November 1 and 2, 1861

Macomb Journal
November 1, 1861

On Tuesday Next.

            We cannot urge too strongly upon the Union men of McDonough county the importance of a full vote on Tuesday next. – Let no Union man delay at home on election day under the opinion that there are enough to elect the Unconditional Union ticket without him; the friends of the compromising, conditional, anti-war ticket are putting forth their strongest efforts to defeat us, relying upon the fact that several hundred true and loyal men have left the county to fight the battles of our country; and who are therefore deprived of the privilege of voting with us.  There will undoubtedly many good and loyal Democrats be deceived into voting the anti-war ticket by means of the word “Union,” which the compromisers will have printed at present on their tickets.  Union men, then, be vigilant in their efforts, not only to get out every Union vote but undeceive honest Democrats, who may be deluded with the idea that Jos. C. Thompson, Thompson Chandler and Louis A. Simmons are good Union men and desire to see the war vigorously prosecuted against the rebels.  There is danger that our ticket may be defeated though an excess of confidence in the genuine loyalty of our people.  Let every Union man work as though he felt the danger, and success is certain.


Stray Orators.

            Bushell, Oct. 24, 1861,

            Messrs. Editors – Desiring at all times to make amiable acknowledgement for all favors received, I wish through your journal to acknowledge, in behalf of a few citizens of Bushnell, a visit of two orators of your place, who came to enlighten us denizens of this obscure country village on our duty to our country in this important crisis of our national affairs.  On the evening of the 23d inst., I learned that there was to be a Democratic Union speech in town, and so I went, and at the appointed time the show commenced as follows: First, J. C. Thompson opened up, informing his auditors that it was wrong to make speeches of the character he was about to make, and after hearing it we thought so too.  He then told us that Fred. Cruser had lied in stating that he (Cruser) went to the Democratic Central Com. with a proposition from the Republican Central Committee for a Union Convention, irregardless of party.  Then he told us that Cruser did come to him, Capt. Lipe, and Bill T. Head, (who by the way form a majority of the Dem. Cen. Com.) with such a proposition, and that they refused to have anything to do with it.  Then we thought of the following beautiful line – “Resolved That in the unparalleled growth and prosperity of our country for the last sixty years we recognize the handiwork of the Creator and Governor of the Universe, working through the instrumentality of the Democratic Party.”

After Mr. Thompson closed he introduced the owl that presides over your Macomb Eagle, as his friend Mr. Abbott, who, after raising himself from his perched position, and smoothing down his feathers and looking smart as he only can, he opened his mouth and went off in the following flight of eloquence; “Feller citizens there is a combustible in our country composed of turpentine, tar, pitch, shavings, and oil, which is rocking our country from centre to circumference, and where, feller-citizens, do you suppose that combustible exists – not south of Mason and Dixon line, but north of it, yes, north of it, among the Republicans and abolitionists.  At this point some of the brethren understanding Abbott to be finding more fault with loyal men than he did with rebels, told Thompson that he would ruin the cause and ruin him; and replied that he didn’t [?] him any.

Then we were reminded of Thompson’s declamations, “That was a d – d Black Republican war, and he wouldn’t give it any support.”  Then the speaker told us how they told us last fall that if we elected Abe Lincoln, they wouldn’t stand it but would break up the Union.  Then we remembered about some other prophecies made at Charleston, and what threats were made of secession, and what little heed was paid to the threats, and then we were forcibly reminded of the beautiful lines – “Resolved, That in the unparalleled growth and prosperity of our country for the last sixty years, we recognize the handiwork of the Creator and Governor of the Universe, working through the instrumentality of the Democratic party.”

But Messrs Editors, why should we be surprised at such a batch of inconsistencies from men who blow hot and cold with the same breath.  It speaks well for the moderation and forbearance of our citizens, when such men as Abbott and Thompson who have protested against the war as unconstitutional, inhuman and unjust, and who have thus slandered and vilified our soldiers who are enlisted in the defence of our liberties, and who have insulted the memory of the late Douglas, but denouncing his dying counsels.  I say it speaks well for our moderation and forbearance when such men are permitted to without molestation to spit their spite and venom at good and loyal citizens.  But let them rant – they may serve a good purpose in opening the eyes of the people to their manifest sympathy with treason.



Outrageous Proceedings.

            We were made acquainted the past week with a few particulars respecting an inhuman and wicked outrage, committed on a family by the name of Allen, living in the south-west part of this county, we think in Lamoine township.  Mr. Allen has hitherto been a Democrat, but last fall for the first time voted a Republican ticket.  This act on his part excited a most vindictive feeling against him among certain Democrats living in his vicinity, and they have since sought every opportunity and every pretext to annoy and worry him. – A few weeks since a son-in-law of his left Missouri on account of the troubles there, and found with him shelter and protection.  After a few days the son-in-law proceeded to erect a dwelling near the residence of Mr. Allen, and had got his frame up, when the whole structure was one night leveled to the ground and about destroyed.  Mr. Allen then received a threatening letter warning him to leave the county within three days under the penalty of being driven out if he did not obey.  An accusation of theft was made against him by his enemies, but no attempt was made to prove it or arrest him for it.  It was said that he had been guilty of picking the feathers from some of his neighbors geese.  This is the most heinous crime charged upon him.  But Mr. Allen declaring his innocence, paid no heed to the threatening letters, but pursued the even tenor of his way, when one night about four weeks since, after he and his family had retired to bed, a mob of twenty persons visited his premises and completely riddled his house with stones and clubs, severely injuring some members of his family, and compelling them to seek safety in flight, with nothing on but their night clothes.  Mr. Allen has thus been obliged to leave his farm, and a portion of his crops ungathered, and is now living just over the line in Schuyler county.  Mr. Allen recognized several of his assailants, and will lay his case before the next grand jury.  He feels satisfied that his persecutions all grow out of the fact of his having voted the Republican ticket last fall.


