August 30 and 31, 1861

Macomb Journal
August 30, 1861

The Traitors at Home.

The rebels of Tennessee township, in this county, have at length published in their organ the Macomb Eagle, their traitorous and rebellious sentiments and purposes.  We now begin to see the character of the enemy we have to deal with in our community.  They openly proclaim their sympathy with traitors, and denounce the war on the part of the Federal Government as a “civil war which Abraham Lincoln is waging upon sovereign States,” and they declare it be alike “unconstitutional, inhuman and unjust,” and they also plainly asseverate that all our soldiers are no better than murderers.  The traitors Vallandingham and Breckinridge are cordially endorsed, and the proceedings are ordered published in the Macomb Eagle, Quincy Herald, Fulton Democrat and New York Day Book.

The Quincy Herald refuses to publish the resolutions, and reads the “self-styled Democrats” of Tennessee a sharp lecture on their endorsement of traitors and treason, but the Eagle hastens to publish their whole proceedings, without one word of dissent, thus leaving the plain inference that their treason is cordially endorsed by that sheet.

There is one feature of this treasonable gathering at Tennessee that should not be overlooked.  It appears that a portion of their proceedings was the selection of delegates to meet in county convention to nominate county officers.  Thus we see the element which is at work to get control of our county offices.  We trust that the true and loyal citizens of our county will be on the alert, and not permit these friends of Jeff Davis & Co., these villainous slanderers of our government and our soldiers, to carry to the least degree of success their wicked and nefarious schemes.  We commend the Quincy Herald for its prompt rebuke of these wily traitors, and trust that the loyal Democracy of the county will act in the same spirit, and put their seal of condemnation on all such treasonable gatherings, and also on all newspapers which give them countenance and support.


For the Macomb Weekly Journal
Disaffected Democrats.

I appeal to you in the name of all we hold sacred to stop and think what you are doing.  Are your words calculated to give peace to our distracted country?  What is the signification of the word Democracy?  Do you understand it fully?  If not, it is time you did.  This is a Democratic government!  No matter which party rules.  God has for a wise purpose made men to differ in opinion.  It would not do for all men to think alike.  Let us therefore differ in our opinions about the administration of the government, for it is right that we should, for that very difference of opinion makes a better government.  But let us do it in a Christian spirit, giving every one his opinion freely, aqs we have it ourselves.  But about the Union, we should have no differences.  Have you calculated the horrors of a dissolution of our beloved Union?  surely not; you have been disappointed in your political hopes, but who are to blame for that?  None but the foes of the Union.  When our government was formed, yea before it was made, we had our foes here, among us; and like the grain of mustard seed, it has grown, and spread, from South to North, and threatens the overthrow of one of the best governments on the face of the globe.  Shall this free and glorious government be broken up?  I appeal to you to know, for if you let your sympathies for the South get the better of your judgment, you will say and do what you will repent of all your lives; and will cause your posterity to blush for shame.

What has old England said of our government?  She has said it is only an experiment; she knew very well when this government was founded, we left the very element of destruction in it, and that was African Slavery.  And now remember if we do not act wisely, and in concert we are gone.  Think you that England will withstand the temptation to make one of her younger Princes King over this country?  The South in desperation has already made the proposition.  And how long do you and the people of the South, suppose England would suffer slavery to exist, if she had the power in her own hands?  Not one day longer than she could remove it.  Had England the power, she would colonize the slaves of this country, give them the cotton and sugar States, and they would be the only free people left on this continent.  Now we have this element of destruction at the root of our government.  What can we do with it?  Can we deal with it according to the constitution of our government?  No.  Why?  Because it is antagonistical to our government.  There is no law to govern Slavery but arbitrary law.  Slavery naturally leads to anarchy, despotism, tyranny and treason.  Now what shall we do to get rid of it and do justice to the South?  Let the government buy their slaves.  Or let the question be settled forever; that it be restricted to where it is.  Nothing else will do.  Thinking minds must see that some such plan must be adopted for the government must be sustained at all hazards.  American men and women, and all who come to this land of freedom, across the broad Atlantic to enjoy the privileges of a free government, I appeal to you all to stand by the Union, and guard the honor of our glorious “Stars and Stripes.”  Any Americans who could see that Flag dishonored is not fit for self government, and is certainly ripe for treason.  Look at the history of this country, and see what our patriotic forefathers suffered to establish this government.  And shall we now, a mighty nation, transmit it unsullied to our posterity?  Or will you stand idly by and say that it is none of my business; let them fight it out?  And let our old Flag, that every true patriot loves better than his life, be trampled under foot, and that same old “British Lion” wave triumphantly over this beautiful country. – Oh, how my heart aches to think such a curse might fall upon our beloved country.  I humbly pray our Heavenly Father may save us from such a fate.

