New Works on the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

While catching up on some Civil War blogs that I frequent, I came upon a list of new works from the third quarter of this year at Civil War Bookshelf.  Two works related to western Illinois and Macomb caught my eye, and I wanted to pass them along to you the reader.
The first is In the Very Thickest of the Fight: The Civil War Service of the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry by Steve Raymond.  This was just published at the beginning of September, so it’s history fresh off the press.

Additionally, the correspondence between Colonel Carter Van Vleck of the 78th and his wife is the subject of a new work, Emerging Leader: The Letters of Carter Van Vleck and his Wife, Patty, 1862-1864, edited by Teresa K. Lehr and Phillip L. Gerber.
You can be sure that these quickly made their way to my reading list, and I may review the works at a future date.  Also, a tip of the hat to Dmitri at Civil War Bookshelf.  He has an acerbic, yet original, look at the field of Civil War historiography that I appreciate.  Especially since he can’t stand anything that comes from James McPherson’s pen.


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