October 31 and November 1, 1862

Macomb Journal
October 31, 1862


For Congress from the State at Large.

For State Treasurer,

For Superintendent of Public Instruction,

For Representative,

For Sheriff,

For Coroner,


The Importance of the Hour.

            Voters of McDonough county, we are upon the eve of one of the most important elections that has ever taken place in this county.  On Tuesday next, depends to a great extent the success of the Union cause.  A defeat of the Union ticket, and the election of a majority of secesh sympathizers to Congress would advance the rebel cause more than a great victory in the field – would discourage the Union army more than a great defeat in the field.  It is all important at this time that the Administration should be promptly supported by a thoroughly loyal Congress – it is important that only men who are known to be true and loyal to the Government should be placed in power.  We care not what a man’s past political views have been – whether a Whig, Democrat or Republican, if he is true to the Union and the Constitution – if he is in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the war to the end, that the rebellion may be crushed, we are willing to support him.  Such a man is E. C. Ingersoll, the Union Candidate for Congress at large.  He has by his course ever since the rebellion first raised its hydra head shown that he was willing to give up party, to give up old prejudices – and lay everything upon the altar of his country.  He has risen above party – sunk the politician in the patriot.  He is in favor of the Government using every using every means that has been placed in its hands to crush out the rebels. – Such a man at such a time ought to have the support of every truly loyal man in the State.  Contrast his course for the last year with that of his opponent. – While Mr. Ingersoll has used every effort in his power to induce men to enlist in the service of the country – while he has been willing to offer the Administration [obscured] what has his opponent, Jim Allen, been doing?  Why, he has spent his time in mourning over the stripes that have been given the rebels – discouraging his party friends from enlisting – denouncing the war measures of the Government, and opening the fire-in-the-rear, spoken of by the Chicago Times. – That’s the difference between the men.  One is thoroughly loyal – in favor of the unconditional maintenance of the Constitution and Laws – the other more energetic in his advocacy of the rights of rebels and traitors than he is of the rights of loyal men.  Voters of McDonough county, which of these men do you intend to vote for Congress?

We have no doubt that the great majority of the Democratic party are truly loyal.  But unfortunately the party organization through the efforts of old party leaders, is being weilded to give aid and assistance to the rebel cause.  Let honest war Democrats scan their ticket from Jim Allen down to L. G. Reed, and see if they can find one man on it who does not denounce the Administration that is doing all in its power to sustain the Government, with more zeal than they do Jeff Davis and his minions.  Ask yourselves why it is that the Chicago Times and the Macomb Eagle denounce such men as Ingersoll, Scates, McClernand, Logan, and all other true war Democrats.  Is it not because they are in favor of crushing out the rebellion regardless of the feelings or interests of rebels?  Why is it that these same sheets are so loud in the praise of such men as Vallandingham, Mahoney, Seymour and Jim Allen.  Is it not because they are opposed to crushing out the traitors?  We say look at these things in the true light.  Reflect upon the importance of the questions at issue, and resolve to vote that ticket that is composed of the most loyal men.

Remember that Jeff Davis and all his crew will gnash their teeth with rage and fury if the Unconditional Union ticket in the North are successful, and will heartily rejoice and cry “Glory Hallelujah,” at the success of the tory ticket.


At Their Old Tricks.