A Woman of the “Old School Democracy.”


Macomb Eagle
August 31, 1861

The Duty of the Hour.

The duty of the hour is to put down secessionism and abolitionism.  The first is in arms against the Constitution.  It left the Congress for the field – it threw down the olive branch for the sword.  It must be met with the same weapons which it has employed against us. – The war mu st be vigorously prosecuted to ensure an honorable and lasting peace.  The advantage must be wrested from them.  The back-bone of secessionism must be broken.  The duty of every man to support the government is fully as obligatory now as it ever has been upon any citizen.  True, the administration is not of our choosing – and it is marked by inefficiency, usurpation, and corruption; it has sacrificed, fruitlessly, if not wickedly sacrificed, thousands of brave men.  But the government is ours – as much ours, as Democrats, as our opponents’, as republicans.  The administration can last but four years at most.  The government and the Constitution we hope will endure while the world lasts.  Our first duty is against secessionism – against the armed resistance to the Constitution and the laws.  Our next and almost equal duty is to put down abolitionism.  The first, from the nature of the present circumstances, can only be speedily accomplished at the cannon’s mouth; at the same time it will be materially aided by the adoption of Crittenden’s or some similar amendment to the Constitution.  The second is to be done at the ballot-box.  The country can have no peace while abolitionism is strong enough to support its newspapers, to elect its members of Congress, to retain its seat in the cabinet of the President, and to overawe and control the command of our armies.  The Democrats are fully alive to their duty in putting down abolitionism – their resolutions are pointed and strong enough to express their unmistakeable determination.  Their every day conversation is directed to this end – and we believe, with the assistance of other friends of the Constitution and the Union, they will be successful at the ballot-box.  But are they sufficiently determined in their opposition against secessionism?  The power to control the operations against this twin-heresy of abolitionism, is, unfortunately for the country, not in their heads.  But because it is not in their power to direct these operations, is that a valid reason why they should not set their faces like a flint against it?  Abolitionism is not more repugnant to the spirit of our Constitution – not more hostile to the liberties of the people – not more destructive of the best interest of the whole country, than is secessionism.  Let us meet both these enemies of constitutional freedom, with the same weapons that they are attacking the palladium of our liberties – one with the ballot, the other with the sword.  The spirit that animates both must be broken – the forces arrayed by them against the Constitution must be dispersed.  The Democratic party must rescue this nation from these two sources of anarchy and ruin.  They must not shrink from the task.  The duty of the hour is to stand before the secessionists with the sword in one hand and the olive branch in the other – to rescue the government from the destruction that menaces it, and to restore the friendship and mutual interest between the North and the South, which heretofore was the pride of Union and the bulwark of our strength.


Notified to Leave. – We learn that on Saturday last Mr. W. H. England, a citizen of Emmet township, received a letter through the Bruce post office notifying him to leave the county by the 1st of September if he could and by the 1st of October in any event, or he would be helped out of the way.  Persons who will make such threats as these are cowards in action and villains at heart, and are just as guilty of “treason” as are the rebels of the South.  There was no signature to the letter, but it is believed to be in the hand-writing of a blathering abolitionist of Hire township – a fellow who sold a negro woman in the State of Tennessee and then came to Illinois to howl about the sin of slavery.  We have no acquaintance with Mr. England, but we are told that he is a peaceable, honest, and worthy citizen, and that his crime is, he will not keep step to the music of abolitionism nor sing its disgusting chorus.


In the event of the suppressing of our paper by the abolitionists of the administration, we should like a little information on the following important subjects: Will we be permitted to settle up our business?  Will we be permitted to do job work with the old materials?  Will we be allowed an axe to cut our firewood, or a shot-gun to shoot chickens and rabbits?  Finally, will we be allowed to kiss our wife and babies on Sunday?


The Galesburg News says “the Eagle is one of the few Democratic papers in Illinois that needs to be suppressed.”  Suppose the editor of the News musters a few Galesburg [African-Americans] and abolitionists and tries his hand at suppressing the Eagle.  We promise a reception that will do him good.


Brown’s Hotel will be prepared to accommodate a large number of persons during the session of the circuit court.  No better stopping place can be found.


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