October 25, 1862

Editor’s note. — Due to the lack of a copy of the Macomb Journal, only the Macomb Eagle will appear this week.


Macomb Eagle
October 25, 1862

Look out for Fraudulent Tickets!

Republicas at their Old Tricks!

Blackburn agrees to Pay Two
Dollars of the Expense!

            We warn the Democrats of this county to be on their guard against fraudulent tickets.  The leading republicans have had the matter under advisement this week, and whether they shall attempt to carry the plan into execution will probably depend upon its practicality.  The plan is to circulate Democrats tickets with the name of James Manley for Representative printed on them!  The honor of proposing this nice little scheme belongs to a man named Blackburn, and he said that he thought tickets so printed could be distributed among Democrats and enough of them voted before they find out the trick, to secure the election of Mr. Hendrickson.  Mr. Blackburn was so anxious to have this thing done that he offered to give the very large sum (for him) of two dollars toward paying the expenses.  Mr. Manley, we will say to our readers, is no party to this dirty and infamous scheme, and we have no doubt will look upon the man or men who will thus attempt to make use of his good name, in about the same light that he would upon a thief who should break into his house and steal his goods.  Indeed, the latter action might be considered, among honorable men, as the less mean and heinous of the two crimes.  We cannot say that the republicans will attempt to carry out this scheme – that they will have printed and circulated tickets as above described – but we know that Blackburn proposed it and offered to give two dollars toward the expense!  We therefore warn Democrats to be on their guard, and not let such a base trick deceive a single voter.  See that the name on every ticket for representative is L. G. Reed.  No other Democrat wants his name there, and it will be a fraud and a swindle if any other name is used.  Democrats, watch the black conspirators!


A Home Question.

            Would the laboring men of this town, or the farm laborers of this county, like an importation of negroes to compete with them for employment?  If so they will vote for the court house ticket, which was put in nomination by the leaders of the “1185” abolitionists of this county, for its claims are based solely on free niggerism.  If not, they will vote the Democratic ticket, which stands on the white man’s platform, and opposes the importation of negroes.  This is the issue in which working men are interested, in spite of republican efforts to cover it up.  Remember it at the polls.


→The negroes which the republicans are sending North, “at government expense,” will prove a double curse; for the moral and physical condition of many of them will be worse North than it was South; a curse to our white labor, whose interests will be prejudiced thereby; and a curse to our white taxpayers, by reason of the increased taxes necessary to support those negroes that find their way, as many of them will, into our jails and poor houses.


No more Negroes for Illinois till after the Election.

            The secretary of war has announced that there will be no more negroes sent into Illinois “until further orders.” – This simply means until after the election!  It is understood that certain republican candidates for Congress had become alarmed at the numerous indications of resentment on the part of their voters, and they therefore asked the administration to stop this nigger business till after the election.  The reply is made that no more negroes will be sent among us “until further orders.”  There are two subjects to which we wish to call the attention of the people.

1st.  The republican politicians had no objection to this negro immigration until they began to fear that it would jeopard their election.  They cared not for the violation of the Constitution and laws of our State; they cared not for the curse of a negro population; they cared not that the wages of white labor should be reduced; they cared not that white men’s taxes were increased: they cared only for their own election.  When this became endangered they petitioned the government to suspend operations for a few weeks.  Their conduct shows them to be entirely mercenary, and should consign them to an ignominious defeat.

2nd.  The administration, while it is calling upon all men to support it and threatening with imprisonment every man who dares to question its infallibility, becomes a party to a shameful political trick, which is expected to inure to the benefit of abolitionism. – It has trampled upon the sovereignty of the State of Illinois, and insulted the manhood of our people; and now we are graciously informed that these insults and outrages are suspended for a few weeks, so that the republicans and abolitionists can deceive and ensnare the people to effect their own ruin.  After the election, unless the administration shall be appalled by the achievement of a thorough Democratic victory, “orders” will be issued for further importations of negroes into Illinois; and further assessments of taxes upon the labor of white men.


Hold Fast your Integrity.

            The party that is in power, and that wishes to retain power, so that it may plunder the people and overthrow the government – the party that, by rejecting the Crittenden compromise, caused war, and low prices for farm products, and brought heavy taxation upon the country – the abolition party, which is accountable for all this, wants you, my honest voter, in addition to all you have borne and suffered, to free, equalize, feed, and colonize four millions of negroes – this party, false alike to its professions and the country, will ask you to vote for its candidates for Congress and the State Legislature on the first Tuesday in November.  They will implore you to do it – they will call you traitor if you refuse – but your plain duty will be to hold fast to your integrity, and say no to them. – As you value your country’s salvation, vote with that party which upholds the Constitution and white men’s rights, and against the party which is for free negroes and plunder of white men.


→The post office has been removed to Twyman’s brick building, north-east corner of the square.


→Mr. Tinsley has on hand a very extensive stock of dry goods and clothing suited to the fall and winter trade, which he will sell very low for all legal currency.  See advertisement.


→The falls of Niagara have been considered the most stupendous spectacle of the [obscured] in the world.  But they are nothing compared to the fall of the republican party this year.


→Mr. Kyle, at the city drug store, is prepared to fill any order for drugs and medicines, paints and glass, perfumery and notions that may be wanted.  He is a careful and intelligent druggist, and parties can depend on securing at his store just the article they bargain for.


Boots and Shoes.

            It is asserted on all hands that the rebel soldiers are destitute, or nearly so, of boots and shoes, and that their sufferings in consequence are severe.  Whether this be so or not, the people of this county may well be glad that shoe leather is still within their reach, and that they can buy, for a reasonable sum, any style of boot or shoe, including balmorals, already made up.  Mr. Ray, north side of the square, has a large stock of these goods, as well as hats and caps in every style, which he is anxious to dispose of at cash rates.



            Judging from the capture of so many of Uncle Sam’s provision trains, by the Confederates, we must think that they are very fond of northern “grub,” or almost destitute of southern bacon.  Others may speculate on the subject as they please, but we know that Mr. Goodrich, next door to August’s clothing store, has a fine stock of groceries, provisions, tobacco, etc. – including all the variety of a well stocked retail house.  We advise our readers to give him a call, as they will find him ready to give him a call, as they will find him ready to sell the best articles at the lowest prices.  Go and see.


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