            As election day approaches the secesh sympathizers are becoming more desperate.  They are determined, if possible, to outvote the Union who have not volunteered and place in power men who are utterly opposed to the war policy of the Administration.  And in order to do this nothing will be left undone.  They will not hesitate a moment at anything that they think will advance their cause, however dishonorable it may be.  As an evidence of this fact, we allude to the leading article of the Eagle of last week, headed “Look out for fraudulent tickets!”  In this article the Eagle does not hesitate for a moment to malign and slander a man that is as far above the editor of that sheet in moral character and standing in the community, as Bob Adcock is above common men in stature.  In this article Abbott charges that Mr. Blackburn was guilty of proposing to issue fraudulent tickets, and that he had offered to pay a portion of the expenses.  Now Mr. Abbott when he penned that article knew that he was telling a barefaced, unmitigated lie.  But what to [obscured] him is the character of any man when the interests of his party is at stake. – He hoped by starting this electioneering falsehood to gain something by it, and by fastening it upon an upright honest man, he hoped to make it more effective.  Now it is not necessary to say that this charge is devoid of every semblance of truth.  Any one who knows Mr. Blackburn and who is acquainted with the general character of the Eagle for truth and veracity, would not for a moment believe it.  But to those who are unacquainted with either a wrong impression might be conveyed.  Outside of this city those who read the Eagle might, especially, when it says “we know that Blackburn proposed it and offered to give two dollars towards the expense.” be induced to believe. – To such we would say that we would have the authority of Mr. Blackburn when we pronounce the whole article, so far at least, as he is concerned, a slander and a falsehood – that he never proposed to any human being to get up bogus tickets or any other tickets – that he never proposed to give one cent towards printing any kind of election tickets – that he has not had one word of conversation with any person in regard to printing tickets, or anything that could be possibly construed into a proposition of the kind.  So the whole thing is a base fabrication from beginning to end, started out of purely malicious motives. – Had the charge been of a general char [obscured] the less false, would have lacked much in enormity.  We are a little curious to know how Abbott will get out of it, for we presume that Mr. Blackburn will call him to an account for thus parading him before the people.  We will venture the assertion that he will take it back – swallow his own words.


The Eagle Against the Union.

            The Macomb Eagle has ever since the war first broke out been on the side of the rebellion.  Even before that event it declared that the Administration had no right to hold Forts Pickens and Sumter, and that any attempt to reinforce these forts would be an act of war upon another nation.  When the President called for 75,000 volunteers to protect the Federal Capital from the assaults of armed rebels, it was loud in its denunciations against the Administration.  It is true that for a time after the reduction of Fort Sumter, the wave of patriotism that swept over the country bearing down all opposition compelled a seeming acquiesence in the war, and made it more guarded in its attacks upon the Government.  But since the war has broken out we challenge any man to show a single article in that paper that comes squarely up to the support of the Government, or that would indicate a sincere desire that the rebellion might be speedily crushed out by the strong arm of the Government.  On the contrary, all its efforts have been put forth to weaken the power of the Government, to divide the people of the North and to destroy confidence in the Administration of public affairs.  It has never failed to praise any man who had the hardihood to come out openly and denounce the war.  It has turned the cold shoulder to every man no matter what his party views were, that was willing to help the Administration put down the rebellion. – Its columns have week after week been crowded with articles finding fault with the President – with the Secretary of War, and every General that was in favor of pushing the rebels to the wall.  It has never contained a single word from such men as Holt, Dix, Andy Johnson, McClernand, Scates, or any other Democrat that was in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the war.  It has persistently denounced every man as an abolitionist that was not in favor of a disgraceful compromise with armed traitors.  It has denounced the Government for arresting traitors whose whole time was devoted to giving aid and comfort to the rebels – in short, it has opposed everything that was calculated to put a speedy end to the war, and advocated everything that promised to prolong it, until the loyal people of the country should become discouraged and submit to the imperious demands of the traitors.

Will the Democrats of this county, a majority of whom are loyal at heart, be longer governed by the teachings of this traitorous sheet.  Will they longer allow themselves to be falsely represented in here matters.  The result of next Tuesday will answer this question.


The Eagle Rejoices.

            At last the Eagle has found something to rejoice over, and right heartily does it improve the occasion.  At the head of an article on the result of the election in Pennsylania, Ohio and Indiana, the Eagle exclaims “Glory Hallelujah!”  And what is all this rejoicing about?  Why, the secesh Democracy have succeeded in these States in opening that fire-in-the-rear that has been so long threatened by the Chicago Times.  The Eagle rejoices over the fact that enough Republicans and war Democrats have been induced to volunteer, and enough anti-war Democrats induced to stay at home to secure some gains to secesh ticket.  The Eagle does not believe that if these brave men that are fighting rebels in the south could at the same time cast their votes against the rebel sympathizers in the North, that the same result would have been reached.  We should think that a victory to the Democratic party so unpatriotically and unjustly won, would furnish little occasion for rejoicing.  But anything that puts Democrats in power, thought it should prove the destruction of the Government is a matter to rejoice over in the estimation of the Eagle.


Smoked Out.

            The Eagle at last comes out and lets the unterrified know who presided over the tory convention in this city a few weeks ago.  The Eagle also justifies the convention in electing such a man chairman.  Well we never supposed that the Eagle editor would have any objection to Graves or any other traitor presiding over a Democratic convention, but the loyal portion of the party might object.  Abbott says that Graves “was discharged on the simple condition of taking the usual oath to obtain a pass out of St. Louis.”  Well Mr. Abbott, how came Graves to be in St. Louis?  Was he not arrested as a traitor, and did he not take the oath of allegiance?


