April 11, 1863

Macomb Eagle

The Duty of the Hour.

            Last week we endorsed an article from the New York Argus, on the issue before the country.  In continuation of the same subject, we cannot do better than to extract from the same source a few suggestion on the duties incumbent upon Democrats and all conservative men.  The republicans are not satisfied with demanding of us a support of the Government, which every man cheerfully accords; but they demand no less than a blind adherence to an administration whose policy leads directly to the subversion of the Constitution and the destruction of our dearest rights.  Shall the people render such allegiance?  Are they bound to accord such support to the party which happens to be in power?  Their practical answer to these questions is to be found in the total absence of all offers of volunteers or recruits for the war, whereas in its earlier stages the offers of men were in excess of the wants of the Government – in the entire withdrawal of confidence in the administration by the Democrats and conservatives throughout the country.  They are ready and willing to “support the Government,” even in carrying on a war which they believe could and should have been avoided, so long as it is conducted for the objects and in the manner prescribed by the Constitution; but they are neither ready nor willing to support an administration which tramples the Constitution under its feet and seeks to establish in its place, the will of irresponsible and incompetent usurpers.  The people of the loyal States have, to-day, infinitely greater provocation to inaugurate a revolution than had the southern States on the election of President Lincoln.  But their wisdom, and devotion to the forms as well as the principles of Constitutional Government, prompt them to extraordinary forbearance, and they appropriately cling to the peaceful modes of redress provided by the Constitution itself. – The administration, by its arbitrary arrests, its suspension of the writ of liberty, its invasion of private rights, and its harsh and unnecessary conscription, has apparently used every means at its command to aggravate existing evils and to render intolerable its scheme of subverting the war to the abolition of slavery, instead of the re-establishment of constitutional authority throughout the whole Union.  To those who are impatient of time and who would see the abuses which now alarm all conservative men speedily corrected, it is only necessary to point the grand political revolution now going on, and which is sweeping with resistless force over the entire loyal portion of the Union.  It has already revolutionized half a dozen States and needs but the opportunity to complete the regeneration of the whole Union.  Were the presidential election to take place this year, the present corrupt administration would be swept from power, with relentless indignation, by the people.  Oppressive as are its acts of usurpation, the Democratic and conservative masses (who outnumber by an immense majority the radicals) will patiently and patriotically wait the opportunity, by constitutional and legal means, to restore the Government to its legitimate functions, and, if possible, to reconstruct the Union upon a constitutional basis.  But little more than a year will elapse before (if our civil rights are not previously all subverted) we shall be engaged in a presidential campaign, which will absorb the attention of the country.  Upon its results – whether it shall be a free expression of the popular will or a repetition of the farce which gave to France her present ruler through the bayonets and ballots of the people – will depend the further existence of civil liberty.  Unless, however, the Americans have lost their manhood and their independent spirit, they will never be deprived of a fair expression of preferences, through the instrumentality of the ballot.  That there is a well-grounded fear among the people that the administration will make an effort to deprive us of the ballot box, cannot be denied.  It would be no greater outrage than some which have already been attempted; it would be one of the grand series of usurpations which mark the footsteps of Lincoln’s administration toward a military despotism. – When this comes, forbearance will no longer be a virtue.  The surest means to prevent this catastrophe and to avert the horrors of revolution in our midst, will be to let the republican party, and through them the abolition administration, know that the freemen of the country will dare maintain their liberties.  The surest way to preserve the peace and preserve our constitutional rights will be found in the completest and most thorough preparation to defend them by force.


→ The republicans call us “copperheads.”  We feel disposed to accept it.  The word means sense in the head and liberty inscribed on the frontlet.  The first “copperheads” in this country were the patriots of 1776, who achieved independence and liberty from the kingdom of George III.  The copperheads of 1863 desire to maintain the liberty and independence which their fathers fought seven years to secure for them, and if necessary they will fight seven years to preserve them from the usurpations of Abraham Lincoln.  It is just as important to maintain this liberty in 1863, as it was to acquire it in 1776.


