August 15 and 16, 1862

Macomb Journal
August 15, 1862

The New War Order

            The orders from the War Department on Friday last, struck a terrible blow at the hopes and expectations of that class of men who are willing to desert their country in this her hour of trial.  Large numbers of secession sympathizers alarmed at the prospect of a speedy draft, were leaving the country for Canada, but this wise order brought them up with a sudden jerk.  Quite a number were arrested in Chicago on Friday evening, who were on their way for the Queen’s dominions, and they were at once sent into the army to serve according to the terms of the Order, and the verdict of all loyal men will be “served them right.”  The man who has enjoyed the blessing and the protection of our Government all his life, but who is ready to desert her when she needs his assistance, is not worthy the name or privileges of a freeman, and it is strange that any can be found who have as little manhood or so little gratitude, as to be guilty of such a crime.  This Order of the War Department will put a speedy end to all such exhibitions of paltroonery, and punish all who were engaged in it.

The same day an order was also issued authorizing the arrest of all persons discouraging enlistment by act, speech or writing, or engaged in any other disloyal practices.  This also made quite a fluttering among the secesh sympathizers all over the country.  Under this Order the men in our midst who have been in the habit of advising Democrats to stay at their work-benches, till their fields and pursue their usual avocations, would be liable.  Also those men threatening to resist a draft, or the payment of National Tax.  That is right too.  The time has come when loyal men are not obliged to listen to the harangues of tolerable secession sympathizers without any remedy.  Let the Orders be carried out to the letter, and in less than one month, such a thing as a traitor cannot be found in the loyal States.


Secession Meetings.

            We are informed by gentlemen upon whom we can rely that the Secessionists in Hancock county held a meeting in Harmony township at the School House on Friday last, for the avowed object of making arrangements to resist the coming draft, also resist the collection of the national tax.  The meeting organized and passed resolutions pledging themselves to resist by force of arms, if necessary, any attempt to force them into the army by a draft.  One of the speakers who has been a prominent Democratic politician of that county, is reported to have said that he was prepared with arms enough to slay seventeen men, and that he intended to do so before he would submit to be drafted.  The meeting then broke up.

On the following day the news that the War Department had issued an order for the arrest of such men as composed that meeting, reached Harmony township.  And we are informed that a resolution was hastily prepared, which declared their willingness to stand by the Administration in all constitutional efforts to put down the rebellion.  Their excuse for resisting was that they believed that the war was being prosecuted for the overthrow of slavery.  This order, however, seems to have opened their eyes, and convinced them that the war was being prosecuted for the maintenance of the Constitution and the Union.  This last resolution was passed around on Sunday, and signed by nearly all that attended the meeting.  It is singular what a dissemination of Union sentiments that order has proven to be.

The same informant writes that there is a large number of men in Hancock county, who declare that they would sooner join Porter’s guerilla band than to fight under the stars and stripes. – Such men as these ought to be arrested at once, and either compelled to go into the Union army or sent to Alton Penitentiary.


From the 16th Regiment.

            From a private letter from the 16th Regiment, we learn that the health of the soldiers has been much improved since it arrived at Tuscumbia, very few being in the hospital.  The writer complains bitterly of having to guard secesh property, and says that Apples, Peaches, and Green Corn, &c., are plenty but the men are not allowed to touch anything without subjecting themselves to severe punishment.


Off for the War. – Capt. Higgins’ company left this city on Tuesday morning last for Camp Wood, at Quincy. – This is one of the finest companies that has left this county, being mostly made up of farmers and farmer’s sons, men who have been used to hardships and labor.  This company is to be connected with Col. Waters’ Regiment, which is to be formed at Camp Wood.  In a few days we shall publish a list of the names of the company.


New Regiment. – C. Van Vleck, Esq., of this city, has received a commission as Lieutenant Colonel of a regiment of which Mr. [unclear] of Quincy, is to be Colonel.  Capt. Wm. L. [unclear], of this city, is to be Major.  The regiment is to be formed at Quincy.  We understand that all the companies are accepted and will go into camp in a few days.


An Exception. – We heard one man on Saturday last, as we passed him on the street, say that he had three sons and that if drafted they could never be taken alive.  We did not learn his name. – We presume, however, that in case his sons should be drafted, the Government will accommodate them by letting them go dead if they prefer that mode of transportation.  Men that make such remarks as the above are fools as well as traitors.


“Skedaddled.” – Our neighbor of the Eagle office discovered a few days ago that his presence was necessary in [unclear] County, Indiana, and consequently skedaddled.  Some ill natured people have been hinting around that he has joined the Canada Brigade to escape the draft.


Patriotic. – Since Abbott left, the Eagle office is getting patriotic.  It even displayed the stars and stripes on Wednesday last.  Something must be wrong.


Macomb Eagle
August 16, 1862

Mission of the Democracy.

            To preserve the Union, to protect the Constitution and guard the rights of the States and the people, has ever been and is now the mission of the Democratic party.  Every man who reads and will speak candidly and honestly, will admit that the Democratic party has never advocated a single measure which come in conflict with the Constitution of the United States, or calculated to engender bad feelings between the different sections of our common country, or any measure which interfered with the rights of the States.  All will admit that its objects has been to bind together more firmly the people of the whole country, and to wipe out everything calculated to breed disturbance.  This is what that party is endeavoring to do now.  A terrible civil war is now being waged between the people of our country – a people of the same blood – brought about by the extremists of the two sections of the country.  The efforts of the Democratic party will be to put a stop to this carnage and destruction by putting down the home extreme with ballots and the other extreme with powder and lead if necessary.  They say to the abolition fanatics of the North and the secessionists of the South, you shall not destroy the Government.  We mean that this Government shall stand despite the efforts of both of you to lay it in ruins.  “The Union must and shall be preserved.”  “The Constitution as it is, and the Union as it was,” is our battle cry, and we are opposed to any man, no matter what his professions, who does not talk the same language.


Republican Treason.

            Since the insane action of our late Congress, many of the republican papers and leaders of the country are showing their hands.  The Fort Wayne News, a republican party organ in Indiana, asks if the Democratic party will ever learn that we are in the midst of a great rebellion, and wonders if it will ever “cease its idiotic and treasonable cant about the Constitution as it is and the Union as it was!”  That is a tolerably distinct avowal of the black republican programme.  We never believed the republicans desired the restoration of the Union and the authority of the Constitution over the land, but did not suppose their party organs would have the effrontery to denounce as treasonable the Democratic demand that such should be the policy of the war.  The real objects of black republicanism are becoming daily more and more manifest.  Will the President show himself a true Union man by coming out from among them, and uniting with the Democracy in its efforts to suppress rebellion against the government?  By so doing he will leave an enviable name on the page of history.



            The editor of this paper left home last week, intending, as he said, to go to Indiana, and before we would consent that he might go, he promised to return on Saturday or Monday. – As he has not done so, it is possible that he has “skedaddled” for Canada.  Poor fellow!


Stray Colts.

            Strayed or stolen from the subscriber, living half a mile east of Colchester, two 2-year-old mare Colts, one a dark bay, one white hind foot, and branded with the letter H on left shoulder; the other is a light bay, and branded with the letter H on left shoulder.

Any person giving me information where these Colts can be obtained will be liberally rewarded.                                                                           WM. M. HAINES


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