April 25, 1863

Macomb Eagle

The Chicago Election.

Copperheads at a Premium!

            The election in Chicago last Tuesday resulted in a glorious Democratic victory.  Sherman is elected mayor by 118 majority, and the council will stand 20 Democrats and 13 abolition-disunionists.  The vote is 4,500 larger than last fall – an increase that is mainly due to fraud.  The abolition-disunionists had control of the ballot boxes in every ward, and it was therefore impossible for the Democrats to poll illegal votes, even had they desired to do so.  All the circumstances considered, it is a great and glorious victory, and shows that nobody is frightened at the cry of “copperhead” by abolition traitors.  It is a terrible verdict against the abolition-disunionism that is seeking to ruin the country.  Vox populi, Vox Dei!



            From the subscriber, living two miles east of Industry, McDonough county, Ill., MARTIN KEELER, an apprentice to the farming business, aged 15 years, of German parentage, and common size.  Left on Wednesday evening last.

I will pay $5 to any person returning Martin Keeler to me.


Industry, Ap 15, ’63.


            The Chicago Journal says the editor of this paper was requested by “the boarders” to leave the City Hotel, Chicago, for the crime of showing a “badge of liberty.”  The “boarders” said nothing to us, whatever. – The proprietor advised us not to wear it in his house, when we paid our bill and went to a respectable hotel.  That’s all there was of it.  It was the first time we ever stopped at a one-horse tavern in Chicago; and shall not so offend against good breeding as to do the like again.


Farmers’ Store. – From the bundles of boots and shoes we see packed away from S. F. Wright’s boots, shoes, hats, and cap, store, one would think his stock would get low, which would be the case were he not in daily recpt of fresh supplies.  Mr. Wright deserves for his energy and efficiency, the patronage which the public do not fail to bestow.  We recommend all that want good goods at the lowest possible price to deal with him.  He is in recpt of a large stock of: ladies hats, trimmed and untrimmed.  Shaker’s of best quality for sale.


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