March 14, 1863

Macomb Eagle

Destroying Democratic Presses.

            During the past week two Democratic newspaper offices have been visited by mobs – a German paper at Belleville, Ill., and the Crisis at Columbus, Ohio – and destroyed.  These, and the similar outrages that have been committed in the country, are the legitimate result of republican teaching and of republican influence.  The people have been told that Democratic editors were traitors, and that traitors have no rights in this country, — therefore Democratic newspapers should be destroyed.  Leading republicans in towns where these villainies have been committed are morally responsible for the dastardly crimes which they have incited others to perpetrate.  The frequency with which these outrages have lately occurred must arouse the attention of the law-abiding people of the country.  For one, we believe that turf has been thrown long enough at the leading republicans, who instigate and approve these outrages.  Let them understand that reprisals will be made.  Reprisals, not on republican newspapers, but on the property of those men who are known as leaders in the republican party.  They can and do control these things, and no newspaper has been mobbed without their knowledge and approbation.  Let them be aware that Democrats will hold them personally responsible, in each locality, and these mobs and threats of mobs will soon cease.


Oppressing Poor Men.

            The conscription bill will have the effect to fill the army – provided it can be enforced – with the poor men of the country, allowing those who are able to pay $300 to escape from the privations and sufferings and the thousand chances of death in the war. – Whether it was the design of Congress thus to impose burdens on the poorer classes of the country, and discriminate in favor of the rich, cannot be positively asserted.  But that such is the effect of republican legislation no one can deny.  This feature of the bill appears the more odious, when we remember that the New England States, whose wealth is about as three to one compared with Illinois, have not yet made up their quota under the call of last year.  Their wealth will now purchase their exemption from military duty, and for every man exempted in that section, another poor man will have to be taken from the West.  The wealthy abolitionists will thus escape, through the iniquity of republican legislation, from performing their equitable share of the war, while the poor men of the West will have to send more of their population to be maimed or killed in battle or die of the malarias of the southern swamps.  This is the way the Eastern abolitionists, through the aid of western republicans, heap oppressive burdens upon the poor.


How the Soldiers’ Votes are Obtained.

            A great splutter is made in the abolition newspapers about the votes said to be given by certain Illinois regiments in favor of some resolutions that their officers had gotten up while dining on the sanitary stores sent to the sick and wounded.  These resolutions breathe thunder and vengeance against the northern Democracy, whose crime is that they want a peace made which will restore the Union and save the lives of the common soldiers.  The 103rd regiment is quoted as having voted “unanimous” for the resolutions.  A “common soldier” writes to the Fulton Democrat that a majority of the regiment are opposed to these resolutions of the gold-laced cotton hunters.  He also explains why soldiers will vote sometimes to please the officers, as follows:

“I have no doubt that, if a fair chance were given all the Northwestern troops – untrammeled by the fear of the excited animosities and petty tyranny of abolition officers – to vote understandingly on these resolutions, there would be such an indignant rejection of their foul aspersions upon the loyalty of the northern Democracy, that would make our gold-laced straddle bugs afraid ever again to undertake to mould the private opinions of the ‘common soldiers.’  But they don’t dare to encourage or permit free opinions in camp about this war.  They say to us: ‘Boys, we are fighting for our country! [the d-d liars] ‘you must not talk politics.’  But it isn’t long before we are jerked out on dress parade, and some ineffable jackass of a dandified adjutant will mouthe over something that we are told is to be voted for, and so, the men vote without knowing for what, except that the officers want their assent for something which they give rather than court the persecution and annoyance which would inevitably follow their refusal to vote.”

A soldier of the 33rd Indiana regiment tells how a vote was taken on a set of abolition resolutions:

“The Colonel prefaced the presentation of his resolutions with a few remarks, in which he said he desired all who were opposed to their adoption to step four paces to the front, that they might at the next action be placed in the front rank, and otherwise punished  if they survived.  With this understanding, none marched to the front, and some fifteen or twenty of the regiment voted for the resolutions; and thereupon they are declared unanimously adopted.”

We trust this exposition of the means which abolition officers use to obtain the votes of soldiers will serve to dispel the false impressions which republicans here are trying to create.


What Henry Clay Said.

            More than twenty years ago Henry Clay comprehended the true spirit of abolitionism, and accurately described it as follows: “With the abolitionists the rights of property are nothing; the deficiency of the powers of the general government is nothing; the acknowledged and incontestible powers of the States are nothing; the dissolution of the Union, and the overthrow of a Government in which are concentrated the hopes of the civilized world, are nothing.  A single idea has taken possession of their minds, and onward they pursue it, overlooking all barriers, reckless and regardless of all consequences.”  These are the abolitionists who now rule and ruin the country under the Lincoln administration.


→ We have a few papers of tobacco seed which we will give to those of our friends who may wish to cultivate the “weed.”


→ Sheriff Dixon is fitting up Campbell’s Hall for the use of the circuit court next week.  The court house is considered unsafe for the assembling of a large crowd of persons.  The grand jury will probably take some action in regard to the old building.


→ The editor of an abolition journal not a hundred miles from Macomb says his sheet is the “only loyal paper” published in the county, and that it is in danger of “suspension” unless the “loyal” people support it better.  Poor fellow! he thinks loyalty and abolitionism are convertible terms.


→ Those boys who threw missiles at the train on Saturday night last are in a fair way to pay dearly for their fun.  Several or all of them have been arrested.  The street school in which so many little boys are taking more lessons than they do at home may prove a costly and sorrowful one to parents as well as the boys, “As the twig is bent,” &c.


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