→ The negro organs are filling their columns with eulogies of the fine conduct and morality of the black soldiers, showing that as a general rule in drill, discipline and freedom from camp vices, they are vastly superior to the whites.  We always thought they would never stop at simple equality.


→ Abolitionists assert that they have an organized and armed force of 30,000 men in Iowa and 50,000 in Ohio, and that a similar organization extends over all the other western States.  Its purpose is not difficult to conjecture.


Township Elections. – The spring elections have resulted, in this county, in the usual Democratic victory.  In the townships of Industry, Tennessee, Bethel, Hire, Emmet, and Blandinville, the niggerheads run no ticket.  Chalmers gives 23 Democratic majority on supervisor, which is a decided gain.  New Salem elects that unflinching Democrat and worthy man, Lyman Porter, supervisor.  In Scotland we elected the clerk, assessor, and collector, and lose the supervisor by six votes.  In Walnut Grove, the entire Democratic ticket is elected by small majorities.  Sciota, Lamoine, Eldorado, Mound, and Prairie City not heard from.  The Board of Supervisors will be divided politically same as last year.  Well done, copperheads of McDonough!


→ There is yet a good prospect of an abundant crop of fruit in this county.


→ The copperhead breastpins advertised in another column, will shortly be for sale at this office.


→ Fine dry cool weather has been the order for some two weeks past.  The farmers have sown a large quantity of spring wheat.


→ Mr. John Fulton has purchased the farm of L. L. Twyman, about two miles northeast of this city.  The price paid was $3,500.


→ Ex-sheriff Hopper, L. Nihell, Charles Wolf, and two or three others of this county, started to California on Tuesday last.


Gone to Minnesota – Some six or eight citizens of this county started for Minnesota this week.  Among them were S. H. Gillihan, B. F. Clarke, John McGinnis, and Wm. Williams.  They design settling in Goodhue county, Minn.  We trust that good fortune and prosperity may attend them.


→ The soldiers’ aid society of Bardolph will give a supper at the Presbyterian church in that village, on the evening of the 23rd inst.  Tickets, 75₵ for two persons.  The proceeds will be devoted to the relief sick and and wounded soldiers.  A public address will be delivered at the same place at 4 o’clock of the same afternoon.


Is Abolition Subversive of our

To the Editor of The Macomb Eagle;

            No unbiased mind fails to perceive that, if abolition be permitted to sway the scepter of power much longer; if it will not heed the supplications of an injured people, who may daily be heard in our midst, raising their voice of entreaty to our despotic rulers, whose almost every act is marked with tyranny and oppression; if it will continue to crush us down under a worse than European monarchy, then our Government, than which none better ever existed, must be plunged into that gulf of ruin, the mere thought of which severs the heart and causes the spirit of a trusting and confiding patriot to tremble and despair.  But a ray of hope breaks the surrounding darkness and tells us that soon the despots will be hurled from office, and their places filled by men.  The Government must live; abolition must die.  Abolition cannot be made compatible with this Nation; it must be crushed.  What, then, shall we, as patriots – as free men of America, possessing possessing the rich heritage of liberty, handed down to us unimpaired by our former rulers – propose to do? how shall we act our part in this struggle?  We would answer, stand firmly by the Constitution and laws; speak boldly and fearlessly your sentiments, remembering to cling to the principles of Democracy as the only means to save our country.

            That men may see the foul, fiendish, and infamous character of abolition, we cannot forbear making a few extracts from a speech delivered in Prairie City, on the evening of March 31st, by Rev. Haney, chaplain of the 55th regiment.  The infamous character of his abolition doctrine would not have been so marked, but that it came from a professed follower of Christ, and wonderful to relate, his deluded and misguided audience gave him repeated cheers.  Hear him, patriots and Christians: “We are determined to have united sentiment in the North, and if it can’t be obtained in any other manner, we shall come up here and kill off half of you!”  This is a very fine sentiment, no doubt, for the followers of Lovejoy, Phillips, & Co., who are impoverishing our land, murdering our brothers, and wrenching from us our blood-bought liberties, in order to carry on a miserable crusade in favor of negro freedom.

