November 8, 1862

*Editor’s Note: There is no surviving copy of the November 7, 1862, edition of the Macomb Journal, so we will only publish the Macomb Eagle this week.


Macomb Eagle
November 8, 1862


Old McDonough gives 512 Majority for Democracy and White men’s Rights!

That same L. G. Reed elected
Amos Dixon elected,
Jerry Sullivan elected!


The “1185” gone on a “wild hunt” after niggers!

Tremendous crop of “Butternuts.”

Abolition Toryism Rebuked!

Glory! Glory! Glory!

North Side of the Court House in process of purification!

White Men will not be Demoralized by Niggers.

Sound the loud timbral o’er Ethiop’s dark sea.–
Jehovah has triumphed – his people are free!

Glory! Glory! Glory!

We are coming, Father Abraham!

Ain’t you glad you “jined” the Republicans!

The Tories flee unto Sambo and call
for his Wool to cover them.

Glory! Glory! Glory!


            McDonough county sends greeting to the friends of constitutional rights throughout the State.  Five hundred and twelve majority have we rolled up for the State and county tickets, and in favor of the Constitution as it is, the Union as it was, and niggers where they are.  The people have stood firm, and maintained their right to freedom in the face of the greatest abuse and in spite of the foulest misrepresentations and calumnies!  Never have the tory abolitionists and their natural allies met with so overwhelming a defeat in this county – their losses are counted in every township and in almost every school district.  The election of Tuesday is a crushing rebuke to the “1185” republicans who would introduce negroes into our county for the purpose of crowding out the laboring white and demoralizing our people.  Let them heed the lesson they have received.

Men of McDonough!  You have done your duty nobly.  You have administered a blow to the allies of secession that has sent them reeling from the arena of politics, and from which they can never recover.  Stand by your guns, and the future will be as brilliant as the present victory is glorious.


Intervention. – It is stated that General Asboth has received private letters from Paris, confirmatory of the reports that Napoleon means to send troops enough to Mexico to bring the whole number up to one hundred thousand, and then make that country a base of operations against the United States, if peace be not made with the rebels.


Illinois Democratic.

            The returns so far are very scattering, but we are encouraged to believe that we have carried the State ticket and elected eight, (and probably nine) of the fourteen Congressmen.  The Legislature will probably be Democratic.


Niggers in the War.

            It is constantly asserted by a certain class of politicians that negroes can be made useful in the war, and some intimate that they will prove better soldiers than white men.  We could never understand where their usefulness was to come in, until a late picture explained it.  A company of niggers are marched into line, each with a 6-pounder strapped to his back.  When in range of the enemy he is made to fall on his hands and knees and the officer raises or depresses the butt of the gun and discharges it.  The recoil turns the nigger on his rump, muzzle upward, and ready to be loaded.  That is how niggers can be made useful in the war.  The black artillery will accomplish wonders!


            The Question to be Tested. – Indictments have been found in the circuit court of Jersey county, in this State, against Lieut. Colonel Milton S. Littlefield, 14th Illinois cavalry and Adjutant Wm. A. Scott, 14th Illinois infantry, for bringing negroes into the State.  Each brought home a servant from the war, and hence the indictment.  The penalty is a fine of $100 to $500 and imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year.


“Snyder, Williams & Co.”

            We notice that many of our exchanges are publishing an advertisement of this firm, proposing to insure the life of soldiers in the war for the benefit of their families.  The advertisement was sent to this office, and we immediately made enquiry of our New York correspondents, and have learned that “Snyder, Williams & Co., 69 Wall Street,” are a humbug – there is no such firm doing business at that place.  Editors who are advertising for this bogus firm will lose their pay, and the sooner they warn their readers against swindlers, the better it will be for all concerned.


→ Our thanks are tendered to a good republican friend for a pantaloons pattern of the real home-made jeans, a most excellent and servicable article.  We highly appreciate the compliments.  Of course we shall not have to ask some Democrat for material for a coat to match – shall we?


→ Mr. Grills of Emmet has sent us a half-bushel sample of peach-blow potatoes, a large quantity of which he has raised this year.  They are the largest peach-blows that we have ever seen, and we know we never eat a better potatoe.


→ Mr. Jennings of New Salem has laid before us a sack of the largest potatoes that we have seen this year.  One weighed 4 ½ pounds, another 4 pounds, and several others 3 ½ and 3 pounds each.


→ Some gentleman – we do not know who – has left at our office two of the largest heads of cabbage that we have ever seen.  Much obliged to him.


→ Mr. Martine of Emmet has laid us an obligations for a gallon of sorghum, of most excellent quality.


→ We have received a communication from Alexander Blackburn, which we shall publish next week.


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