September 19, 1863

Macomb Eagle

Another Step to Despotism.

            The President has issued a proclamation declaring that the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is suspended throughout the United States in all cases “where, by the authority of the President of the United States, military, naval, and civil officers of the United States, or any of them, hold persons under their command or in their custody, either as prisoners of war, spies, or aiders or abettors of the enemy, or officers, soldiers, or seamen enrolled, drafted, or mustered or enlisted in or belonging to the land or naval forces of the United States, or as deserters therefrom, or, otherwise amenable to military law, or to the rules and articles of war, or to the rules and regulations prescribed for the military or naval services by the authority of the President of the United States, or for resisting a draft or for any other offence against the military or naval services.”


Let the South Come Back.

            We say let the South come back. – It is worse than stupidity to place obstacles in the way of the return path of the “wayward sisters.”  The evidences are strong and increasing that a guarantee of their rights under the Constitution is all that the great mass of the people South desire.  An assurance that these rights will be secured to them will cause a stir among them that has not been equaled since the dry bones in the valley put on their flesh anew.  In view of the refusal of the President to encourage their return, and the active opposition of the republican union leaguers, it behooves the conservative masses of the country to take action in this matter.  Gov. Seymour, in a late speech sounds the keynote of the Democracy on this issue.  He says:

“Whatever may be the course of the administration, it becomes the conservatives  to say to the South, ‘Let the war cease – come back to your allegiance – and we will protect your rights.’”

This is the solid rock of the Union.  This is the foundation we have builded upon and have not and shall not be moved.  We are pledged to this protection by the deliberate resolve of Congress and the solemn declarations of the President made before the demon of abolitionism had entered completely into them.  We are pledged to it by our love for the lives of our soldiers, whom we desire to return to their homes. – We are pledged to it in view of shortening the war and thereby accomplishing the object for which our friends shouldered the musket.  Let the South come back – let us help her to come back, and no longer do the works that drive them to madness and desperation.  Let the assurance be given by the States and the people of the States. – Ohio and Pennsylvania will join New York and New Jersey in saying “come back to your allegiance and we will protect your rights.”  Illinois in her local elections must reiterate the same life-giving assurance and maintain her old position under the Constitution and the Union.  Stand firm on this rock and all the waves of leaguerism shall not prevail against the Democracy.


            → The indignation of the soldiers will be justly aroused against those politicians who are striving to prolong the war for the purpose of abolishing slavery.  The end of the war would be very near – indeed it might have been ended long ago – had it not been for this criminal policy of abolitionism.  The lives of the soldiers must continue to be sacrificed or periled, and the sufferings of their daily toil as well as the privations and distress of their families must continue indefinitely, in order to accomplish a purpose which is wicked in its initiation and will be disastrous in consummation.  The Democracy oppose the President’s policy with the sole object of shortening the war by a restoration of the Union. – The republicans oppose us, even though it is at the loss of thousands more of the lives of our soldiers and the consequent increase of taxes.  Let the people mark well the distinction.


Secret Political Circulars.

            The Peoria Mail has been furnished with a copy of a secret political circular issued from the “State council” of the union leaguers.  This circular, which we copy below, shows why the late militia order was issued, and establishes the fact that it was done to give the leaguers an opportunity to arm themselves at the public expense.  Under the guise of military necessity – a guise as transparent as a fog at noonday – another step has been taken by the conspirators against constitutional liberty.  The “State council” of the leaguers – which is but another name for conspirators – is the wheel within a wheel that is to direct all the movements of the republican party, and by degrees rob them of their own rights for the sake of destroying the Democratic sentiment of the country.  The circular reads as follows:

Union League of America,
Office of the Sec’y of the Ill. State Council,
Springfield, August 12, 1863.

            Brothers of the League;          At the late session of the State Executive Committee held in Springfield, August 6th the following resolution was adopted, and the state secretary instructed to forward a copy of the same to each council in the state.

Resolved, That the executive committee recommend the immediate organization – among the members of the U. L. A. throughout this state – of companies pledged to act in concert with each other  and the state and national authorities in defense of the state from insurrection or invasion.

Here follows the “General Militia Order” of Adjutant General Fuller, which it is not necessary to quote.  Then the circular continues:

Brothers of the League, you will please take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly.

I would also recommend a prompt response to the following report made at the late session of the executive committee.

Mr. Chairman and members of the Executive Committee – Gentlemen:

“The committee appointed to consider the propriety of holding mass meetings throughout the state, would recommend that such meetings be held in every county in the state previous to the State Mass Meeting of Union men.

“We recommend further that these meetings be held under the direction of the County Councils where such Councils exist, and in counties where no County Council is organized, the local Councils be urged to attend to this matter.

We also recommend that the members of the Executive Committee be enjoined to bring this matter before such council when they communicate the new work.  All of which is respectfully submitted.

“Geo. I. King, Chairman.”

            I would again urge upon all the brothers of the U. L. A., the importance of the great work before us, and particularly urge that each brother would act as a committee of one to see that his county is thoroughly organized in the work.

Yours, for Liberty and Union
Geo. H. Harlow, State Sec’y.