Three Days More!

            We have just three days more before the election.  Let that time be spent to good advantage.  Let every true lover of the country be up and doing.  Let the next three days be devoted to the service of your country.  Let every Republican and Union man in the county be at the polls, ready to vote the Union ticket.  Your sons and neighbors are at this moment exposed to the temptations and dangers of camp life, or perhaps the battle field, in defence of the same principles advocated by the Union candidates, and can you not afford to spend three days in giving those principles force here at home.  It is useless to fight rebels in the South and do nothing to overcome their allies in the North.  Then we say to you, discharge your duty.  It is a duty you owe to your country, your God, and your fellow men, to be up and doing. – If every Union man in this county will be at the polls and vote, L. G. Reed will never see the inside of the Legislative Halls of our State.


Look out for them.

            We counsel every Union man to look well to his ticket.  The Democracy have commenced the old cry of “stop thief,” and it would be well to watch them carefully.  Be sure that your ticket have every Union candidate’s name on them.  The Eagle means something by starting the story of fraudulent tickets, and we don’t know what it is unless it is to cover up their own dirty tricks in this direction.


→The Eagle of last week contains a long article from the Hartford Patriot, a secesh paper, declaring that no attempt would be made to assess or collect the National tax until after the election.  That’s not the case here, at least, for we notice that Hugh Ervin, the assessor for this county, is hard at work assessing in this city.  Such charges are only made to help the tory ticket.


The Tax Law.

            True to their traitorous instincts, the secesh Democracy are arraying themselves against the National Tax Law.  Any thing that is calculated to cripple the Government they go in for heart and hand, but doing anything that would strengthen it they oppose with all their energy.  Who can doubt that they are playing into Jeff Davis’ hands.


→Abbott finds fault because we did not publish the names of the delegates to the County Union Convention; and wants to know to whether we are ashamed of them.  No sir, Mr. Abbott, we are not ashamed of them, at least only of the three that voted for the Dr. for Representative, and we understand they are heartily ashamed of that too.


Well Done.

            Iowa, at least, in the late election proved true to herself.  She elected the Union State ticket by 10,000 majority, and sent a united Congressional delegation.  Not a traitor among them.  Hurrah for Iowa.

Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, would have done the same thing could the soldiers have voted.


Music!  Music!

Mrs. Amelia Tibbles will give instruction on the Piano or Melodeon, to a few pupils.  For further particulars enquire at her residence, east side of the Fair Ground.


The Latest News.

            There has been very little war news during the past week.  Many rumors have been circulated in regard to important changes in the Cabinet and field.

The indications are that active offensive operations are about to be resumed.  We soon may hear of great events transpiring.

Gen. Rosecrans has succeeded Buell, and is infusing new life and energy in that department.


Angell & Co.’s Dissolving Views of the War. – We had the pleasure of visiting this exhibition on Wednesday evening, and have no hesitation in declaring it one of the finest entertainments that has been offered here in many a day.  The Pictures are finely executed, being Photographs, and then colored in all the various and brilliant tints necessary for their true representation.  While gazing at them one could almost imagine himself in the midst of a great battle – the roar of cannon and the presence of balls and shell only was lacking to make the scene perfect.  The views will be exhibited again at Campbell’s Hall, this (Thursday) evening.  Let there be a crowded house.


Oyster Saloon. – Jas. McClintock has opened an Oyster Saloon in the rear of the Billiard Saloon, on the second floor.  Jim understands all the secrets connected with the Oyster trade.  He also will keep Fresh and Cove Oysters for sale by the cup or keg.


Still Another. – B. F. Goodrich, next door to August’s Clothing Store, has fitted up a neat and tidy Oyster Saloon.  Those fond of this delicious bivalve either fresh or cove, will find Goodrich prepared to serve them in the best style of the art.


Home Again. – We noticed last week the fact that W. S. Hendricks had arrived home, and stated that he was taken prisoner at Fort Donelson.  That was a mistake.  Mr. Hendricks was taken prisoner at the battle of Shiloh, on the 6th of April.  He was a portion of the [obscured] in company with General Prentiss, and says that the Gen. don’t do justice to the miserable treatment of the rebels.  He was paroled, and will remain at home until he is exchanged.


