June 6, 1863

Macomb Eagle
June 6, 1863


Let the People Rally to the Sup-
port of the Constitution!

            Springfield, May 28, 1863. – The Democratic State committee in compliance with the general Democratic popular wish that a mass convention of the party be held during the coming month of June, for the purpose of consultation and deliberation upon the state of the country, and to give expression in an authoritative form to the views of public policy in regard to the present national crisis entertained by the Illinois Democracy, hereby designate Wednesday, the 17th day of June, for the holding of such a mass convention at Springfield.

The committee earnestly urge that every county in the State be represented by the largest possible numbers. – Prominent representative men of the Democratic party of other States have been invited to be present and confer and counsel with the Illinois Democracy at the proposed convention, among whom are Gov. Seymour, of New York; Hon. Washington Hunt of New York;  Hon. George E. Pugh of Ohio; Hon. S. S. Cox of Ohio; Hon. Thos. A. Hendricks of Indiana; and Hon. Daniel W. Voorhees of Indiana.  All the leading democratic orators of our own State will be present.

Let the democratic people come from the North, the South, the East, and the West.  Let them come from the fields and the workshops, from the counter and the desk, and in general democratic reunion send forth to the country the opinions and the wishes of the Illinois democracy in regard to the dangers which environ the constitution and the Union, bequeathed to us as sacred trusts by our fathers.


            → The republican party was never a patriotic party.  It was never for the Union.  It was never for the Constitution.  That this is true is evidenced by the fact that there is no republican party now.  There was no necessity for dropping their name and assuming a new one, if they were a patriotic party or were in favor of the Constitution and the Union.  Party names do not establish principles.  The men who were not patriots when they called themselves republicans will not be patriots under any other party name. – Opposed to the Constitution and Union as republicans, they cannot be in favor of these under any other designation, gild it as they may.  They deceived the people while saying they were republicans.  How can the same men be trusted under any other name.  Criminals change their names often in order to escape recognition and punishment for their crimes.  The republican politicians have changed their party name to escape detection and punishment.  It will not avail them.


            → The Chicago Times has been suppressed by order of the Hyena Burnside.  Go it, despots!


            → Gen. Burnside orders that the press and public men shall “avoid the use of party epithets and bitter invectives.”  Will he apply this prohibition to the abolitionists who are constantly heaping epithets on Democrats?  Of course he will not.  Democrats alone are to be forbidden the liberty of speech.


            → Rappahannock Burnside has two hundred political prisoners at Cincinnati!  His Inquisition will prove too slow to grind out the grists if they continue to be sent in so rapidly.  Go it, Rappahannock!  Put ‘em to torture – stick ‘em full of splinters and set fire to ‘em.  Make ‘em confess.


            → Paymaster Cook some months ago gambled away nearly a quarter of a million of dollars belonging to the government.  We have heard of no arrest, not even at midnight – no court martial trial – no imprisonment at Tortugas, nor banishment South, for this villain.  The administration probably thinks that he who steals Greenbacks steals trash.  The President ought to employ some of his thieves to steal the Southern Confederacy.


            → Some republican papers seek to palliate the atrocities of Beast Butler and Hyena Burnside by saying they have been “life long Democrats.”  The fall from what they once were is almost as great as that of Lucifer, who fell from Heaven to hell.


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