October 17, 1863

Macomb Eagle

The Convention – the Candidates.

            The call for a Democratic county convention last Saturday was responded to with an earnestness and spirit, which shows that the people are not yet prepared to forego their rights under the Constitution nor submit to the establishment of a despotism upon the ruins of American liberty.  Every township in the county was represented, and with but two exceptions by the entire number of delegates called for.  They came together, holding different opinions as to men, but only one opinion as to the necessity of harmonious and vigorous action after the nomination should have been made.  Among Democrats, personal preferences always are held subordinate to the general good and the success of our principles.

Mr. Knappenberger, the present incumbent, was nominated for treasurer.  He has filled this office for several terms, and always with entire entire satisfaction to tha public.  The most unscrupulous political enemies can find no fault with the manner and [obscured] charged the duties of his office.  His accounts with the State and county have always been promptly adjusted; he has never been delinquent, and has promptly paid over the last dollar on presentation of proper orders.  With such a man for treasurer the people feel that the public funds are safe, and we feel well assured that they will again testify their confidence in his integrity by giving him a large majority of the popular vote.

For surveyor, A. J. White was the only name presented, and the nomination was therefore made by acclamation.  Mr. White has been deputy surveyor under Mr. Hunt for several years, and has given general, if not universal satisfaction in the discharge of his duties.  He is amply qualified, correct, and industrious, and will make a competent and reliable officer.

For school commissioner John Barge was nominated without opposition. – Mr. Brage received this office something over a year ago from the board of supervisors, and well has he acquitted himself of the confidence reposed in him.  He is a thorough scholar, an honest officer, and he has given better satisfaction in the discharge of the perplexing duties of that office than any former commissioner in the county.

The candidates of the Democracy are before the people.  They are fully competent to discharge the duties of their respective offices.  They have been tried, and have come out with unstained reputations.  They are men of sterling worth and unimpeachable integrity, and have especial fitness for the positions for which they have been nominated.  All hands must now go to work and elect them.  There can be no dissensions nor lukewarmness in our ranks; and we should give our candidates a majority so large and overwhelming as to forever paralyze the hopes of all fanatics and negro lovers who may dream of overthrowing the invincible Democracy of old McDonough.  Let every man work as though success depended on his efforts alone and a glorious victory will cheer the hearts of all who love their country.


Get Ready for the Election.

            Democrats and Union men, remember that the day of trial is at hand. – On Tuesday, the third day of November, we make another effort to save our country, and defeat the black cohorts of abolitionism and disunion leagues.  Are you prepared to achieve success?  Have you done everything in your power to secure the full Democratic vote of your precinct?  Have you personally visited the doubtful and wavering – the “almost persuaded” – among the opposition, and urged them to unite with you in support of Law, Liberty, and Order?  The time is short, and all must work with a will!

It may be said that the result in this county will be only a drop in the bucket.  If so, remember it is the last feather that breaks the camel’s back.  He that is a careless spectator, or a lazy worker in the greatest struggle for white men’s rights, is unworthy to enjoy the liberty our fathers fought for.  If every Democrat does his duty – his whole duty – we shall achieve a splendid triumph.  We have a majority in this county numbered by hundreds.  Not a vote should be left at home!  Let the influence of an increased Democratic majority in old McDonough roll over the country, carrying joy to the friends of the Constitution, and terror to the disunion leaguers!  The election this year is but the prelude to the great contest of next year; it is the skirmish that precedes the grand battle for the Constitution and white men’s liberty in 1864.  Successful now, we shall go into that contest with renewed strength.  Up, Democrats! and let us all play the men for our country and our liberty.


A Woolly Head Fizzle.

            The gathering of abolition disunionists in this city last Monday was a most inglorious fizzle.  There were probably fifteen or twenty persons in attendance, whose long faces and spiritless manner was most ludicrous to behold.  Each one looked as if he felt ashamed of the part he was playing, and conscious that he deserved the ridicule of all intelligent men.  They essayed to look as wise owls, but the attempt was too much for even the stolidity of a disunion leaguer.  They went through the farce of nominating Socrates Stevens for treasurer, elder J. C. Reynolds for school commissioner, and some other man for surveyor.  To carry out the joke they were perpetrating, they have labelled these men as “Union candidates!” and are ready to denounce all men as traitors who will not vote for them.  Never was a huge promise with a poorer performance than this; never did great expectations find a more miserable result, than did this serio-comic woolly head gathering.  Never did a dung-hill smoke with a more offensive odor, than did this putrid body of dead and effete politicians reek under Monday’s showers.


Their Only Argument.

