September 26, 1863

Macomb Eagle

A Note from Jackson.

            If Old Hickory were now alive, how he would make the welkin ring with his denunciations of the abolition crew who are now engineering our national affairs.  On one occasion, when among us, said he: —

“Sir, the abolition party is a DISLOYAL organization.  Its pretended love for freedom means nothing more nor less than CIVL WAR AND A DISSOLUTION OF THE UNION.  Honest men of all parties should unite to expose their intentions and arrest their progress”. – Andrew Jackson.

How true!  How painfully, disastrously true have events proved his words.  Phillips, the great abolition republican drill master, in his Washington address, before President Lincoln, Vice President Hamlin, and the republican Senators and members of Congress, said: “For sixteen years I have labored to break up this Union, and thank God it is broken.”  Who will attempt to deny the truthfulness of Gen. Jacksons declaration: “The abolition party is a disloyal organization.  Its pretended love of freedom means nothing more nor less than civil war and a dissolution of the Union.”  But what said President Lincoln to Phillips’ declaration that he had labored sixteen years to break up the Union and thank God it is broken? – Did he frown upon him?  Did he spurn him from his presence?  Did he denounce him as a disloyal citizen – a traitor to his country, as Old Hickory would have done?  No, not he!  But, on the contrary, he honored him with a grand reception and dinner party, (so stated,) at the White House.  And these are the men who pretended to be excessively, distressingly, excrutiatingly, and unconditionally for the Union!  “O shame, where is thy blush!”



            The abolitionists say disloyal persons should be prevented from voting by the military.  They also call all Democrats disloyal; therefore they would keep all Democrats from the polls by bayonets.  That’s the way they gain their victories in Kentucky, Missouri, &c.  They are like the Mormons, who decreed that the farmers, grain and cattle in Illinois belonged to the Lord and His Saints.  They next resolved that they were the Saints, and therefore the corn and cattle belonged to them.  But the Illinois farmers did not agree to such logic, and soon drove Joe Smith and his followers out of the State.  Following their example the people in the exercise of their sovereign rights will this fall expel Old Abe and the whole abolition host of office holders and contractors from their positions.  Should an attempt be made to prevent a fair election, by use of military in the free States, this revolution may come sooner, and by other means than the ballot box.


            → The sickness of the editor has prevented him from paying any attention to editorial matters this week.


            → The Democrats of Macomb township are requested to meet at the court house in Macomb, at 2 o’clock p. m. of Saturday, Oct. 3rd, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the county convention.


            → The Democrats of New Salem township will meet at the New Salem school house on Saturday, Oct. 3rd, at 6 o’clock p. m., for the purpose of appointing delegates to the county convention.


            → Private dispatches from Chattanooga state that 78th regiment was badly cut up in the late fight.  Maj. W. L. Broaddus and Frank Lane is reported killed, and Col. Van Vleck, P. Hamilton, C. V. Chandler, wounded.  Other casualties will no doubt be reported in a short time.


            Almost a Fire. – On Sunday morning last smoke was discovered issuing from the coal box attached to Mr. Tinsley’s mill, and it became apparent that the coal was on fire. – The alarm was quickly given, and a large number of our citizens at once rallied to the spot.  There were some four or five hundred bushels of coal in the box, and fully one half of this had to be shoveled away before the fire could be reached.  When this was done the fire was found to be at one side of the box and extending into the center of the heap, and also about midway from top to bottom.  It was easily extinguished.  How did this fire originate?  The coal box is twelve to fifteen feet square and nine or ten feet in depth, and was nearly full.  Did the fire originate in the centre of the heap and extend to the frame? – or did it begin at the outside and extend to the middle?  Was it a case of spontaneous combustion?  If not, how was it kindled? – We have received the following card from Mr. Tinsley for publication:

Macomb, Sept. 22, 1863.

            To the citizens and friends who so promptly assisted to extinguish the fire in my coal house, on the 20th inst., I am obliged and return thanks.

N. P. Tinsley.


            → The poor old abolition sheet of this city has gone into hysterical ecstacies over the result of the Maine election.  It did then, really fear that the democracy would carry the State.  Maine gave a majority against Buchanan of 31,324.  Lincoln had a majority of 24,000 over Douglas.  Last year the abolition majority was 29,000.  It is now reduced 14,000.  Since 1856 here is a loss by abolitionism of 17,000 votes.  Is it not growing small be degrees and beautifully less.  Last year they had a majority of 20,000 in Maine and lost Ohio by a democratic majority of 8,000.  Having now majority of but 14,000 in Maine, what should we expect from Ohio?


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