October 10, 1863

Macomb Eagle

“Union County Convention.”

“’Will you walk into my parlor?’ says the spider to the fly.’”

            The abolition paper in this county has a call for a self-styled “Union county convention,” to be held at Macomb on the 12th inst.  The call is signed anonymously – a mythical “union cen. com.” being all the sponsor for it.  It is very modestly addressed to all the people of McDonough county, and very innocently provides for a representation in the convention of the Democratic vote of the county!  On the part of the Democrats we respectfully decline the invitation.  It comes from political hacks, from played out demagogues, from men who in swindled the voters of this county out of their choice for county officers, and from men who now want the war prolonged for the purpose of emancipating the negro slaves and raising them up to the “rights of citizenship,” as Gov. Yates expresses it.  Ever since the republican party in this county was driven into a minority, the spoilsmen in their ranks have been trying various dodges and claptrap phrases to humbug the people and induce them to vote at the bidding of unscrupulous demagogues.  They have went before the people as “republicans,” as “unconditional unionists,” as “no compromise men,” as “no party men,” and having been defeated in all disguises they are now simply “union men.”  That means they are for union with all men who will vote their ticket.  But the cheat will not win – the trick is too transparent.  They proclaim themselves to be anything or nothing at all, if thereby they may deceive somebody.  Their meretricious gilding of abolitionism, which is but the elder twin-offspring with disunionism, will not tempt the virtue of any man who loves his country and his country’s peace.  The so-called union convention will be controlled by the union leaguers, whose secret councils will mark out the work which their followers are expected to perform, and will be justly chargeable with endorsing all the corruptions and oppressions and despotic strides which have obtained under the reign of Abraham Africanus.


The Enrollment.

            The enrollment of the 9th congressional district shows a total of 12, 836 white men in the first class and 21 negroes.  McDonough furnishes 2,171 white men and “nary nigger.”  Good!  We hope our noble county may always be free from black spots!


            → “Blessed are the peace-makers; for they shall be called the children of God.” – Jesus Christ.

Rev. M. L. Haney declared at Bushnell not long ago that he “would rather be in hell than be a Democrat.”



            Old Joshua Giddings, when a member of Congress, predicted the “dawn of a political millennium.”  His friends and co-workers at Washington are laboring to bring it about.  Already they make the war democrat dwell with the woolly-head, and the nigger lie down with the abolitionist; and the war democrat and the abolitionist and the woolly-head together, and a little contraband shall lead them; the contractor and the blood-letter shall feed; their young shall lie down together, and go to school with the little nigger head; and the sucking contraband shall lay his hand in Abraham’s bosom.  And they shall all eat greenbacks like the ass feeding upon thistles.


            → The New York Post rejoices over the bloody defeat of Rosecrans because it thinks the peace talk at the north will be checked on account thereof.  It think that when our arms are somewhat under a cloud, the necessity for a “vigorous prosecution of the war” will be apparent to any one, and therefore finds a promise of good in the slaughter on Chickamauga river.  None but abolitionists, to whom the extinction of slavery is of more consequence than the lives and liberties of white men, can find consolation in disasters to the federal arms.


            → The Chicago Tribune says that Gen. Tuttle, by becoming the Democratic candidate for Governor of Iowa, has “lost all chance of military preferment.”  That is the way the administration knows no party and seeks only to preserve abolitionism.  However much of heroism and skill on the battle-field may be displayed, if the soldier be not an abolitionist, or a cringing and fawning tool of the administration, he has no hope of reward from Abraham.


            Fulton County. – The Democrats of Fulton have nominated the following ticket: for treasurer, Wm. C. Worley; for surveyor, David Shreeves; for school commissioner, W. T. Davidson.  These are excellent nominations and will be elected of course.  Mr. Davidson is the editor of the Fulton Democrat, and his nomination is a fitting and generous approval of his efforts in behalf of the Democratic party.  His predecessor in the same office for four years is Mr. Thornton, of the Canton Ledger, also an able and untiring laborer in the Democratic field.  The Democrats of Fulton seem to understand the propriety of strengthening the hands of those who, in every campaign, bear the chief burdens and devote the most time to the success of the party.


            J. G. Stolp’s Cassimeres. – The time is fast approaching when the genius of western manufacturers will drive from our markets the “worthless trash” “palmed off” on honest and unsuspecting people as an article of woolen goods.  Prominent among the names of the heroes who have been instrumental in delivering the people from the thralldom of “King Shoddy” will stand that of J. G. Stolp of Aurora, Ill., who manufactures the best and cheapest cassimeres (in fashionable styles,) that are brought to the town of Macomb. – To procure these goods go the store of John Venable, who is sole agent for McDonough County.


