October 30, 1863

The Macomb Weekly Journal

From the 78th Regiment.

            We are permitted to make the following extract from a private letter, written by Dr. Creel, of the 78th, to his brother in this county:

You may say what you please about the rebels not fighting, but I tell you they fight here whether they fight anywhere else or not.  They may say in the papers what they please about the rebels wanting to desert and come to our lines but it is all a mistake.  They could all come to our men if they wanted to.  It is all in your eye.  If the rebels wanted to desert they could do it.  But some few of them that get cut off from the main rebel army give themselves up and claim to have been conscripted, when they have been in the army longer than I have, and are demons at heart.  Some, or I might say plenty of them, are seeking our destruction, as some of your neighbors are doing at an hour when you are least thinking of it.  Any one there that is supporting or going with Abbott, or any of his political plans or party, are, and I shall forever hereafter treat them as my individual and determinate enemies, for the very reason that the rebels here claim them as their friends in the North.  The The Chattanooga Rebel newspaper quotes from the Macomb Eagle, and exhorts the South to hold out a little longer and the north will help them; and even refers to the difficulty in Fulton county of enforcing the draft to fill up our regiments.  It is the copperhead there at this time that are killing more of our men then the open Southern rebels.  Give me a man that will come out plainly, before a snake in the grass, all the time.

You and others may think this very plain talk, but those of us who are in the army, and see the rebels, and talk with them, and know what the facts are, are prepared to a good degree to tell who are our enemies and who are not.



            There will be a Grand Union Mass Meeting held in the city of Macomb, on Saturday, Oct. 31st.  Gen. John A. McClernand, Hon. E. C. Ingersoll, Col. Van Vleck, and other distinguished speakers are expected to be present and address the meeting.


The Latest News.

            The advices from the armies in Virginia are conflicting and uncertain. – One report states that no considerable number of Lee’s rebels have crossed to the north side of the Rappahannock, and another report represents the larger portion of the rebel army on this side of the river and advancing against our retreating forces.  The latter report is probably incorrect.  There was more cannonading and cavalry skirmishing yesterday.

The rebel official report of their losses in the battles of the Chicamauga, gives the number at nearly 18,000.  Ours was not quite 16,000.

The news from the army of General Grant’s Department reports all quiet.  There appears to be a general lull all around the theatre of war.


The Last Appeal.

            Again we appeal to the Union men of this county to go to the polls on Tuesday next and cast your votes in favor of the Union and the Constitution.  Never before were greater results hanging upon the votes of the people of this country.  If the Government is to be saved it will be by the votes of the people.  Our armies in the field can only be successful when backed up by the voice of the people.  The strong arm of the Government becomes weak and powerless the moment the support of the masses is [line obscured] vote the Union ticket.  If you desire the arm of the Government to be strengthened, give it your support by voting the Union ticket.  If you desire to destroy the last hope of the rebels you can do so by voting down their friends and sympathizers in the North.  In short, if you desire to perform your duty to your God, your country, and your fellow man, you must go to the polls and deposit your ballots for the men that are in favor of sustaining the Union and whipping rebels.


Don’t Believe Them.

            Reports are being circulated in those townships where Mr. Stevens is not know, that he is shaky on the war question.  Union men don’t believe any such reports.  Mr. Stevens is unqualifiedly for the prosecution of the war until the last rebel is killed or thrashed into obedience to the Government.  He is in favor of every measure adopted by the Administration for the suppression of the rebellion.  In fact he stands exactly where Ben. Butler, Logan, McClernand and Ingersoll stands and has [?] single sentiment in common with copperheads and traitors.


Get Them Out.

            Let every Union voter in McDonough county be at the polls next Tuesday.  Our adversaries are straining every nerve to carry the election.  If they succeed it will be through the inaction of Union men.  We have the voters in the county to beat them.  Let us do it.


            → Abbott says that Indiana has pronounced in favor of the copperhead party in the recent election.  The official returns from 48 counties (all that have been heard from) gives a gain for the Union ticket over the vote of last year, of 7,812, and yet Abbott has the impudence to claim a copperhead majority.


Peace Men.