Macomb Eagle
November 1, 1862

Democratic Union Ticket.

“The Constitution as it is and the Union as it was.”

For Congress, At Large.
of Crawford County.

For Treasurer of State,
of Pike County.

For Sup’t of Public Instruction,
of Rock Island County.

For Congress, IX. District,
of Fulton County.

For Representative,
of Lamoine.

For Sheriff,
of Industry.

For Coroner,
of Chalmers.

Men of McDonough!

            A million eyes are turned upon you – a million hearts throb with anxiety – to learn whether you will prove worthy of the great heritage of liberty, which the fathers purchased with their treasure and their blood.  A glorious example has been set you by the three great States of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  New York and New Jersey will follow in their wake.  Shall Illinois be a laggard in the great revolution – shall we turn supinely from the proud work of redeeming our country from the toils of the home enemies of our Constitutional rights?  Our brothers and sons are nobly fighting the armed rebels of our Union; they call upon us to second their efforts, to hold up their hands, and to make their task an easy one, by defeating the enemies of the Union at home.  These enemies are the “suspenders” of our Constitution, the usurpers of our rights, the violators of our liberty, and the demoralizers of our race.  Next Tuesday must decide whether we are worthy to be called freemen.  Men of McDonough,

“Now’s the day and now’s the hour,
See the storm of battle lower,
See approach proud Lincoln’s power,
Chains and slavery.”


Election next Tuesday!

            Democrats, patriots, white men remember that next Tuesday is the day of the election.  Go early to the polls, and vote early.  Give one day to your country – one day to the great and good work of defeating the enemies of your Constitution, the destroyers of the Union, the foes of your personal rights, and the “demoralizers” of yourselves and families.  Show to the world that you are worthy co-laborers of the gallant men of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, in the glorious work of upholding our fathers’ Constitution and of restoring our fathers’ Union.


Looks to your Tickets.

            We caution Democrats to look carefully to their tickets, and see that every name thereon is the regular candidate.  The republicans will make a desperate struggle and will resort to any means, no matter how dishonorable, to accomplish their ends.  They may not possibly attempt their fraudulent ticket operation, since it has been found out and published.  But they will try other means, equally dishonorable, to prevent Democrats from voting for Reed and Dixon.  Let them be foiled at every turn.


Arouse, Freemen!  Arouse!

            On next Tuesday you are to decide one of the greatest questions ever submitted to a free people.  You are to say whether this noble Government – the fairest and best ever formed by human wisdom – shall stand or fall.

Up! And Work!  The nation is bleeding – she needs your succor and aid.  Duty, honor, the memory of the past, the love of the present, the hope of the future bids you come to the rescue.

ABOLITIONISM – hideous monster of Hell – has raised his blood-stained hand against the inalienable rights of WHITE MEN!  Arise in your might, and HURL him back to his accursed abiding place.

The manes of Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson have burst their cerements, and are invoking you to be faithful to the sacred trust committed to your keeping.

PRESERVE YOUR LIBERTIES – vindicate your RIGHTS – punish TRAITORS, purge the State and Nation from corrupt miscreants and THIEVES – encourage your brothers who are fighting on the battle field, for the maintenance of the Constitution.

Turn out the infamous Congressmen who have plundered the nation’s treasury – burdened you with grievous TAXES – and are trying to supply the places of your brothers, now in arms, with LIBERATED SLAVES!

Turn out the mercenary spies who prowl about your houses, and pry into your business, under the pretext of assessing the Federal Taxes.

Display to the world, by your omnipotent power, THE ROLLS OF RIGHT ETERNAL, which declare the SACRED RIGHTS OF MAN.

Vote the Democratic ticket entire, and restore the Government to what it was ere an unholy hands were lain upon it.

Let not the glorious Temple of Liberty reared in the new world, be demolished by the violent hands of fanaticism.

Cast down the lurking cormorants, who are feeding upon the vitals of the nation.

Condemn, by your action, the miscreants of Lincoln, who violate oaths and disregard pledges.

Support men who will defend the right – observe pledges – and have [obscured].

Vindicate the supremacy of the Constitution, by electing men who will stand upon its broad ramparts and defend it.

The Union must and shall be preserved.