A Large Beet. – Dr. d. H. Mason has left at this office a huge beet weighing a little over nineteen pounds.  We don’t know where the Doctor picked it up, but we reckon it was not far away or he would have required help in carrying it.  We saw this beet beat.


Macomb Eagle
November 2, 1861

Conservative Republicans!

            The time has come for you to strike a blow against the abolitionism which has been the primary cause of the present terrible calamities.  Had it not been for the agitation of the slavery question, by the abolitionists, there would now be no war.  These politicians, as long ago as 1796, sought to effect a separation of the States – sought to array the North against the South, on account of slavery.  Their continued agitation of this subject, and their continued abuse of the people of the South, have at last driven the southern people to take up arms against the government.  The South have been much to blame in this matter, and they must be put down with a strong hand; but they are not the only ones that should be censured; they are not the only enemies of the Constitution.  The abolitionists that have driven the South to this step are also to be condemned and defeated.  While our brothers and friends are in the army to defeat the enemy in arms, we at home have an equally important duty to perform.  This duty is to defeat abolitionism.  Secession is only worse than abolitionism because it has drawn the sword and shed the blood of the people.  Abolitionism assails the country at the polls, and at the polls it must be defeated.  Van Velck and his ticket do not oppose abolitionism – they say nothing about this monstrous heresy that is sapping our constitutional liberties – they are “neither cold not hot,” and like the church of the Apocalypse, because they are neither cold nor hot they should be spewed out of every patriot’s mouth.  All such candidates and all such organizations are guilty of tampering with the great interests of our country in this terrible crisis.  Conservative republicans must sooner or later oppose this abolitionism, or fall in with its devilish schemes. – Now is the time to strike!  It is a duty you owe to your country, to yourselves, and to posterity, to vote down all open and secret friends of abolitionism.  The sooner you begin this good work the better.


  • The strongest praise that the republicans can find for Van Vleck is to quote what Democrats said about him before he deserted the Democracy.  This is a small compliment at best.  It is equivalent to acknowledging that since then he has done nothing worthy of commendation, or that he has espoused principles that will not bear investigation.  The devil had a good reputation once; but his pleading that will scarcely let him escape from the just punishment of his apostasy.


Shawl Lost!

About the 16th of October, a fine WOOLEN SHAWL – prevailing color red – either in Macomb, or on the road leading to Rushville, between Macomb and the Kincaid farm.  Any one finding the above will be rewarded by leaving it at the store of the undersigned in this city.

Jos. Burton.
Macomb, Nov. 2, ’61.48.21


  • Van Vleck thinks Democrats ought to vote for him because there is a war on hand, and because he says he is the only good Union candidate in the field.  We fear his modesty will be the death of him.  Last year he left the Union Democracy and allied himself to a purely sectional 0party, and even boasted in a public speech that he had “swallowed the abolition pill.”  That pill has so worked him that he is now afraid to condemn the emancipation doctrine of the abolitionists, or to denounce in any manner that abolitionism which trampled the Constitution under foot, nullified the laws of Congress, inculcated resistance to the decisions of the courts, and sought to dissolve the Union.  Now this same Van Vleck assumes to be the only Union candidate in the field, and all who do not act with him must be called disunionists.  Shame on such arrant demagoguism!  He will find out next Tuesday that Democratic Union men will not be griped because he has “swallowed an abolition pill.”  The sooner he retires the better for him.


  • The platform which Van Vleck prepared for the acceptance of the people, he is understood to avow himself in favor of a bank on “a specie basis.”  This is only another dodge for stumptail.  The wildcat banks of Illinois and Wisconsin, which have so lately swindled the people out of millions of dollars, professed to be on “a specie basis;” but when the “specie” was called for, the “basis” was gone.  One would think that the people have had enough of these “banks on a specie basis.”  Will they endorse Van Vleck on such a platform?  If true to their own interests they will vote him and his fellow stumptailers down.


  • “Lending to the Lord.” – We are indebted to Mrs. J. M. Donoho, of Hire township, for a large bucket of apple butter, of a quality as good as we have ever seen.  It was made of sorghum syrup and apples – no cider being used – And it is fine enough for any man’s table.
    Mr. John B. Purdy has laid us under obligations for a sack of apples, and Mr. L. S. Osborn for a basket of sweet potatoes.
    “The liberal heart deviseth liberal things,” and the Psalmist has said, “I am not old,  but I have never seen the righteous forsaken.”


  • Mr. I. H. Clark, of this city, was severely injured by the accidental discharge of a gun, last week.  He was with a hunting party on the Illinois river, and after lying down in camp at night, he attempted to move a gun that was in his way.  In doing so the hammer caught and discharged the piece, the load entering his left hand near the wrist and inflicting a very painful wound.  He will not lose his hand, although some of the fingers may be stiffened.


  • The Journal still quotes what we said about Van Vleck some two years ago.  We do not know why it does this, unless it is to show that Van was once a respectable politician.  Van has said equally complimentary words about us; but if any of our friends were to quote them to bolster up us now, we should feel much ashamed of it.  We are not that bad off for a good reputation.


  • Van Vleck thinks he ought to be elected just because there is a war on hand. – But in his carefully prepared platform he deliberately forgot to say a word of encouragement to the men who are fighting the battles of the war, or to endorse any act of the administration in the conduct of the war.  He can only receive scorn and condemnation for such pitiful dodging.


  • Restaurant. – Mr. Lane, at the American House, is prepared to furnish warm meals or lunch at any hour of the day.  He is now in receipt of fresh and cove oysters, of the best quality, and will serve them up in any style that may be desired.  Also quails, prairie chickens, and other game, for customers.

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