August 15, 1863

Macomb Eagle

No Restoration of the Union.

            The rejection by the President, of the application of the planters of Louisiana, proposing to return that State into the Union under her old Constitution, has not been forgotten by the people.  It exhibited very clearly a purpose on the part of the administration to make this war a war for the abolition of slavery, and that its chief object was not to restore the Union “with all the dignity, equality, and rights of the several States unimpaired.”  The war is thus declared to be a war not against the principle of secession nor to destroy rebellion, but a war against States, against institutions sanctioned by the Constitution, against laws which the people had a moral and legal right to enact, and against people.  The administration recognizes the secession claim that those States are out of the Union, and seeks to impose upon them conditions which might be of questionable application in the case of provinces conquered from another nation.  We had hoped that this false position would meet with the condemnation of the republican press, and that efforts would be made by them to induce the administration to take measures for encouraging the return of the States, and thus ending the war at an early period. – But we look in vain.  The administration seem determined to their [obscured] the expenses of prolonging the war for years.  The Washington Chronicle of a late date says:

The conclusion is irresistible that the extinction of slavery in the seceded States should be made the condition of their readmission into the Union,  that being the only guaranty they can give that they will not re-enact the crimes by which they have deluged the land in blood.”

Solicitor General Whiting writes from the council table of the administration, that:

“The policy of the government [administration] is fixed and immovable, the President has issued proclamations under his hand and seal; Abraham Lincoln takes no backward steps; a man once made free by law [proclamation] cannot again be made a slave; fear not that the administration will ever take the back track.”

In other words the war is to be henceforth waged to abolish slavery in the States – not to restore the Union.  For this unworthy purpose our neighbors are to be torn from their homes by an infamous conscription.  The people of the North will never consent to this infamous and treasonable perversion of the war.


            → The work of restoring the Union would proceed with rapid strides, did not the President throw impediments and obstacles in the way.  The petition of Louisiana has been rejected already.  North Carolina and Tennessee, and even Mississippi, if we are to credit the intelligence from those States, may in a few weeks make a similar application.  They will be similarly refused.  Now what encouragement is there in all this for people to leave the rebellion and join the Union cause?  How does it make friends?  How does it weaken the rebellion?  Its effect will be to prolong the war, with all its loss of life, its calamities, its sufferings.  These things must be endured in order to further the desire of the republican party for the liberation of a million negroes, who have no more notion of what liberty is than a hog has of a holiday.


Fulton County Matters.

            John. Lane and Alex. Freeman of Isabel township have addressed the following note to the Editor of the Fulton Democrat to inform the public why the enrolling officer was driven from that township:

On Tuesday, the officer sent into this town to enroll the militia was driven away by Democrats, and his books taken from him.  The reason for these acts is this: In making out the list he put down the names of all Democrats, and instead of giving the names of republicans put down fictitious names.  Of course the intention was to screen republicans from the draft, and make up the quota entirely from Democrats.  The Democrats are willing to obey all constitutional laws, but they will not be imposed upon by these infernal scoundrels who are growing fat off the troubles of the people.  The books can be seen by any man who doubts the fraud practiced by this man Cornell.

The Democrat has also the following;

South Fulton, July 22, 1863. – Misses Loucette Shawgo and Mary F. Arnold, daughters of John Shawgo and Richard Arnold, went to the house of James H. Porter, a few days ago, wearing butternut breast-pins. – Mr. P. offered to take them off, and Miss Shawgo plainly told him she would kill him if he did, when the coward backed down.  Mr. Edward Branson was present, and cried out, “take-it-off; take-it-off!” – when one of the ladies told him she would “draw his breath for him if he attempted it.”  Both the worthies squatted.  Now you can see where the grit lays in the black-hearted, cowardly, low-lived Abolition tories.  If this is contradicted, I will prove it.

Yours,                                                             C. W. Shawgo.


Letter from James McKee.

To the Editor of The Macomb Eagle:

I notice in your paper of the 18th July, what seems to be an editorial headed “loyal league guerillas.”  You say they are a secret organization, unknown to law (1), and are threatening to destroy and burn all that stand in their way (2).  If such is the case it is certainly wrong.  I hear another association talked of, called the “Knights of the Golden Circle.”  If you are posted in regard to them (and I suppose you are) (3), why not post the public of their object?  I believe every thing deleterious to the public good should be exposed, and I do not believe anything intended to affect the public should be kept secret; but there is so much party strife and party lying, that it is perfectly disgusting to honest men.  There is another thing I want you to explain, and that is, the object in wearing of these copperhead pins (4).  I, as a subscriber and reader of your paper, ask you for this information, supposing you have it and will give it to the public.

James McKee.


            (1) The organization known as loyal league, union league, “S. B.,” etc., has signs, passwords, and grips, by which, its members recognize each other and can extend or receive assistance; its meetings are attended only by its members [and initiates], all others being refused admittance.  The organization is unknown to the laws, either State or national, and there is no warrant or charter for their formation.  They are also political and military organizations, with captains, colonels, etc., as is abundantly proven by extracts from their ritual published in this paper some months ago.  One of their signs is made with a revolver.  Guerrillas are armed bands without the pale of law and destitute of legal sanction.  The loyal leagues, union leagues, “S. B.’s,” etc., are in the same category and deserve equal condemnation.

(2) There is not a prominent Democrat in the county, against whom threats of the destruction of his property, or even death itself, have not been made by members of these leagues.  And they are now, or recently have been, seeking to arm themselves, so that they may be able to carry out their threats in true guerrilla style.  They talk about the “trouble that is coming,” and in some instances they have made offers of protection to certain Democrats if the latter would join their leagues.  This fact shows that they contemplate plunging the country into anarchy and war, unless they can previously frighten the people into submission to their schemes.

(3) We know nothing of the knights of the golden circle, save what has appeared in the public papers.  We are not and never have been a member of such an organization; neither do we know any man who is or has been a member of it.  We know the republicans have for two years or more charged the existence of such a society in Illinois, but they have not yet furnished the least tangible evidence of the fact.  Their failure to discover the “treasonable organization” leads us to believe that there is no such bugbear in existence.

(4) We freely confess our inability to answer why “copperhead pins” are worn.  Can Mr. McKee tell us why gold pins are worn?  Why are straw hats, linen pantaloons, flannel shirts, or any other peculiar article of dress worn?  Is there treason in the color of a man’s coat or the length of his hair?  What [?] the size of a woman’s hoops, or the texture of their stockings, to do with the restoration of the Union?  What has a copper pin, shaped like the head of a woman, and the word “Liberty” engraved on it, to do with the success of the rebellion?  It never was used by secessionists as an evidence of their purposes, nor is it any part of a rebel flag, seal, sign, or escutcheon.  What incipient treason is there in copper? and has it been in the metal since the time of Moses, or only since the accession of Abraham?  The only reason we have heard why men wear copperhead pins is simply this, because they want to and have a right to.  It is satisfactory to some folks.


Boy Wanted.

            We want a boy to learn or work at the printing business.  Should be about sixteen years of age, have a fair education, and of industrious habits.


            → There is no news from the war this week of any importance.  The army seems to be occupying a position of masterly inactivity just now.


            → This county was blessed with a fine rain on Sunday last.  The ground was saturated with water and fall plowing will be an easy matter.  The price of corn fell from 45 to 35 cents this week.


            → A veritable negro preached a sermon at the Christian church on Monday night. – It was said to be a good discourse, and without any allusion to the “damning sin of slavery.”  This exhibits better sense than some his white brethren possess.  Privately he was of opinion that slaves are generally better off when with masters than when without.


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