            We have in our midst a class calling themselves Peace Men.  They have been in favor of making terms of peace with the rebels ever since the war broke out.  They have denounced the Government in the most unmeasured terms, because it did not make a compromise with its deadly enemies.  They have been ready to get down upon their knees to Jeff. Davis and his ragged crew, and beg of him to grant their prayers for peace on any terms that might suit his august majesty.  They have done all they could to tie the hands of the Government, and place it helpless at the mercy of rebels and traitors.  They have sacrificed every principle of patriotism, and every spark of manhood in their efforts to secure peace.  These are the men known as copperheads.  But why all this dirt-eating and this crawling in the mire on the part of these men.  Is there no reason for it?  There is, and that reason is to be found in the fact that these men love office and political power better than they love the country.  Here is the whole secret of the [obscured] the South was permitted to secede and set up for itself, that their party in the North would not be strong enough to elect a constable, and that the scepter of power would pass from their hands forever.  Hence they opposed the dissolution of the Union, and were in favor of patching up a compromise that would give them the benefit of the Democratic vote of the South, and in order to do this they found it necessary to so conduct themselves that in case of a restoration of the Union, the copperheads of the North and the rebels of the South could strike hands as friends and join their fortunes in the selection of the rulers of the country.  But thus far the traitorous scamps have received but little comfort from their friends in the South.  As bad as Jeff. Davis hates the Abolitionists, he does not hold them in such supreme contempt as he does these same copperheads.  The rebel leaders are not laboring just now for the supremacy of the Democratic party, and they have nothing but sneers and kicks for the miserable northern miscreants, who are whining at their heels.  In answer to these men who are so anxious for peace, the Richmond Enquirer being Jeff.’s official organ, lays down the terms upon which peace can be secured.  They are as follows:

Recognition by the enemy of the independence of the Confederate States.

Withdrawal of Yankee forces from Maryland, until that State shall decide, by a free vote, whether she will remain in the old Union or ask admission into the Confederacy.

Consent on the part of the Federal Government to give up to the Confederacy its proportion of the Navy, as it stood at the time of secession, or to pay for the same.

Yielding up all pretentions, on the part of the Federal Government, to that portion of the old territories which lies west of the Confederate States.

An equitable settlement, on the basis of our absolute independence and equal rights, on all accounts of the public debt and public lands, and of the advantages accruing from foreign treaties.

Let the copperheads read these terms and see if they can find a ray of hope for a political Union with the rebels – if they can see any grounds for a compromise, any fair return for the dirty work they have done for these same rebels – if they can see any way to save the country and to secure an honorable peace, but to soundly thrash the traitors that commenced the war.


“A Few More Days”

            Union men of McDonough county are you aware that only three working days remain in which to labor for the Union ticket.  So far the canvass has been brisk and promises well for the Union cause, but it will not do to relax our efforts now.  Let the time between now and Tuesday night be well put in.  See that all necessary arrangements are made to secure a full vote.  There are many Union men in the county who have not voted since 1860.  Every Union voter must be brought to the polls.  Let committees be appointed at once to bring in the infirm and aged. – If this is done, next Tuesday will witness the dying throes of copperheadism in McDonough county.  Let us give the enemies of the Government an opportunity to join Vallandigham in mourning over the fate of traitors.


Look to Your Tickets.

            Union men look well to your tickets on Tuesday next.  The copperheads, maddened by their recent defeat in Ohio and Pennsylvania, will hesitate at no step to secure success here.  See that your tickets have the names of Socrates Stevens, John C. Reynolds and D. C. Folsom upon them.  There is reason to believe that spurious tickets will be abundant on that day.  Look out for them!


Union Men, Remember.

            Union men, remember that that Macomb Eagle is the acknowledged organ of the so-called Democratic party of this county.

Remember that the Chattanooga Rebel copies from the Macomb Eagle, to prove that the rebels have friends at the North.

Remember that the Macomb Eagle, in April, 1861, advocated the recognition of the Southern Confederacy.

Remember that the Macomb Eagle favored a division of the Union, and desired the line to run north of McDonough county.

Remember that the Macomb Eagle has opposed every measure of the Administration that was calculated to punish rebels.

Remember that the Macomb Eagle has advocated every measure that was calculated to cripple the Government and aid the rebellion.

Remember that by voting the copperhead ticket you virtually give your sanction to all the treasonable utterances of the Macomb Eagle.

Remember that the Macomb Eagle is the organ of the party calling itself democratic in this county.

Remember that the Eagle, in 1861, was in favor of recognizing the Independence of the Southern Confederacy.

Remember that the Eagle was opposed to sending provisions to our starving soldiers in the Southern forts.

Remember that the editor of the Eagle, in a public speech, threatened to DESERT, if drafted into the service of his country.

Remember that Knappenberger, the candidate for County Treasurer, was was one of the first men in this city to wear the infamous copperhead pin.

Remember that every man in this county who is notoriously disloyal to the Government, will vote the copperhead ticket.

Remember that the men, who for the past six months have been arming themselves for the purpose of resisting the laws of Congress, will vote for Knappenberger.

Remember that the 33 men who voted for Abbott in that convention, will all vote for Knappenberger.

