall eat turkey and oysters on Abraham’s order, and drink the cider and get merry on Richard’s account.

–                      Our friend Marshal Rodgers has laid us under obligations for a bushel of the largest peachblow potatoes that we have seen this year.  We do not believe that any man in the county has finer ones.

–                      The safest “government” in the world is undoubtedly the one which took the midnight train from Harrisburg to Washington, and which now rides from the White House to the Soldiers’ Home under the protection of a military escort.

–                      They raise splendid potatoes up in Minnesota, judging from a specimen sent to us by B. F. Clarke, late of this county, but now of Goodhue, Minn.  They were “carters” – the largest weighing eight inches and measuring one pound!

–                      If you want to save money in buying your boots and shoes, go to J. M .Browne & Co., south side of the square.

–                      W. T. Head, of this town, has brought us a bucket of white meshannock potatoes, that are very large and pretty, and we doubt not will be very palateable in due season.

–                      It is said there are nine different counterfeits of the fifty cent shinplasters.  What a mean skunk he must be who counterfeits such trash!

–                      It used to be said that “the price of liberty is eternal vigiliance.”  It is now shown to have a greenback value of three hundred dollars.

–                      Ladies, go to J. M. Browne & Co.’s, on south side of square, if you want to see the largest, cheapest, and best assortment of baskets in Macomb.

–                      A party of hunters visited the Illinois bottom last week, and spent a few days in killing ducks, geese, etc., and enjoying themselves hugely.  We acknowledge the receipt of several fine ducks from Mr. Curtis, one of the party.

–                      Every one should go to J. M. Browne & Co.’s, south side of square, for boots, shoes, hats, or caps.

–                      J. E. Taylor started for Kansas on Tuesday last, where he intends to remain during the winter.  “Ed” is a clever young man, and we regret to see him leave our county.

–                      A very good trade for a man that is fit for nothing else, is to get a commission in the army, and go to making stump speeches.

–                      Prentice says: The rebel government talks of paying the rebel soldiers liberally after the war.  Its liberality reminds us of the poor fellow’s will: “I have nothing; I owe everybody; the rest I give to the poor.”

–                      If Christ was the “Prince of Peace,” those only are His children who are the disciples of peace.  All others are “children of the devil, because his works they do.”

–                      A Democratic contemporary says that he “has given up trying to nail all the Republican lies.”  We suppose the reason is that the nails gave out.

–                      Official returns have been received from all the counties in Pennsylvania.  The majority for Curtin, abolitionist, is 15,256.


They Preferred War to Peace.

            Judge Douglas, speaking in the Senate on his compromise to prevent war, said;

I believe this to be a fair trade of amicable adjustment.  If you of the republican side are not willing to accept this, nor the proposition of the Senator from Kentucky (Mr. Crittenden), pray tell us what you are willing to do?

I address the inquiry to republicans only, for the reason that is the Committee of Thirteen, a few days ago, every member from the South, including those from the cotton States, (Messrs. Toombs and Davis) expressed their readiness to accept the proposition of my venerable friend from Kentucky (Mr. Crittenden), as a final settlement of the controversy, if tendered and sustained by the republican members.

Hence the sole responsibility of our disagreement, and the only difficulty in the way of an amicable adjustment is with the republican party.

But the republicans preferred war to peace, and they have preferred to continue the war rather than propose or accept any honorable terms for its termination.  They are responsible for its commencement and for its prolongation.  Their cry was for blood, blood! and their cry is still for blood, blood! or niggers.  The war could have been ended and the Union restored long ago, had not the leading republicans stood in the way.  They want it continued in behalf of negroism until “a breakfast will cost one hundred dollars!”

Men of McDonough, next Tuesday you have to approve or condemn the action of these republican leaders.  A vote for Stevens, Folsom, and Reynolds is a vote to continue the war indefinitely in behalf of negroism.  A vote for the Democratic ticket is a vote to restore the Union, become friends with the South, and thereby end the war.  Let white men rule America!


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