October 24, 1863

Macomb Eagle

300,000 Volunteers.

            The President has called for 300,000 volunteers for the army.  Large bounties are offered to the recruits, the terms of which can be learned from handbills posted about the country. – We have no doubt that these three hundred thousand men are actually necessary to carry on the war, for the objects avowed by the radical leaders.  Since slavery is to be abolished, it is nothing more than fairness and duty on the part of those who want the war prosecuted for this object, to fill up the ranks and volunteer in such numbers as to accomplish the result.  They should go in such force as to make the war short, as well for the interest of the country.  If the war were only to restore the States to their original position in the Union – if it were to leave slavery to be managed by the States respectively – we do not believe there would be the least necessity for arming another man.  But the “government” says that “the promise having been made” to the negroes, “it must be kept.”  We do not believe this; the promise has no moral or legal sanction to enforce its fulfillment, and therefore no wrong will be done if it is broken.  Indeed the harm was done in making it, and it would be converting the wrong into right not to fulfill it.  But the President wants 300,000 men to aid him in keeping that promise, and his supporters all over the country say he must be sustained.  Is it not the bounden duty of all men who “swear by Abraham” to “rally to the call?”  A company has been mustering in Macomb for several weeks, all loyal men in favor of keeping the promise.  Are they ready to go to the seat of war and show their faith by their works?  How many of them are ready – and when will they start?  Abraham calls for them – appeals to their loyalty and patriotism – and offers them large bounties.  Why do they hesitate?  Forward, march! to the recruiting office and be sworn in.



            The election in Indiana was for county officers, and the result shows a large popular majority for the Democratic party.  As showing the condemnation of the abolition policy of the administration, this is important.  It is encouraging.  It shows that the people, when left perfectly free to express their opinions, when the corrupting influences of the administration and its horde of venal supporters are not felt, are still emphatic in their condemnation of abolitionism.


Henry Clay against Lincoln.

            Lincoln, in his message to Congress last December, said to the white laboring man that, if the emancipated negro came North and “jostled” him (that was the elegant expression of the president out of a place, he could go South and take the place the negro had left.  Lincoln’s idea, therefore, is for the white laborer to swap places with the negro; give his position in the North to the negroes living in the South!  But Lincoln assists the negro to come North; he gives him a free passage and board, a kindness that he does not perform for the white laboring man.  Lincoln looks at the question in a very different light from Henry Clay.  In September, 1843, Mr. Clay wrote a letter to his neighbor, Mr. Colton, advising him to write a tract against abolition.  That letter may be found in the book entitled: The Life of Henry Clay, by Colton.  We make the following extract from it:

But the great aim and object of your tract should be to array the laboring classes in the Free States against abolition.  Depict the consequences to them of immediate abolition.  The slaves being free, they would be dispersed throughout the Union; they would enter into competition with the free white laborer – the American, the Irishman, the German – reduce his wages, be confounded with him, and affect his moral and social standing; and as the ultras go for abolition and amalgamation, show that their object is to unite in marriage the laboring white man and the laboring black woman; to reduce the laboring white man to the despised and degraded condition of the black man.  Why do the abolitionists oppose colonization?  To keep and amalgamate together the two races, in violation of God’s will, and keep the blacks here that they may interfere with and degrade the laboring whites.


            → To which “union party” do you belong?  To that solely devoted to the union of races – or that devoting all its energies and all its statesmanship to the Union of States?  The republican or abolition party, in calling itself “the union party,” is pledged by all its acts and utterances to the prosecution of the “union of races,” treating with contempt the Union of States! – The Democratic party is pledged by all its doctrines, all its traditions, and all its professions, to a “Union of States, and looks with disgust unspeakable upon a “union of races” as subversive of our government system and revolting to the instincts of human nature.  Choose ye!


