September 26 and 27, 1862

Macomb Journal
September 26, 1862

The President’s Proclamation.

            The President has at last issued his proclamation declaring that after the 1st of January next, all the slaves in the States then in Rebellion against the Government, shall be free, also directing the officers of the army and navy to faithfully and earnestly carry out the emancipation clauses of the confiscation act passed by the last Congress. – This proclamation will, we doubt not, be acquiesced to by the peace Democracy – hailed with delight by all who are in favor of crushing the rebellion, though every slave be thereby freed – and will carry consternation and confusion into the ranks of the rebels. – They now know that unless they speedily lay down their arms and return to their rightful allegiance, the whole power of the Government will be used to free their slaves, and thus at one blow kill the rebellion and remove its cause.  Let every loyal man rejoice that the President has at length risen to the magnitude of the occasion, and grappled with the vile monster that has been the cause of our difficulties – that henceforth the war is to be waged upon war principles – that we shall no longer exhibit to the world the spectacle of a great nation fighting for existence and at the same time protecting the very thing that seeks its existence. – Let every loyal man rejoice that when our country shall emerge from the smoke and din of battle, it will come forth redeemed, disenthralled – what our fathers meant it should be – an asylum for the oppressed, and the home of the free with its soil unpressed by the foot of a slave.


The Duty of the Hour.

            It is the duty of every truly loyal man to give his earnest support to the Administration in all its efforts to suppress the rebellion that is now striking at the very existence of the Government.  Until the great work is accomplished of restoring the constitution and the laws – and vindicating the honor of the National flag, there should be but one party in this country.  The old issues of the past are swallowed up and buried out of sight by the great all-important question, Shall the Government be maintained and the laws respected?  This is no time for holding party convention and making party nominations.  The interests at stake are too great to justify the people in spending their time in party intrigues and securing the petty party triumphs.  There ought to be but one platform before the American people, and that platform ought to be broad enough to hold every patriot in the country, and its sole and only plank should be Down with traitors and treason sympathizers.  Until the American people can rise above the dirty pool of party politics and be unanimous  in the support of the constitution and the laws, the rebellion will not be put down.  To this end only three qualifications ought to be required of our public servants, namely: “Honesty, capability and loyalty.”  If right on these we care not what their former political sentiments may have been.  We can heartily join in supporting them – if right on these, there will be no danger to the country in their election.  The secesh wing of the Democratic party in their late convention at Springfield, utterly ignored the claims of all war Democrats – suppressed without reading patriotic resolutions pledging the party to the earnest support of the Government in its efforts to put down traitors – nominated a man at the head of the ticket that has never given any indications of his loyalty to the Government, and then turns around and ask loyal men to help elect their secesh ticket.  But thank fortune the loyal people of this State are not ready to swallow the sugar coated pill prepared by this tory convention.  The war Democrats all over the State are repudiating the vile thing. – In view of all these things, is it not plainly the duty of the hour for all men who are in favor of prosecuting the war to a speedy end, “regardless of the legitimate consequences to the traitors and their property, whether that property be slave or any other,” to unite and forever put a quietus upon the efforts of all secession sympathizers to divide the people and aid the enemies of the Government.  From this time on until this unholy rebellion is crushed to the earth, let there be but one watchword and one rallying cry, “we are in favor of all that is loyal, and against all that is disloyal.”


Macomb Eagle
September 27, 1862

Democratic Victories.

            We anticipate Democratic victories this fall.  The election in Maine is the beginning of the end.  We have gained in that State 10,000 on the popular vote, one member of Congress, and have carried the lower house of the Legislature.  This is the auspicious commencement – the dawning of light on New England darkness.  Fanaticism has reached its flow, and has begun to ebb.  The receding of its black waves will increase in velocity the further they are forced to retire.  New York and New Jersey will return to their first love and to Democratic truth.  Pennsylvania may not be able to purge herself of the African idols which the false prophets have erected in her midst; but she will do a good work.  The Democracy of the old Keystone will show that they have kept the faith, and that, even should they not fully triumph this year, a glorious change of political opinion is going forward within her borders.  We shall have cause for substantial encouragement from the result of the Pennsylvania election.  From Ohio to Indiana, too, we have cheering advices.  The republican majorities in those States will be greatly reduced, while in some districts it will be entirely overcome.  The friends of a constitutional government are making sad inroads upon the ranks of the ebo-shin republicans and plundering abolitionists.  And how of Illinois?  Will the Giant of the West arouse to her great duty and shake off, as did Sampson of old, the toils which the enemies of Israel have encompassed her with?  By the help of God and the Democracy we believe she will. – Although the republican Legislature gerrymandered the State so as (the thought) to give them eight out of the thirteen congressional districts, yet we are sure to carry six of the Congressmen, and have an equal chance for two more.  The work of political reformation is going on.  With every day’s exposure of the corruption of the party in power, its devotion to negroism, its assessment of heavy taxes, its thieving of the public money, and its inability to administer the government honestly or creditably – with every day’s proof of these glaring accusations wastes away its power with the people.  Here and there, one by one, a few singly but numerous in the aggregate, the better men of the republican party are dropping away from their organization, never more to return to it.  The skies are bright.  Let the Democracy be of good courage, and let us play the men for our Constitution and our country.


The Niggers am Free!

            Old Abe has at last issued his proclamation declaring that the slaves of all who are rebels on the 1st day of January next shall be free!  Now split your throats in shouting freedom and equality to “our colored brethren!”  Sound the tom-tom!  Beat the hew-gag!  Blow the fuzguzzy!  Ring the gong shaw!  Proclaim the black millennium!  The long agony is over – the days of the war are numbered!  Abolitionists will join the ranks now – they will go “flaming” with the grand object of hugging the niggers to their bosoms – they will be “giants” in accomplishing the ends for which they instigated the war.  Hopp de-dooden-do the niggers are free!  What matter if white men are impoverished, if the country be ruined, if generations yet to come groan in poverty and servility, so the niggers go!  What matter if the laws are derided, the Constitution mocked, the courts of justice scorned, and the last hope of Liberty and Union driven from our shores, if so be the negro is exalted!  “Raw f’r Linkun I know he’s a patriot from a remark he made.”  Hoky poky winky wum!  who’s afeerd?


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