July 4 and 5, 1862

Macomb Journal
July 4, 1862

Fremont’s Resignation.

            It will be seen by a telegraph dispatch in another column that Gen. Fremont has resigned his position and retired from the army.  The reason why he has done so is that the President saw fit to appoint Gen. Pope to take the command of all the troops under Fremont, Banks and McDowell.  While many will regret that Fremont has resigned, none will fail to rejoice Gen. Pope has been assigned to the command in the Shenandoah Valley. – His transfer to the east is indicative of the President’s intention to have something done.  Gen. Pope is an Illinoisan and has won a high position by his successful career in the army of the West.  We trust that he will meet with the same success in his new field of operations that has characterized all his plans thus far during the war, and that he will infuse into the military arrangements of his department a spirit of vigor and energy that it has heretofore been a stranger to.

Since the above was in type we learn that Gen. Sigel has been placed in command of the troops in the Shenandoah Valley.  Gen. Rufus King having declined the position.  With Pope and Sigel in the east we may look for hot work soon.


The News.

            The news that we give this week, while it informs us that a battle has taken place before Richmond, leaves the result in doubt.  Later papers received gives no news whatsoever from that quarter, showing that the Government intends to keep the people ignorant of the great movement now going on.  A few days at the farthest will reveal the whole matter.  There can be no doubt that a short time will now decide the fate of the Rebel Capital.

The indications are that the reduction of Vicksburg will be speedily accomplished, and the Mississippi opened to its mouth.

The President will call for 200,000 more volunteers to hold the places captured by our army, and to serve during the war.


For the War.

            On Tuesday last, the company lately formed by Mr. Ervin of this city, took its departure for Camp Butler, where it will remain until the regiment is formed, when it will go to Annapolis, Maryland, to the great Camp of Instruction.  Before the company left it was presented with a splendid flag by Alex. Blackburn, Esq., which was received by the company with the three hearty cheers for the patriotic donor.  Rev. R. Harris on behalf of the Ladies Aid Society, presented each member of the company a needle cushion and accompanied the gift with a few appropriate remarks.  A large crowd of citizens went to the depot to bid the brave boys farewell, and wish them a hearty God speed in their glorious mission.

Thus it is that old McDonough responds to the country’s call.  Already her sons have been represented in many a bloody field, and yet she is willing and able to make other sacrifices – to send forth more of her brave ones to uphold the glorious flag of the Union, and if need be lay down their lives in its defence.


Killed by Lightning. – During the thunder shower on Tuesday morning of last week, Mr. Henry Alton of Fountain Green, was struck by lightning and instantly killed.  He was working in a field about a mile from his residence when the storm commenced, and not returning his family supposed he had gone to a relative’s house near the field and felt no uneasiness about him.  After the storm was over his son went to [missing] in the field where he found him [missing].  The lightning struck him on the head, and bursted out one eye, then spread down each leg and through the [missing] of his boots.  The deceased was [missing] about seventy years of age, and was highly respected in the community in which he lived.


Why Will People Die? – This is a question we saw asked the other day in a quack medicine advertisement.  We think the reason people will die is because they can’t help it.  But people can help paying a high price for their Groceries when KOHLER sells so cheap.  Kohler’s Cheap Grocery is northside of the square, next door to Clarke’s News spot.


Macomb Eagle
July 5, 1862

Look to Your Congressional Elections.

