January 3, 1863

*Due to lack of resources, there will be no news from the Macomb Journal until January 30.

Macomb Eagle
January 3, 1863

A Miserable Failure.

            The present administration is the most miserable and wicked that has ever cursed a free people.  Its parallel for failure of all good undertakings, of corruption in all departments of government, and of infamous usurpation of arbitrary power, is not to be found in the world’s history.  The administration has proved itself incapable for war, and it is incapable of a manful, statesmanlike, constitutional peace. – Every act of the blundering congregation of incapables which comprise the legislative and executive departments of the government, seems designed to interpose eternal barriers to a restoration of the Union.  What are they doing in this crisis of the country?  Nothing, or worse than nothing.  The President cracks his “unwashed jakes” as usual; the defeat of Burnside “reminded him of an anecdote that happened out in Illinois.”  The Congress is busy with an indemnity bill, intended to protect the violators of law and of personal rights from punishment. – The Attorney General is engaged in defending negro rights, and nullifying the decisions of the United States Supreme Court.  The rest of the cabinet are on their knees, praying for foreign intervention!  Those who could get behind the scenes would probably see the surreptitious notes to foreign ministers passing and overhear the whispered invitations to intervention.  This is all that is left to the panic-struck and paralyzed cabinet.  They are incapable of anything else!  Seward has instructed our Minister at London, [obscured] that the war was a contest “for a boundary.”  The leading spirits of the republican party were for “letting the Union slide.”  Lincoln himself came into power upon the doctrine that there was an irrepressible contest between the two sections, and that “they could not live together.”  There is but one step for these men to take to become out and out secessionists.  That step they are about to take.  It is a short one.  And shorter still will be the next step that they will take – to their downfall and eternal infamy.


Republican Leaders for Destroying the Union.

            That we are justified in charging the republican leaders with being opposed to a restoration of the Union as our fathers made it, the events of each succeeding day furnish ample proof.  This war is not waged by them for that purpose – neither are we fighting to vindicate the authority and supremacy of the Constitution.  Thad. Stevens, the leading republican member of the lower house of Congress, made the following assertions in a recent speech in that body:

“I say, then, we may admit West Virginia as a new States, not by virtue of any provision of the Constitution, but under our absolute power which the laws of war give us in the circumstances in which we are placed.  I shall vote for this bill upon that theory, and upon that alone; for I will not stultify myself by supposing that we have any warrant in the Constitution for this proceeding.

            This talk of restoring the Union as it was, under the Constitution as it is, is one of the absurdities which I have heard repeated until I have become sick of it.  This Union can never be restored as it was.  This Union shall never with my consent be restored under the Constitution as it is, with slavery to be protected.

This frank admission, says the New York World, of the unconstitutionality of the Western Virginia scheme is creditable, but the treason which it masks is gross.  By Mr. Stevens’ own confession he is as much a traitor as any man in arms against the government.  On taking his seat in the present Congress he swore that he would support the Constitution of the United States, and he expects to repeat that oath in the next Congress, to which he has just been elected.  Yet here we find him deliberately announcing that he is governed in his votes, not by the Constitution, but by his notion of the laws of war, even when these are in conflict with the supreme law of the land.


The Emancipation Proclamation.

            On the 22nd of September last the President gave notice that he would on the first of January issue his decree of freedom to all the slaves within the bounds of rebel control.  We suppose he will keep his word and write himself down the longest eared ass in the world.  In so doing he will not only make himself supremely ridiculous, but he will also add another step to his infamous violations of the oath he took to support and defend the Constitution, as well as falsify the solemn pledges he has made to the people.  It is noticeable that he kept back his intention of committing this climax of iniquity till he had near a million of soldiers under arms – a number supposed to be amply sufficient to crush out at a blow the rebellion.  In carrying out this purpose, he will absolve every man who regards the Constitution as the supreme law of the land from all further moral support of the war in which the President is engaged. – He will have changed the character and objects of this war, which were at first declared to be for restoration of the Union as it was and the vindication of the Constitution as it is, with all the rights of the several States unimpaired.  The war is no longer to be conducted for this object, but one foreign to it and destructive of the very charter of our government is to be accomplished.  In trampling on the Constitution, in destroying the rights of the States, and usurping the privileges of the people, the President proclaims his own weakness, his own folly, his own crime, if you please. – We regret the men have to suffer and die, and the country groan in impoverishment, to accomplish a scheme so wicked and so treasonable.  If we cannot observe and defend the Constitution ourselves, it is the worst of infamy and wickedness to make war upon others for throwing off its restraints.  The President and his corrupt advisers are justifying and strengthening the rebellion in the eyes of the world.


Tableau Exhibition. – The exhibition of tableaux on Christmas Eve was attended by a large number of our people.  The performances were well executed, and were of a varied and interesting character.  “The Star Spangled Banner,” by Miss Baker, we consider the gem of the evening, both as to character and successful execution.  “Drafted into the army” was well sung by Miss Van Horn, and the “drafted soldier” well personated by Mr. Merriman.  The proceeds of the exhibition amounted to a handsome sum.  The young people who got up the entertainment are deserving of credit and of future crowded houses.


“The Bakers are Coming.” – The Bakers, known throughout Illinois as the most accomplished and successful company of singers who have ever given public concerts, will sing in this place on Monday evening, January 12th.  Our readers will remember that they gave a concert in this city one year ago, to a crowded house and delighted audience, and it is but necessary to merely make the announcement of their coming concert to insure a full house.


McDonough County Ahead. – We learn that Mr. James Keach, of Eldorado township in this county, recently sold a lot of 300 fine hogs in Rushville.  One of them weighed 616 pounds and another 567 pounds.  If anybody can beat these pigs we should like to hear of it.  Mr. Keach is one of our most energetic and successful farmers, and is a thorough gentleman in every respect.


→ We are indebted to Mrs. J. B. Purdy for a fine turkey – as fat and nice as ever “smoked on a platter.”


→ Mrs. E. Brand will please accept our thanks for a bucket of apple butter and a gallon of sorghum.  Both are very good and are highly appreciated.


→ The regular circulation of The Eagle is nearly twice as large as that of any other paper in this county.  Advertisers should remember this.


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