October 17 and 18, 1862

Macomb Journal
October 17, 1862

The Eagle and the Convention.

            The Eagle of last week contains an article in regard to the Democratic convention, and also one in regard to the ticket put in nomination, but nowhere in the paper do we find an account of the organization – no where do we find the name of the chairman [obscured] Mr. Eagle?  Don’t you suppose the unte[obscured] would like to know who presided over that eminently Union meeting?  Are you ashamed to publish to the world the fact that your convention was presided over by a man that has been arrested as a traitor, and compelled to swear not to take up arms against the Government?  Or what is the difficulty?  The man Graves whom you elected chairman, we doubt not, is as good a Union man as the one that heads you county ticket.  Why then are you ashamed to speak out and let your party friends know what kind of men ruled in your convention.  The truth of the matter is, the convention was ruled by sympathizers with treason – by Peace Democrats – and Abbott is afraid to let the loyal men of the party know it for fear that they will bolt the whole concern.  But we would like to have it remembered that the convention that put in nomination the ticket headed by L. G. Reed, was presided over by a man that was arrested as a TRAITOR – took to St. Louis by a U.S. officer, and there took an oath not to take up arms against the Government, and gave bonds to the amount of $1000 to keep the oath. – Do you mind that, Mr. Abbott?


A Farce.

            It will be remembered that the Board of Supervisors at their last session refused to vote an appropriation for the support of the families of volunteers, but in lieu thereof, submitted the question to the people of the county, as to whether the county support those that need assistance or not.  Last Saturday week was the day appointed for the people to vote, and as might have been expected, the vote was very light as a general thing, only those that were opposed to the proposition voting.  Those that were in favor of the appropriation as an act of patriotism and justice did not go to the polls at all, considering it a disgrace to the county and an imputation upon the generosity and patriotism [obscured] upon such a question.  The Board of Supervisors had ample authority for making any appropriation that the necessities of the case might demand, without any vote of the people, and had it been controlled by a majority of truly loyal and patriotic men, they would have done so.  In some of the townships the vote was nearly unanimous against the appropriation, while at the same time not more than one-third of the number of votes in the township were cast, plainly showing that only those opposed to the proposition turned out.  We trust that no one will consider the vote of Saturday as the voice of McDonough county upon the question of supporting the families of volunteers.  The majority of the people are in favor of doing justice, but they do not consider it necessary for the people to pledge themselves by a vote to what is right. – They believe in doing it freely and as a matter of justice.  The whole thing was a scheme hatched up by the secesh sympathizers to allow the Board of Supervisors to shirk the responsibility of refusing to make an appropriation, and it turned out just as they expected and hoped.


→ Abbott rejoices greatly at the fact that the vote against the appropriation of money for the families of volunteers was so large, and we doubt not, if Jeff Davis could get ahold of a copy of the Eagle he would rejoice over the fact too, as well as a great many other things contained in it.  The reason, however, why the vote was so strongly against the appropriation was that nine out of ten of the loyal men of the county were disgusted with the whole thing, and did not go to the polls.  They thought that a loyal Board of Supervisors would have made ample arrangements for the support of the families of volunteers without a vote of the people.  They considered it an insult to the patriotism of the people of the county to ask them to vote upon a question that all loyal men agree upon.  Abbott goes on to say that the matter is disposed of beyond the caviling of any sneaking demagogues. – Wait until the brave volunteers return to their homes, Mr. Abbott, and see how they will answer you.


→The sad casualties of war came this to our own door.  At the great battle at and near Corinth, Capt. Bayne’s company lost as follows:

Killed – Serg. James C. McClelland, Simpson Stokes, Lusan Supreno, and Wm. H.H. Stevens.

Wounded – Ord. Serg. D. S. Randolph, Corp. J. E. Charter, E. C. Babbitt, G. W. Bony, P. Cubbison, A. Fre[obscured], W. Davis, G. W. Latman, J. S. Morgan, R. W. Barnes, J. M. Murray, A. M. Robinson, and T. J. Furguson.