            Thus it will be seen, says the Mail, that we have the most positive proof that all the party movements are planned, controlled, guided, managed and consummated by and through these secret conspirators.  While the rank and file are engaged in furthering the interests of the party, they have the glorious assurance that they have their work planned and laid out before them by a secret cabal who manage the concern entirely. – This the republican masses can lay to their souls as the flattering unction they are permitted to enjoy, while “copperheads” can also felicitate themselves that all this engineering of war is deemed unnecessary for their subjugation or extermination, and all of every party may herein see the opening of a bloody civil war in our midst.


The Negro above the Union.

            Mr. Wilkinson, a member of the Senate of the United States from Minnesota, recently addressed the republican State Convention at St. Paul.  He said he had conversed with the President recently, and asked if he ever intended to withdraw his negro proclamation for the sake of restoring the Union, and that the President answered, in a very decided term.  “Mr. Wilkinson, there is not the slightest probability that I ever shall.”  What an excellent Union man Lincoln is!  He would not give up the freedom of the negro for fifty unions.



            Please announce that David H. Moss, of Prairie City, will be supported for the office of School Commissioner, in the Democratic county convention, by the Democrats of

Prairie City Township.


Walnut Grove Township.

            The Democrat club of Walnut Grove township will meet at the centre school house on Saturday 19th inst., at 2 o’clock p. m.  Speeches will be made by Abbott and Lawler.


            → The circuit court has been in session this week.  Judge Higbee presides with his usual dignity and impartiality.  He possesses the respect and confidence of all classes, for his integrity and dispatch of business.  His legal acumen and the general correctness of his decisions on controversial questions are securing for him a name second to no other judicial officer in the State.


            Amende. – Mr. D. H. Morse of Prairie City assures us that we do injustice to Mr. David Look, whose name we printed Fluke last week.  Mr. L. is a Democrat, and of course a gentleman, and the part he took in the affair was to quiet the disturbance.  We cheerfully make the correction, and assure Mr. Look that we made the statement on the authority of the correspondent of the Canton Ledger. – The Ledger will also be glad to make the amende.


            Premium Flour. – We are indebted to Mr. John B. Smith, of the Farmers mills, six miles northeast of Macomb, for a barrel of premium flour.  It was intended for exhibition at the fair, where it would undoubtedly have received the first premium, but its arrival was a day too late.  It is as good flour as we have received from any mill in the country, and shows that Mr. Smith understands his business.  We advise our readers to take their grain to his mills, for we are satisfied that they will be pleased both in quantity and quality of flour.


            → The postoffice at Middletown is temporarily vacated.  The late postmaster, Mr. Burton, on moving away refused to recommend a successor to keep the office, and took the property to the postmaster at Colchester.  There is a large and populous tract of country around Middletown and the office is one of no little importance.  It was to put these people to inconvenience and trouble that Burton acted as he did.  He is a union leaguer and probably was only carrying out the principal of the orders.  The post office will doubtless soon be re-established, because there are more people dependent on that point for their mail matter than at any former period.


Items Here and There.

–        Corn has been selling in town this week at 40 to 45₵ a bushel.

–        Peaches grown in this county have been selling in our streets at 50₵ a bushel.

–        The case against Mr. Barrett, for assault on G. F. Clark, on appeal from Justice Shallow, was decided in the circuit court in favor of the defendant.

–        At a picnic of Sunday school children held near Prairie City last week, a white girl and a black girl were made to walk hand in hand.  Go it!

–        Lincoln says that “peace does not appear so distant as it did.”  Neither does the millennium.

–        A dirty leaguer in Prairie City named Dettinger has sent us a copper cent.  He is kept in a drug store in the place of ipecac. – Wonder if he stole it?

–        Lincoln talks about Uncle Sam’s “web feet.”  Uncle Sam was a great goose ever to get such a loon as Lincoln to manage his affairs.

–        A correspondent at Prairie City writes us that scarcely a day passes without some drunken beast proclaiming at the top of his voice that he is a member in good standing of the union league.  All the decency!

–        Gold in New York on Tuesday was 32 per cent. premium.

–        James O’Brien, charged with an assault on Ed. Troy, with intent to kill, was tried on Wednesday.  The jury returned a verdict of guilty and sentenced him to one year in the penitentiary.  A petition to secure his pardon is in circulation.

–        A union leaguer of Prairie City fainted the other day at the sight of a copper cent. – He was revived by placing a rotten mackerel under his nose, after which he exclaimed, “That’s good – it smells like my party.”

–        A daughter of Mr. Lillard, living near Middletown, was severely injured by the upsetting of a wagon in which she was riding, last week.  Under the skillful treatment of Dr. Archer she is recovering from her bruises.

–        Charles J. Carnahan of Industry township has moved to Franklin county, Kansas.  Charley was a clever fellow, and we hope he will prosper abundantly in his new home.

–        If the union leaguers of Macomb could turn out and defend their homes one entire night, when there was no enemy within hundreds of miles, what would they not accomplish if they would shoulder their muskets and “support the government” under the direction of Grant or Meade?

–        Our friends W. H. Rile and C. B. White will please accept our thanks for peaches received.

–        Mr. Haines, next door to August’s clothing store, is in receipt of fine oysters, which he serves up in all styles.  Also provisions, fruits, and vegetables constantly on hand.



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