Remember that it is the duty of all Union men to vote for Socrates Stevens and against Knappenberger.


Look Out for Them.

            [?] a large number of men in the county who have been driven out of Missouri by the Union men, within the past six months, who are intending to vote on Tuesday next.  Let good men who are not afraid to do their duty, be placed at the polls to watch these men.  Let no man vote who is not legally entitled to do so.  Union men remember that the “Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.”


            → Abbott claims the election in Indiana as a victory for the copperheads.  The truth is, that in nearly every county in the State of the Union gains were large.  The election was only for county officers, and excited very little interest.  Had the election been for State offices the copperheads would have been whipped as badly as in Ohio.  The same will be true in this State and we desire the Eagle to mark the prediction.  In every county, the Union ticket will make large gains over the vote of last year.


At His Old Tricks.

            The Editor of the Eagle is at his old tricks again.  In January, 1861, he advised all Democrats to remain at home and did all he could to discourage enlistments in the army.  He has done the same thing every time the President has made a [?] calls from that time until this.  The President has lately issued another call for volunteers, but the recent defeat of the copperheads in other States and the approaching election in this, while it has not made him any less malignant and treasonable has had the effect of making him more wily in his endeavors to injure the Government, hence we find him taking another tack.  Instead of boldly advising Democrats not to enlist, he accomplishes the same end by advising all Republicans to enlist.  He thinks it the duty of all who sustain the Administration to volunteer under the recent call of the President, but he has nothing to say about the duty of Democrats to volunteer in defense of the flag of the country.  Oh, No!  Nelson wants them to remain [obscured]  We have no doubt that if all the Union men should take his advice and enlist, he would be highly pleased.  He sees that the political ascendency of his party in this county depends upon the absence of the brave soldiers in the field, and that unless something can be done to make another draft upon the Union voters, that copperheadism is near its grave so he franticly appeals to supporters of the Administration to enlist.  But Nelson, that won’t save you.  There are Union men enough in this county to fill the armies – whip the rebels in the field and their miserable alies in the North.  The time of treason sympathizers is short.  Copperheads, tories, and traitors are all in the same ship, and future editions of Webster’s Dictionery will class them all under one definition.



            The young man who took from Randolph house, a black satchel, on the morning of the 7th of Oct., leaving his own instead, (for which he has a check No. 42) is requested to return the same at once, by express or otherwise, and save costs.  I am, or was satisfied, that it was a mistake, and have looked for its return ere this.

J. W. Randolph, Proprietor.
Macomb, Ill., Oct. 24, 1863.

[Fulton papers please give notice.]


Mass Meeting.

            Don’t forget the Great Mass Meeting to be held in Macomb on Saturday next.  Let the Union men and women turn out, with flags and banners. – Let us show that old McDonough is thoroughly aroused to the importance of the contest now going on in our country.


Turn Out.

            We trust our city readers will not forget the meeting this (Friday) evening.  Mr. Donegan, a Union man, who has lately escaped from the South, will address the meeting.  We are informed by those who have heard Mr. Donegan, that he is an effective speaker, and is doing good service for the Union cause.  The meeting will be held at Campbell’s Hall, at early candle lighting.  Let the Hall be filled to overflowing.


            → The place to buy Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, is at J. M. Browne & Co’s, on the south side the square. – They now have on hand one of the largest and best stocks ever offered for sale in Macomb.  They are now receiving weekly, large additions, as their trade is rapidly increasing.  They buy direct from manufacturers, and having at all times a large stock on hand, they can sell BETTER GOODS, and CHEAPER, than any other house of the kind in this place’ and if every one will consult their own interest, they will call on them before buying.  Try them.


            Home Again. – Col. Wilson arrived home from Nashville on Tuesday morning last.  He left Nashville on Friday of last week, and reports our wounded men all improving.


            Domestic Economy. – No housekeeper or cook is fully prepared to enter successfully upon her culinary duties without having the Chemical Saleratus on hand.  It relieves the mind of much of the care and anxiety experienced by a skillful cook.  For sale by most merchants and grocers. – Call for the genuine in red papers, and beware of the [obscured] green.


The Call for Volunteers.

            We understand that Capt. Veatch, of this county, formerly of the 59th Regiment, is raising a company for the 78th Regiment.  Capt. Veatch is a good man and an excellent officer, and those wishing to volunteer cannot do better that to volunteer in his company.  Volunteers wishing to enter that or any other Regiment, can be sworn in by Capt. W. H. Randolph, at the Randolph Hotel, in this city.  Discharged soldiers who have served nine months will be entitled to a bounty of $402, and new recruits will receive a bounty of $302, $75 in either case will be paid before leaving the State.


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