The banner of our country must again wave in triumph over sea and land.

Liberty must again sit enthroned in her royal seat on the majestic rock of the Constitution.

To do this, Democratic principles must triumph.

To redeem, regenerate, and disenthrall our country from the terrible calamity which has befallen her, is a duty which every man owes to himself and to his posterity.

Heed not the slanders heaped upon Democratic candidates, by the well-paid hirelings of the administration.

Assert, by dropping your tickets in to the Ballot Box, that you are STILL FREE – and that you will hurl from power the traitors who wish to shackle the press, abridge the freedom of speech, restrain the personal liberty of good and loyal citizens without the trial by jury, rob the State, tax the people and emancipate the slaves and throw them upon the mercy and charity of northern society to satiate their burning lust for white women.

Let your watchword on next Tuesday be, “LIBERTY AND UNION, NOW AND FOREVER – ONE AND INSEPERABLE.”


A Good Reason.

            The republicans think to damage the prospects of the Democratic party by declaring that their success will be hailed with satisfaction in the South.  Undoubtedly it will be every friend of the old Union, or of restoration, in those States.  The republicans openly declare that they are not for the Union of our fathers – the only Union to which any man owes all allegiance – and consequently their defeat at the north is the only way to encourage a hope of restoration.  While republicanism pervades the north, and controls the Government, the Union men of the south are powerless.  With the success of conservative principles here, Unionism will spring up in the south, and the possibility of a restoration at once pervade the minds of all patriotic men.

Let us give Southern Unionists hope.


→Every Democrat should make up his mind, and have his business arranged, to take a day for the election.  The present, above all other times, demands a united effort on the part of the Democracy.  Get ready in good time, and let us “give a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull all together.”  The Democracy were never defeated when properly aroused and united.


“The Only Bond of Union.”

            We hear a great deal said lately, by republican candidates, about being “unconditional, uncompromising, Union men, without an if or a but.”  These men are probably sincere in what they say; but if so they must be set down as very shallow thinkers.  The Union of these states was not made without conditions and compromises, and the effort to continue it without regarding its original conditions and terms of compromise, which form its foundation, will prove destructive of that structure raised upon it.  The States lived for several years after independence without the Union, as established under the Constitution.  There was a Union between them, but it was not satisfactory, it did not secure equal and exact justice to all men.  A convention of the States was called, and this convention framed our present Constitution, placing in it conditions and terms of compromise which secured its adoption by the States, and thus formed the Union which has so long been the object of our veneration and the symbol of our strength.  That convention solemnly declared their purpose to be “to form a more perfect Union.”  That a more perfect Union of the States could be formed than existed under the confederation, without terms, conditions, or compromises of extreme opinions, is an absurd supposition, and those politicians and candidates who talk now about preserving the Union, “without an if or a but,” or by suspending the Constitution, or in violation of the Constitution, are either paving the way for a despotism, or they ignorantly advocate an absurdity, an impossibility.  Daniel Webster, who while living deservedly earned the title of the “Great Expounder of the Constitution,” declared that instrument was “THE BOND, the ONLY BOND OF THE UNION of these States.”  Are these modern, flippant republicans wiser than Webster or the many great and worthy men, who built up the Union on terms, and conditions, and compromises?  Our fathers tried a Union without conditions or compromises, “without an if or a but,” and it was such a wretched and utter failure that they hastily abandoned it for a Union that did embrace terms and compromises.  Do these republicans desire us to experiment with what the fathers tried and found would not answer?  If they are not in favor of this, what are they in favor of, or what do they mean by saying they are ‘unconditional, uncompromising Union men?”  They either use this as a catch-penny phrase, to deceive the unsuspecting and thinking, or else they are in favor of a form of government whose iron rule will crush out all constitutional liberty from the land.  In either case they are not safe legislators for the people.


White Men Have no rights which Republicans and Niggers are Bound to Respect!

            White men of McDonough county, remember when you go to the polls next Tuesday, that the abolition republicans of Quincy, Illinois, by ruffianism and mob violence, broke up a meeting of white working men in that city, on last Thursday evening a week, because they would not pass resolutions in said meeting favoring the importation of negroes into this State; and because they would not favor the turning of themselves out of employment, and the employing of negroes to take their places.  Let it be remembered that the abolition republican party do not acknowledge the right of white working men to hold public meetings.  They ask, what right has a poor white man, who works for a living, to attend a public meeting and protest against being turned out of employment, that a negro may be put in his place?  The abolition republicans say he has no such right, and eleven hundred and eighty-five of them in this county have voted to bring negroes here for the purpose of crowding out poor white men.  Rebuke them at the polls!