Also in Capt. Farwell’s company there were wounded,

Sergeant A. McGaughey, Corporal McGee, privates Wm. Bloss, Wm. M. Brown, Wm. R. Gibson, Isaac Hillyer, Wm. Keller, S. Nichols, Hiram Smith, Richard Spencer, E. J. A. Wayland.


Nobly Done!

            Recent dispatches from Springfield state that Illinois has furnished for the Union army 139,000 volunteers.  Of the forty-seven regiments raised under the last calls twenty-nine have been armed and sent into the field.  Fifteen more are armed and awaiting marching orders.  The State is ten thousand ahead of all calls.  What other State can show a fairer record than this. – And this is not all, volunteers are still pouring in.  Truly there is no end to the patriotism of the people of Illinois.


Macomb Eagle
October 18, 1862

There can no longer be much concealment of the true issue before the people in the coming election.  The Democratic party embodies all the active conservatism of the country, and is the acknowledged champion of law and order, the defender of constitutional rights.  The republicans have become radicals, to all intents and purposes, and their leaders make little disguise of their hatred of the Constitution and their determination never to restore the Union of our fathers.  Their hatred of poor white men is evident from the fact that they are bringing thousands of negroes into Illinois, to compete with and reduce the wages of laboring men.  The republicans want to liberate four millions of negroes, and thus destroy all the cotton, sugar, rice, [obscured] the world’s use.  They defend the illegal arrest of white men, they rejoice over a muzzled press, they tear down the Constitution, and set their own will, or the madness of the hour, above its sacred guarantees.  Democrats are for the Constitution, and under it the Union of Washington and Jefferson; republicans are opposed to both.  Democrats are for white men’s government and rights; republicans are for bestowing imaginary rights upon negroes and mulattoizing the government.  Democrats would make negroes work and support themselves; republicans are now taxing white men to support negroes in idleness and want to collect heavier taxes to colonize them and feed them after they are colonized. – Democrats are for allowing each State to deal with its negroes as the people thereof see fit; republicans are for taxing white men to buy negroes. – Democrats are for a free press; republicans hate and fear it.  Democrats are for free speech; republicans prefer military prisons.  Democrats are for trial by Jury; republicans prefer drumhead Courts’ Martial.  Reader, on which side are you?  Our country can never be restored to its greatness, grandeur, and prosperity, until the abolition-republican party is put down at the ballot box – that peaceful remedy for all abuses.

Two years of patient suffering, under the corrupt administration of the present occupants of official power, give the people the right to go to the polls and remove the unworthy servants from the positions they have abused and disgraced.  If this is not done, it will be a sad day for our country, for the tyranny of the present hour will be but a faint prelude to that which will then await us in the future.


→Our war debt is immense, but the army is twice as large now as it was when this debt was incurred.  When will the people get through paying heavy taxes, should the republicans succeed in carrying the next Legislature and Congress?  The work of negro emancipation will require millions of dollars yet to be wrung out of the toiling industry of the country.  The result will be, the North filled with negroes, and the wages of white labor reduced by their competition and then taxed to support gangs of them in our poor houses.  White men’s interests will be protected by voting against the republicans.


Destruction of the Union.

            We have often and again charged the leading men of the republican party with being opposed to a restoration of the Union, and that the voters of that party were fast led into the maelstrom of disunionism.  So far from denying this accusation, many of them admit that such is their purpose, and no longer seek concealment of their infamous designs.  Up to the day on which Mr. Lincoln started for Washington, to become President of the United States, seven of these States had seceded from the government and set up a confederacy and government of their own.  Mr. Lincoln declared that this was “nothing wrong.”  In other words that this destruction of the Union was all right and proper, and he should not trouble himself about the order of their going.  About this time Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri put their noblest efforts to hush the political tempest and restore the Union as it was.  A word from Mr. Lincoln would have crowned these efforts with success; but he turned a cold shoulder to their entreaties, and his political friends everywhere opposed the patriotic efforts of the Union men.  Their leading papers asserted that the South had a right to go, and that the North would be better off if they did go.  The messengers of the Southern Confederacy sat down under the shadow of the White House, unmolested week after week, proposing or asking terms of separation.  All this time President Lincoln said nothing and did nothing to allay the excitement and alarm of the people both North and South.  If he had desired to preserve the Union and save the country from the horrors and calamities of war, he had only to do what Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and the great body of the patriotic North desired him to do.  He had only to disavow his free negro “all free or all slave” creed, and pledge himself to administer the government on the principles of every administration from Washington down to his own.  This would have restored peace, union, fraternity, and prosperity to this great country.  This would have been not only honorable, but it would have been the performance of his bounden duty.  This truth should sink deep into the mind of every honest man, and should be shouted in the ears of the millions with the voice of an archangel.  But this administering the government, as all his predecessors had administered it, was the very thing his party would not let him do.  They preferred a new Union – a Union unknown to the Constitution and abhorrent to common sense – a Union with negroes instead of their masters.  They thus played into the hands and aided the disunionists of the South, and the present fearful and distressed condition of the country is the legitimate result of their united labors.  The men and the party which caused those troubles can never extricate us from them nor restore the Union of the fathers.  They do not want to do it.