            Casualties in the 78th. – This list of killed and wounded in the 78th is in addition to what we have heretofore published:

Comp. A. – Killed – M. V. Fugate, Solomon Soland, Wm. H. Davis.

Wounded – Jas. E. Beloat, Berager Davis, Jasper Wilson, Wm. H. Landson, O. L. Petney, Sam’l Fugate, John S. Miller, James M. Groves.

Comp. I. – Killed – B. F. Lane.

Wounded – C. V. Chandler, P. Hamilton, J. C. Buchanan, Gorge David, S. G. Downen, Jacob Faber, James P. Shamon, D. M. Chapman, Joseph Mayfield, Thos. Edmonson.


            Strayed. – Strayed from the residence of the undersigned, living in Macomb, on Tuesday the 6th inst., a light cream colored mare pony, three years old, black mane and tail, and has a letter A branded on left shoulder.  Any person leaving word at this office where she may be found will be liberally rewarded.

J. Ben. Naylor.


            Gov. Yates and his man of all-work are back in Springfield.  Their return was made known by the renewal of vituperative and lying dispatches in those common conduits of baseness and filth, the Missouri Democrat and Chicago Tribune.  Gov. Yates and his newspaper correspondent are sowing the wind in Illinois – it may not be long before they reap the legitimate fruits of their labors.  They have only to persevere in the course they have inaugurated.


Items Here and There.

–          Mrs. Jacobs invites the ladies to examine her stock of fall millinery.  She will be able to please her customers.

–          We had a call last Friday from J. M. Davidson, Esq., late editor of the Fulton Democrat and various other papers.  He seemed to be perfectly rational, except when he talked about breaking into some newspaper office, when his eyes would be “in fine frensy rolling,” giving indubitable proof of the truth that sombody said – “The lunatic, the poet, and the editor, are of imagination compact.”

–          Mr. Haines has fitted up his oyster and eating house in fine style, and can now readily minister to any man’s apetite in manner comfortable to experience.

–          The postmaster at Bushnell is requested to be a little careful in distributing Democratic papers and this paper in particular.  We hear a great many complaints from our subscribers about the loss they sustain through the postmaster’s negligence.  The discharge of the duties of his office, we respectfully suggest, is not to be influenced in any degree by his political opinions or prejudices.

–          Lincoln has written Hackett the tragedian that he likes Macbeth the best of all Shakespeare’s plays.  We should think Africanus would be haunted by the ghost of the Constitution he has murdered.

–          “Good wine needs no bush,” is an old saying, and one which those people who deal with our advertisers will find to be a true one.

–          The Salem Baptist Association, at its late session at Blandinville, besmeared itself with abolitionism, by adopting resolutions and ordering the printing of a sermon in the minutes, solely on account of their dark complexion.  Delegates from six churches of the association met at Blandinville last Saturday and adopted a protest against the departure by the association from the usage and custom of their church.

–          We have seen the hippopotamus.  He is a great beast.  We think he would make a good cross with a Berkshire hog.

–          Another “showcus” is coming.  The original, genuine, unadulterated “Yankee Robinson,” with a “hull lot” of other performances, is advertised for next Thursday.  The half dollars will go!

–          There is a vexed question still unsettled.  At the side show the other day was a thing; which some suppose to be the “Chicago platform,” while others contend it was the original union leaguer.  We shall not undertake to decide.  It was filthy and disgusting enough for either.

–          Gold was selling in New York on Wednesday at 47 to 48 per cent. premium.


The Democratic Party Oppose

            Anarchy, Arbitrary Arrests, Abolitionism, and Abraham;

Bastiles, Banishment, Burnside, Butler, Brough;

Chase, Contractors, and Courts martial;

Disunion, Darkies, the Devil, and Davis;

Emancipation and Everything Evil;

Fanaticism, Fraud, and Favoritism;

Greeley and Gory Graves for soldiers;

Home patriots, Halleck, Hascal, and Humbug;

Irrepressible Incompetency, Injuring Interests;

Jacobinical Jackasses Jeering at Justice;

King Abe, the Know nothing;

Lying Leaguers Leaguing for Long-Legged Lincoln;

“Military necessity,” Martial law, and McClellan’s removal;

“No party party,” Negro Equality, and Negro Soldiers;

Oppression for Opinions Opposed to Old Abe;

Propagating Politics by Perverse Pestiferous Political Priests;

Quarreling in the cabinet;

Riots, Rebels, and Ruin of the Republic by Republican Rule;

Secession, Separation, and Subjugation;

Tyranny, Traitors, and “Toddy;”

Usurpation and Unjust laws;

Vagaries and Various Varieties of Villainous rulers;

War Wages by Wicked Warriors;

Xemption of the rich, Xciting mobs, and Xecutive dictation;

Yelping Yates’ abolition hounds;

Zealots in abolitionism;

& so forth.



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