            Now, what is the meaning of the sentence above quoted?  Simply this, that if we will not forsake our chosen party, surrender up every principle of truth and justice, and join the ranks of fiendish abolition, we must be driven as sheep to the slaughter.  But again, “The liberties of the white man cannot be secure, till the liberties of the black man are provided for.” – Surely this is a new item in American government.  How blind must have been Washington and others not to have found this pivot on which turns the destinies of a nation!  But he does not stop here.  In speaking of arbitrary arrests he said, “Had I been Abe Lincoln I should not have permitted them to return to their homes without the head and body separate; and I would have it done religiously, too, prayed over it before and after.”  Oh! what a reproach this brings on the cause of Christianity, falling, as it does, from the lips of a pretended follower of the meek and lowly Jesus; and then, too, to sadly realize that a speech like that can be delivered in a land where a Washington lived and fought and died.  Methinks that the gentleman (excuse the expression) must some day see the error of his ways, and forsake, as a guilty wretch, the sentiments that now “hang in vapory fumes around his imagination.”  There is some good, nevertheless, in infamous speeches of this kind, for they serve to buoy up the hearts of Democrats and awaken them to a right sense of their duty.  Let us trust, then, that we may live to realize the final annihilation of abolition from our midst, and yet behold American regain her position as “Mistress of the Sea.”


Democratic Meeting in Blandinville.

            At an adjourned meeting of the Democrats of Blandinville township, held at Blandinville on the evening of the 4th of April, Thos. A. Mustain, Esq., was called to the chair, and Mr. O. F. Ward elected secretary.

            The committee appointed at a previous meeting reported the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

            WHEREAS, The people of the United States after the enjoyment for a period of many years of happiness, peace, and prosperity, unexampled in the history of nations, are now involved in a civil war, long predicted and foreseen by the Democratic party, as the inevitable consequence of the inauguration and triumph of a sectional party to power, which threatens to be destructive alike of their civil rights and material interests; and it is the duty, as it is the right of the governed (especially among a free people) to take into consideration the condition of the country, whenever they find their rights imperiled, their interests endangered, and the Government itself brought to the extremity of dissolution, and to investigate the cause of such  dreadful calamities; and

            WHEREAS, Many of these sacred rights have been wantonly and maliciously assailed by the party in power, and the abolitionists, refusing to offer any and rejecting all compromise for a peaceful settlement of difficulties, have involved the nation in an unnecessary and unholy war, which will desolate our country, cripple our commerce, and destroy the lives of thousands of our citizens, and involve us in an overwhelming national debt; therefore,

            Resolved, 1st. That the truth of history forces us to the conclusion that the Democratic party is the only party which can be entrusted with the Government of this country, and that no other political organization has ever proved adequate to a faithful and successful discharge of that high and holy trust.

            2. That the crusade inaugurated by the abolitionists against the freedom of speech and of the press is a most dangerous and unprovoked violation of the rights of a free people, and in direct conflict with the Constitution, and must in all future time be regarded as one of the most infamous features among all the high-handed, tyrannical usurpations of the present wicked and current national administration.

            3. That we plainly see the most practical illustration of that detestable and degrading abolition dogma of social and political equality of the white race and Lincoln’s “American citizens of African descent,” in the respect paid to the negro minister from Hayti, by Lincoln, Seward, and the abolition officials generally.

            4. That we will never submit to the illegal arrest of any of our citizens by the minions of any military despot; believing the civil should be paramount to the military law in all the loyal States.

            5. That the board of supervisors of this county be requested to call a special election, for the purpose of permitting the legal voters to vote for or against a special tax, to buy from the army every man in this county who may be taken under the conscription law.

            6. That we believe Messrs. Richardson, Vorhees, Seymour, and Vallandingham, to be true and faithful exponents of the genuine Democracy, and the honest advocates of constitutional rights; and we believe it to be the duty of Democrats to unflinchingly uphold their leaders in these perilous times.

            7. That we heartily endorse the bold and patriotic course of The Macomb Eagle, the Chicago Times, and the New York Caucasian, and we recommend them to the liberal patronage of the Democracy.

            The meeting was then addressed by Nelson Abbott, for about two hours.


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