Don’t Trust Them Again.

            Had the republican party not elected their candidate to the Presidency, there would be no war; the wail of the families of slain and maimed soldiers would not be heard in the land; there would be no tax on tea, coffee, sugar, etc.; the federal government would not have levied an income tax and a revenue tax; the State and county taxes would not have been increased for war purposes; but there would be peace, there would be good prices for farm products, there would be muslins at 7 to 10 cents, employment would be plenty and well paid, there would be prosperity on every hand.  The leaders of the republican party, whose advent to power was the signal of disasters and oppressions without a parallel in our history, have the impudence to ask the people again to trust them, and extend and enlarge the power they have used to destroy the laboring interests of the country.  Voters, they deceived you once – trust them no more.



            The question for the voters of this county, in common with their brethren throughout the State, to decide at the ballot box will be – shall abolitionism prevail and Union be destroyed? or shall it be crushed out and the Union be saved?  This is the great, the all Important question for the people to decide.  What will McDonough county do?  Will she sustain or repudiate the republican ticket, and by so doing sustain or repudiate abolitionism?  Let the polls record your answer for Democracy and your country.


→The following soldiers from McDonough county, in the 28th regiment, were wounded at the late battle of Corinth:

Sergt. Andrew McGuaghey; Corp. S. McGee; Wm. Bloss, Wm. H. Brown, Wm. H. Gibson, Isaac Hillyer, arm amputated; Wm. Keller, severely; S. Nichols, severely; Robert Runyan, Jas. Sparks, Hiram Smith, severely; Richard Spencer, E. J. A. Wayland, severely.

In Capt. Bane’s Company; killed, Sergt. James C. McClellan; Simpson Stokes, Lusain Supreno, Wm. H. H. Stevens, wounded, Capt. Bane, in ear; Orderly Sergt. D. S. Randolph; Corp. J. E. Carter; E. C. Babbitt, G. W. Boney, Presley Cubbison, Andrew Freebersyser, Wm. Davis, G. W. Lutman, R. S. Morgan, R. W. Barnes, John M. Sweeney, Asa M. Robinson, and Thos. J. Ferguson.


→We are indebted to L. W. Scott, Esq., for a gallon of molasses, of as good quality as ever was made.  We have seen golden syrup that was far inferior to it.  We commend purchasers to Mr. Scott.


Thieves Pardoned.

To the Editor of The Macomb Eagle:

Will you please to inform your readers whether it is trure, as reported, that two men (or either of them) convicted from Fulton county, named Jesse Toney, a notorious receiver, and Jackson Ross, a noted thief, have been pardoned out of the penitentiary by his Excellency the Hon. Gov. Richard Yates.

If so, will you please inform us upon what grounds they were so pardoned and who signed the petition for their release?

If we have been slightly informed these men are old offenders and have been convicted at great expense and trouble, through the exertions of the prosecuting attorneys, sheriffs, and other officers, after a long career of crime with impunity.

Is it true, that the above mentioned Jesse Toney, has within the past three days covered up a noted horse thief from his pursuers?

If it is true that these men have been pardoned, is it any use to put the people to the  expense of judge, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, grand and petit juries, and other officers and had we not better hang or shoot any horse or other thief we find it our midst?




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