August 8, 1863

Macomb Eagle

Democratic Meetings.

            The meeting in Sciota township will be at Clark’s school house, on section thirty-three, on Saturday 8th inst.  The advertisement for the Center school house was a mistake.

At Vermont, Fulton county, on Saturday, Aug. 15th, at 1 o’clock p. m.  Speeches by J. C. Thompson, N. Abbott, and others.


            → The election in Kentucky has resulted in the success of the administration State ticket, and probably of a majority of the congressmen.  This result was not unexpected, especially after the order of gen. Burnside that no “disloyal” person should vote or be voted for.  Disloyal means opposed to the administration, and this order being backed up by federal bayonets, there was of course no opportunity for a free and untrammeled choice by the people.  This is the way the republicans sustain their party where they dare make the effort.  They can be sustained in no other way.


            → We have received a note from Mr. James McKee, of Eldorado, which we will respond to next week.  We have no space this week.


Editing a Paper.

            Editing a paper is a very pleasant business:

If it contains too much political matter people won’t have it.

If it contains too little, they won’t have it.

It the type is large it don’t contain enough reading matter.

If the type is too small it hurts their eyes to read it.

If we publish telegraphic reports, folks say we publish nothing but lies.

If we omit them they say we have no enterprise, or suppress them for political effect.

If we have in a few jokes, they say we are an old fossil.

If we publish original matter, they damn us for not giving selections.

If we publish selections, folks say we are lazy, for not writing more and giving them what they have not read in some other paper.

If we give a man complimentary notices, we are censured for being partial.

If we do not, all hands say we are a greedy hog.

If we insert an article which pleases the ladies, men get jealous.

If we do not cater to their wishes, the paper is not fit to have in their houses.

If e attend church they say it is only for effect.

If we do not they denounce us as deceitful and desperately wicked.

If we speak well of any act of the President folks say we dare not do otherwise.

If we censure, they call us a traitor.

If we remain in the office and attend to business, folks say we are too proud to mingle with our fellows.

If we go out they say we never attend to business.

If we do not pay all bills promptly, folks say we are not to be trusted.

If we do pay promptly, they say we stole the money.

If we wear poor clothes they say business is poor.

If we wear good clothes call us a spend-thrift.

Now what is a poor fellow to do?


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