            The Congressional election of 1862 is hardly secondary in the magnitude of the issues it involves to the Presidential election of 1860.  This nation will not survive a repetition – now invited – of the error of two years ago.  The Jacobinical, or ultra Revolutionary element in the North, hitherto in some measure repressed, has grown insolent with success, and arrogant with power, and now disclaims any purpose to restore the authority of Constitution as it is, or to reinstate the Union as it was.  It demands nothing less than the emancipation of four millions of semi barbarous [African-American] slaves, who are invited to infest and blacken every community of the North; to compete with the white man for his toil for bread; to fill our jails with criminals, our poor houses with paupers, our streets with vagabonds, our lanes and alleys with thieves – to produce in the near future, a war of extermination, a war whose horrors and atrocities must equal if not excel those of any conflict recorded in human annals.  This infernal influence is all but paramount in the existing Congress.  It would, if it were not afraid of the temper of the people, beat down all opposition, and pass a sweeping act of emancipation before the close of the present session.  If the people elect another republican congress, it will be accepted and acted upon by the radicals as a full and unequivocal ascent on the part of their constituents, to their devilish designs.  The election of a democratic congress is all that can avert this crowning woe from our prostrate and bleeding country.

Let us not hear of “conservative republicans.”  That delusion must be allowed to deceive us no more.  There is and can be no such thing as conservative republicanism – individuals there are who vote with that party who would be conservative if left in their own choices, but, once in office, the demoniac howling, the fiendish threats and invective of the abolition Jacobins, drive them to the adoption of their most damnable measures.  Let no man, then, be deceived: We must have a democratic congress, or the once happy and prosperous States of the North will be transformed into Pandemonium of vice – crime – [obscured] will be no possible escape, except through death or [obscured].

We are not idly tampering with apprehensions now.  The great danger is real and imminent.  As God lives, the woes which we depict are impending, and nothing but the overthrow of abolitionism can save the people.


  • By the time three or four millions of [African-Americans] are thrown loose upon the world, and find employment in our workshops, on our farms, and in our kitchens, the irrepressible brawlers for [African-American] freedom who have been voting the republican ticket, and then rendering their aid intentionally to bring about the result, will enjoy a realizing sense of the effects of their mock philanthropy.  When the free white men and women of the North are compelled to work for the pittance for which free [African-American] labor may be obtained, they will probably begin to comprehend the beauties of the republican doctrine of [African-American] freedom.



            We hear that a few republicans have formed a plan, over which they are chuckling in great glee, to “catch the Democrats.”  The plan is this: during the exercises of the Fourth – where we need not say – they will propose that the crowd in attendance “take the oath” of allegiance to the government.  The expect Democrats will oppose and refuse, and then they can howl about “traitors.”  If any man doubts his own loyalty, he had better take the oath and in that way make sure of his patriotism – if it is so important a matter. – But to ask Democrats, whose whole lives are a living epistle of devotion to the Constitution and the Union, to take an oath to support them, is decidedly cool.  Still we do not know of any Democrats who would consider himself set back by swearing to support the Constitution and all laws consistent with it.  We cannot say as much for all the republicans we know.


A Good Movement.

            The farmers of Henry county, Illinois, have held a convention, and among the other resolutions adopted the following:

Resolved, That this convention recommend to clubs in this county to receive nothing but gold, silver, or U. S. Treasury Notes for their produce, and that this resolution take effect on the 1st day of July.”

We find the above paragraph in our exchanges.  It is a good movement – a step in the right direction, and should be followed by the farmers in every county of the State. – They have the matter in their own hands, and they can have specie or treasury notes for their produce, if they will so determine.  The treasury notes are a legal tender – all debts can be paid with them – and they will be good as long as any bank currency can be good, and they may be good a long while after all the bank notes are worthless.  Should not the farmers of McDonough county move in this matter?


  • The Illinois College at Jacksonville has again shown its cloven foot.  The faculty at the late commencement refused to let four members of the graduating class pronounce their orations, and refused to give them diplomas, because they were Democrats. – There was no restraint, however, placed on the republican graduates and their abolition utterances were all right.



            The renowned Magician and ventriloquist, Jos. Van Steenburgh, will give an entertainment at Campbell’s Hall on Friday and Saturday evenings, 4th and 5th.  Lovers of fun will be on hand.


  • The farmers in this county have commenced cutting fall wheat and next week will see nearly all this cereal in shock. – The yield will be better than for several years past.  Spring wheat will be later and not so good.

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