August 23 and 24, 1861

Macomb Journal
August 23, 1861

Party Conflicts.

The true and loyal citizens of the country everywhere, who earnestly desire to see the means used to crush the wicked rebellion which has grown into such proportions in the South, will frown upon every attempt to revive at this time, party issues, and party rancor, by the calling of party conventions, and the nomination of strictly party tickets.  To use the language of a contemporary, there has never been a time since the formation of our government when partizan warfare at the North was so uncalled for, and a matter of utter reprobation as the present.  The ghost even, of an old issue, such as has divided men into Republicans and Democrats cannot be found.  All the questions of former strife have been submerged by the great issue of national existence now before the country.  So far as old differences are concerned the heavy tramp of War will grind them all to impalpable dust.  They will be scattered to the four winds.  If we are to have parties at all in the present aspect of our national affairs, there is and can be but one issue – that of the suppression of rebellion or submission to it.  When one talks of present party contests, therefore he means ones of three things: He has some personal interest to subserve in the direction of office, some old festering political sore to poultice, or he is opposed to the suppression of the rebellion.  There is no dodging this.  It is as plain as the sun, that he who talks of contest now has suffered the partizan to devour the patriot.  The country, not the Republican party or the Democratic party, now needs the support of true hearts and strong arms, and he who withholds them is false to one of the highest responsibilities ever committed to men.

The Eagle of this city, forgetting the great peril of the nation, and repudiating the language of the lamented Douglas, that “whoever is not prepared to sacrifice party organization and platform on the altar of his country, does not deserve the support and countenance of honest people,” is in for a party fight.  It announces with approving language that the Democratic Central Committee of this county will issue a call this week for a county convention for the purpose of nominating county officers, and takes occasion to lay down a platform on which the party is to rally.  This platform is vague and frivolous, but the spirit in which it is dictated is apparent enough.  It is in favor of compromise, is opposed to “abolition politicians assuming to control our armies,” opposed to the “liberation of negroes,” and opposed to the direct tax bill of the late Congress.  It appears to base its opposition to the tax bill on the fact that Illinois is required to pay more to the dollar than Massachusetts.  The tax bill is made in strict accordance with the terms of the Constitution, which requires that direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States according to their population. – The average wealth of the population of Massachusetts is double that of the people of this State, and hence, as population and not property is the basis, the people of Illinois pay more tax on the dollar than the people of Massachusetts.  The Eagle in opposing this feature of the tax bill, is warring upon the Constitution, which absolutely requires it.  It only furnishes the evidence that that paper is ready enough to violate the provisions of the Constitution, when by so doing it can abridge the means that are now being used to suppress this unholy and wicked rebellion.

We greatly mistake the loyalty and the patriotism of the mass of the Democratic party of this county, if they are disposed to give countenance and support to this action of their Central Committee.  It can only result in engendering strife and discord.  Let all who believe in the words of Douglas quoted above, act accordingly, and bury all party issues, at least until the war is over.  In due time let the people act, and select for our county officers such men as are known for their loyalty, their honesty and their capacity to fill the offices required of them, independent of all party bias.

Our Galesburg Neighbors.

Messrs. Editors: — Some of your readers would fain know whether any information now reaches you of our neighbors at Galesburg?  We hear nothing of their military prowess – nothing of their self sacrifice for the war.  Can it be that after so much vaunting, Galesburg means to do nothing?  We have been called by them for twenty years past, old fogies, fifty years behind the times.  Their society was claimed to be constituted on a basis especially anti-slavery, so that we could never fully co-operate with them.  They certainly held to measures which some of us never approved, but now where are they?  The Government in enforcing the laws has come to a direct collision with the slave propagandists, and rebellion in Dixie runs riot.  We had a right at this time to hear of great things from Galesburg.  Their ultra claims of manumitting the slave is to be sure, still not in their power; but subduing the present rebellion would unquestionably tend to leave the slaveholders relatively less omnipotent in this free land.  Some measures of restriction to their barefaced demands might now be imposed, but lo, Galesburg is not on hand!  Can any one say whether there is any epidemic or contagious plague which thus paralises their energies, or are they sentimentally Quakers, holding to good theories but unwilling to fight for them; or thirdly, do they really as charged by some, lack the back-bone now needed?  McDonough has always been rated at Galesburg as antique, slightly barbarian, but we have sent off eight or ten companies.  Counting on the zeal manifested anterior to the war for the maintenance of republican principles, it might be reasonably supposed that Galesburg would now be in the van of the war, but even those towns and counties which gave large Democratic majorities are much ahead of this literary Athens in coming up to the help of the government to subdue the pro-slavery rebellion.