            Epithets and abuse of Democratic candidates and principles are the only arguments of our opponents in this campaign.  Any dirty fellow can call names, and the entire vocabulary of slang and billingsgate has been ransacked for epithets to heap upon the Democracy.  Copperheads, butternuts, tories, traitors, rebels, secessionists, dance through the columns of their papers and roll off the tongues of their street-gabblers, in filthy profusion. – Like the Chinese, they hope to overwhelm their opponents by the noise of their shouting and the odor of their expletives.  They answer arguments by shouting “secesh,” “secesh!” and attempt to drown the facts of their own corruption and incapacity by a foolish clamor about disloyalty.  Utterly unable to meet Democrats in argument, they seek revenge in blackguarding gentlemen.  Poor, senseless fellows!


Party Spirit.

            The most untiring and constant devotees to vindictive, uncompromising party spirit, are the members and the supporters of the present administration.  The common reply to this fact is, look at the Democrats who are in high employment by the government – is this proof of partisanship?  We answer that the Democrats are employed for the sole purpose of converting them into partisans of the administration, and this surely is proof of partisanship. – Look at Stanton, Butler, Cochrane, McClernand, Logan, Haynie, and the whole tribe of renegade Democrats as additional proof.  And take the case of Lieut. Edgerly, dismissed for “circulating copperhead tickets,” in order to ascertain what becomes of Democrats in government service, who do not become converts to abolition doctrines!


The Two Policies.

  1. The Republican Policy – to hold out to the Rebels no hope of pardon or restoration to citizenship – nothing but confiscation, [?] of their States as palitical communities, and division of the soil among emancipated slaves – nothing, in a word, but black despair.  This is the Republican policy.

The Conservative Policy – to meet the rebellion with a strong military arm, and with the distinct and firm assurance that no star shall be plucked from the flag of the Union – but at the same to hold wide open the door for the return of the rebel States to their Constitutional position and their former status in the Union, whenever they will lay down their arms and renew their allegiances.  This is the Democratic and Conservative position.

Voters of McDonough!  Which of these conflicting policies do you approve?  Which, do you think, will soonest restore the blessings of peace, return your sons and brothers from the battle field, and give us a “preserved Union?”  Reflect and decide between these policies, and discharge your political duties in accordance with your decisions.


A Card. – To the thirty delegates who cast their vote for me in the Democratic convention for an important office – and that too in the face of reports industriously circulated to my prejudice by men who ought to be ashamed of such conduct, and which we were not allowed a public opportunity to denounce as “false as hell” or Abraham Lincoln – I tender my warmest thanks, and trust that my conduct for time to come shall never cause them the slightest regret for having thus honored me with their confidence.                           N. Abbott.


Hurrah for Mound! – At an election for school trustees in Mound township, on Monday last the democratic candidates were elected by a majority of sixteen votes.  The republican majority last spring was four votes. – Democratic gain 20.  Thus go the people, “shouting the battle cry of freedom.”


Negro Regiment. – Governor Yates has graciously granted permission to raise a negro regiment in this State, to be called the “1st Illinois colored volunteers,” if they will condescend to serve as coming from this State, and to be Known as the “13th United States Volunteers,” if they prefer a national organization.  There is a chance for “our colored brethren,” the “American citizens of African descent” to show their devotion to the country.


Prairie City Items.

To the Editor of the Macomb Eagle:

Prairie City, Oct. 3, 1863.

When the “union league” delegation left this town on Thursday last to attend the abolition powwow at Greenbush, one of their flags was wrong side up.  Whether this was to represent their party, or the peculiar condition into which the present administration has got our country, I am not informed.

A short time ago a man named Louke attempted to take the emblem of liberty from the bosom of Joel Piersoll, of Lee, Fulton county, and received therefor a sound thrashing.  Louke says hereafter he will attend to his own business, and let other people’s alone.

Dirtyfinger proposes to eat the editor of The Eagle up alive, the first time he shall make his appearance in Prairie City.  Would it not be as well for the nauseous-looking fellow to attend to his legitimate calling of vomiting people at 25¢ per puke?

A man from Lawrence told the abolitionists here on Thursday last, that when that city was destroyed the guerillas killed Democrats in preference to abolitionists, because they considered the former as the most dangerous opponents of the rebellion.

Lawyer Morse’s dog has a copper cent on his collar, and the poor little animal has been so tormented by the republicans, who want the money, that he will go around three blocks to get to his master’s office, for fear some leaguer will try to rob him of his “copperhead.”  Will the Journal send the “loyal” people of Prairie City instructions how to get rid of this little canine “traitor?”



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