            → We ask of every sensible republican how much longer he intends to permit his leaders to deceive him with lies and false promises?  Now let us ask you, in all conscience, if they have not lied to you, and deceived you before the war began, and at every stage of the war?  Surely they have done so, and they are doing so now; and if you permit them to deceive you much longer, they will have destroyed everything which you hold dear and precious, and have transformed you into the most pitiable and helpless slaves on earth.  In heaven’s name be warned, and save yourselves and your children while yet you may.


            → The abolitionists used to publish pictures of negro “slaves”” in chains, and went mad over the enormity of such oppression.  Now, they seize white men, handcuff them, and remorselessly drag them from their families, and march them off “like bullocks to the slaughter pen,” to use Abraham’s expressive phrase.  Republican leaguers’ get up no sympathy for the poor white men who are thus treated.


            → With eleven or more States wiped out and converted into territories, according to the Sumner abolition platform, the same number of stars must be stricken from the old flag. – Here abolitionism and seccesionism again join hands to desecrate and mutilate the banner of the Union.


            → It is an old trick of the republican leaders of this county to circulate falsehoods about Democratic candidates just before the election.  We warn Democrats to be on the watch for these fellows, and let no man be deceived by them.


            → The election is one week from next Tuesday.  Let every Democrat be early at the polls and devote one day to the glorious work of defending the constitutional liberties of the country.  Have every friend of the Union of the States vote against the disunion policies of the administration.


Items Here and There.

–                      John McCabe, a soldier of the 78th regiment, who was wounded at Chickamauga, has returned home.  His wound is doing well.

–                      The cool weather has this year set in almost a month earlier than usual.

–                      H. H. Monarch, a good Democrat of Hire township, has moved to Iowa.

–                      We are indebted to Mrs. Pointer, of Scotland township, for two sacks of apples – one of monster pippins and the other of bellflowers.  They are very large and nice, and as a specimen of what can be done in raising fruit in this county, are worth bragging about.

–                      Mrs. S. H. Murfin has laid us under obligations for a jug of sorghum syrup, of fine quality.

–                      For school books, stationery, magazines, daily newspapers, etc., go to S. J. Clarke, north side of the square.  Anything in his line of trade furnished at short notice.

–                      A friend suggests that the enrolling officer overlooked the editor of the Journal, or there would be at least one nigger reported from McDonough.  Or it may be that that indigo-vidual reports himself in the second class.

–                      J. C. Thompson has moved his law office to the room over Mr. Burton’s store, where men having business with him will please call.

–                      Another billiard room is to be opened in this town, and to be located in the south end of Campbell’s block.

–                      G. D. Keefer, of the New Cash Drug House, has returned from New York, and will be followed in a few days by an immense stock of drugs, medicines, paints, oils, etc. – G. D. K. knows his “biz,” and people will serve their own interests by buying of him.

–                      Col. Van Vleck and Lieut. Chandler arrived home last week.  They were complimented with a serenade by their party friends, which was all right.  But we notice that many a poor private soldier, who have done their duty as bravely as these officers, and suffered as much on a smaller salary, have had no such attention paid to them.


Keep it Before the People. – It is false that the democracy are disloyal.

     It is false that the demoracy are opposed to putting down the rebellion.

It is false that the democracy sympathize with the rebellion.

It is false that the democracy have no sympathy with soldiers.

There is no word in the democratic platform to justify these false assertions.

No democratic candidate ever uttered a word to justify them.

No democratic press ever published a paragraph to justify them.

Every man who writes, speaks, cuts, carves, or engraves any one of these assertions is a wilful, malicious and deliberate falsifier.


2 responses

  1. Interesting take on the elections, claiming victory in “county offices” in Indiana, yet if you read the NY Times from this time frame, Union and Republican candidates won in PA, OH, IA, and Neb. Vallandingham suffered a humiliating defeat, but they don’t even mention that.

    1. Abbott, the editor of the Eagle, really liked to pick and choose his news, as was his ability. However, he rarely ran anything that put him, or the party, in a bad light.

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