April 18, 1863

Macomb Eagle

→ Those copperheads have come.


→ Sixty-four members of Congress, in 1859, indorsed Helper’s “Impending Crisis” and recommended its circulation at the North.  We append a sample of its invocations and teachings.  Those sixty-four members of Congress are now busily engaged in the formation of “Loyal Leagues,” and are prominent participants in war meetings.  Read and see if their past action is not an index to their present motives:

            “Freemen of the North, we earnestly invite you to organize yourselves as one man under the banners of liberty, and to aid us in exterminating slavery.  We think it will be an easy matter; independent of the negroes who in nine cases out of ten would be delighted to cut their master’s throats.  We are determined to abolish slavery at all hazards, in defiance of all opposition of whatever nature.  Of this the South may take due notice, and govern themselves accordingly.


→ It is not the part of a true patriot to endeaver to strengthen and confirm the Administration in a policy that he knows is directly calculated to divide and weaken the loyal North.  He may promote his individual interests and advance his fortune by playing the lackey to the party in power; but it is at the expense of the country whose cause he pretends to uphold.  The efforts of an honest and earnest patriot should rather be directed to the reform of an unwise policy, and the initiation of a course that would command the support and enlist the sympathy of all men who love the Union and are eager for its restoration.


More Secession. – The editor of the Portland Advertiser, a Republican journal, advocates the Union of Maine with Canada, and professes to see mines of wealth for Maine when Maine can go back to the “Mother Government.”  That is about all that can be expected of abolition papers generally. – They have preached disunion for twenty years, and it is not to be expected that they will quit it now.


Who is the Traitor?

            The Republicans denounce Vallandigham as a traitor, and eulogize Bingham as a patriot.  They are both representatives from Ohio, both have been making campaign speeches in New Hampshire and Connecticut for their representative parties, and during the late session of congress, they gave expression to their honest sentiments as follows:

            Mr. Vallandigham said: “It is in the restoration of the Union as it was in 1789 and continued for over seventy years, that I am bound to the last hour of my political existence.”

            Mr. Bingham said: “Who in the name of God wants the Cotton States, or any other States this side of perdition, to remain in the Union if slavery is to continue?”

            Pray, now, which is the traitor?  Will some Republican answer?


The Republican Creed.

I do believe that I should give

                                                                                                          What’s hizen unto Linkin Caeser;

  For it’s in him I move and live,

                                       From him my bread and cheese are;

                                                                                              I do believe that all o’ me

                                                                                                           Doth bear this sooperscription –

                                                                                              Will, conscience, honor, majesty,

                                                                                                           And things of that description.

                                                                                             In short, I firmly do believe

                                                                                                           In humbug generally;

                                                                                             For it’s a thing that I perceive

                                                                                                           To have a solid valley.

                                                                                             This hath my faithful shepherd been,

                                                                                                           In pastures swept hath he led me,

                                                                                              And this will keep the people green,

                                                                                                          To feed as they have fed me.


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