It is clearly to be seen in this, Messrs Editors, that now as ever heretofore, excessive bigotry begets no patriotism, and no other virtue.  The moderate party men have always have always endeavored to suppress Blanchardism and Lovejoy adulation.  Now that real danger and sacrifices are to be made, we find that those who stand on medium ground are the main reliance to enforce the laws, and strange to tell, we get more support from the patriotic portion of the Douglas party, than from these model reformers.

We want these inconsistencies ferreted out.  Can you inform us about the benighted parts of Knox?  If not, please request the Galesburg Free Democrat to publish this as it may awaken some inquiry around the sacred city and a clue to the whereabouts of these ultra reformers.  If not this, it may at least, limit a sectional bigotry which some of us have thought needed a wet blanket, lo! these many days.






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Macomb Eagle
August 24, 1861

Another Kind of Treason.

Some of the republican papers hereabouts are enlarging upon treason.  They have been enlarging upon this crime for some months, but they are now breaking out in new places.  They will soon have treason as frequent in their mouths as they formerly had “freedom,” and just about as selfishly and hypocritically.  The Democrats are now threatened, if they hold Democratic conventions and nominate Democratic candidates for the various county offices, they will do so under the pains and penalties of being denounced as “traitors” by the lickspittles of Abraham Lincoln.  We think Democrats are not to be diverted from exercising their rights and maintaining their privileges under the Constitution, by the abolishin leaders of the republican party.  It is but a little while since these fellows raised their voices for the Union, and they can now claim but little sincerity.  Their conduct is full of the ways and means that lead to despotism.  These republicans before the election hooted at Democrats when they said a word in behalf of the Union, and even thought to stigmatize us as “Union savers.”  At the same time they declared the “South might go – we can do without them.”  Such men as these now pretend to teach Democrats loyalty, and to prescribe bounds to our political action.  They threaten us with mob violence, if we question their political action.  All this has been carried on too, by those who are loudest crying out “no party” – – “no discussion of the acts of our President” – “no objection to the resolutions of our Congressmen.”  Democrats are not disposed to put up with this insolence and bigotry any longer, even if it is clothed with the mask of patriotism.  If republicans are ashamed to muster any longer under their former name and principles, let them say so openly – let them make a clean breast of it – they will feel better after confession.  But Democrats have nothing in their history to be ashamed of – they look back upon their party action with gratification, and they intend to abide by their good old name, stick to their glorious principles, and under the same banner of the Constitution and the Union fearlessly meet all their enemies.


Galesburg Patriotism.

The Galesburg Daily News says the idea has been suggested of raising a volunteer company in that city for the war, and pertinently adds that it is “a pretty good idea, as Galesburg has but a tiny few – not a full company, now in the field.”  Galesburg has, or claims to have, about 5,000 inhabitants, and of course has its due proportion of able-bodied men, and a due proportion of whom ought to be in the service for the war. – Galesburg is a thorough abolition hole, where a {African-American] is considered as good as a white man, ‘specially if the white man is poor, or a foreigner, and where [African-American] freedom is the great “one idea.”  All other ideas in politics are made subservient to this one, and this war is looked upon by the portion of the inhabitants of Galesburg as a means for the consummation of their hope – the freedom of the [African-American].  Let them show their sincerity, then, by furnishing their quota of volunteers for the war; and if they have not the nerve and patriotism to volunteer, let a requisition by draft be made upon them for about every third or fourth man subject to military duty. They have done their share in getting the country into the war and they should be compelled to do their share of the fighting till the war is closed.  Two companies, at least, should be enlisted in Galesburg forthwith. – Let it be done. – Quincy Herald.

The Macomb Journal goes off in a terrible howl because two “fugitives from labor or service,” which had accidentally got lost, were “delivered upon claim” of the owner.  The requirement of the Constitution was simply complied with – nothing more, nothing less.  We are sorry it should provoke so much opposition from any men or set of men who make a claim to be friendly to a strict observance of the Constitution of the United States.  It will lead some persons to doubt the sincerity of their professions.


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