June 20, 1863

Macomb Eagle
June 20, 1863

Senator Mack, in a speech at Chicago on Thursday night, after detailing his plan to procure a “disagreement” between the two houses, said “he procured a formal notice from the senate, and served it himself upon the Governor, and induced him to prorogue the Legislature.”  Senator Mack undoubtedly had a large share in this villainous action; but he cannot, by thus attempting to shoulder the responsibility, relieve Governor Yates from the “damnation of the result.”  The presiding officer of the senate is the Lieut. Gov. F. A. Hoffman.  If he sent the formal notice, as stated by Mack, he sent the formal notice of falsehood.  Also, the Senate have never employed him to make a “formal notice” of any fact that ever existed before them.  They make their communications through an entirely different source, and it would be impudent and gratuitous for him to undertake the performance of duties which devolve upon others.  When he adds to this the crime of making a “formal notice” of that which was notoriously untrue, he adds additional disgrace to his action.  The “little Dutchman” should go back to the despotism he was born in, and not try to play the petty tyrant over the rights of a people whose government is formed in a written constitution.


To the Citizens of McDonough County.

            The undersigned at a meeting held in Macomb on the 15th day of June, were appointed a committee of arrangements for the purpose of celebrating the 87th anniversary of American Independence, do hereby earnestly invite the attendance of all citizens of the county, young and old, male and female, at the Fair Grounds in Macomb, on the 4th day of July next.  Citizens, it will be a basket Pic Nic; every one is expected to bring their families together with their provisions, spread their family and friendly tables and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. – We would urge on all to lay aside all matters of business, unless unavoidable, and come with happy hearts, determining within yourselves to give one day to the nation, and by coming together we can help each other in forgetting our national afflictions.  Let our children at least have a holiday long to be remembered in the family circle as a bright spot in their youthful pilgrimage and thus hand down by the hand of custom the memory of the fathers of their country.

J. Burton,                                                                    J. P. Updegraff,
C. M. Ray,                                                                  A. McLean,
N. J. Graves,                                                               C. H. Baker.


T. E. Morgan, Esq., has removed his law office to his new building on Jackson street, a few doors west of the square.  He will be pleased to see his friends, as well as any others wanting legal advice.


Runaways. – The past week has been a good season for runaways.  On Friday a team belonging to Mr. Bartleson took a scare down by the depot, and started up to town at a killing rate.  The horses soon dropped the wagon, and then they made fine time – 2:40 if not more – up Jackson street.  They finally brought up at the stable.  On Monday four horses attached to a wagon loaded with shelled corn took it into their heads to have a race on their own account.  Some twenty bushels of corn were soon scattered as a mark of their flight.  They hove to against a blacksmith shop south of the square.

On Sunday, while Mr. Geo. Payne and family were passing along the Industry road a mile or so from town, in his wagon, his horses got frightened, and after running a short distance upset the wagon in a fence corner.  Mrs. Payne was severely injured, and nearly all the rest of the family more or less hurt.


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