At Macomb

Saturday November 1st, 1862.

Hon. L. W. Ross,

And other distinguished speakers will be present and address the people.

            Turn out, Democrats, republicans, and everybody else, and hear the truth in regard to our country’s condition, and the remedy for our troubles.


Those Fraudulent Tickets!

Mr. Blackburn Denies Offering to Pay
$2 of the Expense!

The Proof That He Did!

            At the request of Mr. Alexander Blackburn we publish the following note:

Macomb, Monday morning, October 27, 1862.

Mr. Nelson Abbott, Editor, Macomb Eagle:

Sir: In the first editorial article of your last Saturday’s paper I observe a charge against me of a proposition to print fraudulent tickets with the design to deceive Democrats at the coming election.  And after stating that you do not know whether republicans will attempt the swindle or not, you say: “We know that Blackburn proposed it, and offered to give two dollars towards the expense.”  Not there can be no mistake that I am the person here alluded to although my first name is suppressed throughout the entire article, and I know that the whole charge against me, from beginning to end, is utterly, totally, and unqualifiedly untrue, and that up to the publication of your article, I had neither said nor thought anything about tickets, or the printing of them, nor had the matter been mentioned in my hearing by any one.

Now, Mr. Editor, as a citizen, I ask, and all I ask is the publication of this note in the next issue of your paper, without offensive comment, insinuation or innuendo.

Alexander Blackburn

Now for the information of the public, we will state that we had the word of a gentleman, whose reputation for morals and veracity is equally as good, to say the least, as that of Mr. Blackburn, for our authority.  We want Mr. B. to understand that we never make a charge against any individual without being able to prove it.  And for his particular benefit, as well as to enable this community to hold his word at its proper value, we append the following certificate:

The statement in the Macomb Eagle of Oct. 25, 1862, relative to Alexander Blackburn having proposed to print tickets with the name of James Manley for Representative, and offering to give two dollars towards paying for the expense, is substantially true and correct.  I heard Mr. Blackburn so state and so offer, in the banking house of Chas. Chandler & Co., on the 20th day of October, 1862.

L. F. Smith

Scotland Township, Oct. 27, 1862.

Mr. Smith is known to all his acquaintances to be a man of perfect truth and honor, and would rather lose his right arm than certify to a falsehood.  In addition to the above he is willing to make affidavit that Mr. Blackburn did offer to give money (about two dollars) toward paying for the printing of tickets as we alleged.  What induced Mr. Blackburn to deny his complicity in the matter, and thus expose himself to further and deeper disgrace, we shall not pretend to say.  The public have the facts. – Those who know Mr. Smith will have no hesitation in deciding who has been guilty of seeking a “refuge of lies.”  To those who do not know Mr. Smith, we will say that he is the very soul of truth and honor, and a Christian in whom there is no guile.  We leave Mr. Blackburn to his reflections – and assure him that we sincerely regret that our duty as a journalist has required this exposure of his conduct.


Vote of the Iowa Soldiers.

            Certain abolition journals have the effrontery to point to the vote of the Iowa volunteers, taken in camp in that State, and claim it as a full expression of political opinion among the soldiers.  Some of the villainies practiced upon the Iowa soldiers by the republican officials are now coming to light.  The republican majority was procured by fraud and suppression by stealing democratic tickets and burning them; by refusing to let the soldiers have republican tickets to change by inserting the name of democratic candidates and erasing those of republicans; by refusing Democratic soldiers pens and ink to write with and rejecting tickets which had been altered with a pencil; by neglecting to hold elections in democratic regiments, and making false and fraudulent returns.


Why Don’t They Do It?

            The blackguards of this county who denounce L. G. Reed as a “secessionist,” and other patriotic Democrats as “traitors,” have the power perhaps to send Mr. Reed to some military prison, and we know they do not lack the will to do it.  Do they at last begin to fear the gathering thunders of the popular voice?  They tried it on four citizens of this county – men who have more loyalty in their little fingers than have the “1185” black circle republicans in their entire bodies – and it is supposed the result of that trial has discouraged them from making further attempts.


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