September 14, 1861

Macomb Eagle

September 14, 1861

Fatal Accident. – On Saturday afternoon last, a distressing accident occurred to Thos. Branham, Sylvester Branham, and Paschal McGee.  They, with two others, were returning in a light wagon from Macomb to Blandinville.  While descending a hill about one mile and a half north of town, some part of the harness broke and let the wagon run on to the horses.  The team became unmanageable, run down the hill, and threw McGee and the Branhams out of the wagon and on the ground with great force.  McGee had a small bone of his right wrist broken and a severe bruise on his right side.  Thos. Branham had one bone of his left arm broken.  Sylvester Branham was so severely injured that he never spoke after the accident, and died on Wednesday morning.  The other two men jumped out of the wagon in time to escape unhurt.

  • Dr. J. Drake Harper is still receiving and treating cases of diseased eyes and ears.  We can sincerely advise all who are afflicted with diseases of these organs, to give Dr. H. an opportunity to examine them.  No matter what may have been the cause of the defective vision or hearing, it can do no harm to make an effort for their cure, and it may result in much benefit.


  • Education of the Blind. – The twelfth term of the Illinois institution for the education of the blind, supported by the State of Illinois, will begin October 1st, 1861.  All suitable applicants can be received.  Application for admission should immediately be made, by letter, to the “Principal of the Institution for the Blind,” Jacksonville, Illinois.


  • Luther Johnson has removed his store to the brick building, one door east of his old stand, where he will still offer the best of goods at the lowest cash prices.


  • The dry weather still holds its reign.  Our farmers wish that the rain might wipe it out.


  • Letters addressed to the following persons remain in the Macomb post office, in consequence of the postage on them not being paid:


Daniel Parkinson, Loydsville, Ohio;
A. H. Miner, Laporte, Ind.;
C. Drew, Rockford, Ill.
Jane Bracken, Hennepin, Ill.


If not paid will be sent to the dead-letter office.


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