April 27, 1861

Macomb Eagle

“Union Guards.”

This is the name of the first company enlisted in McDonough.  The company numbers 108 officers and men, a list of which we publish below.


                                                Captain – V. Y. Ralston
Lieutenants – B. F. Pinkley 1st, H. M. Bartholomew 2nd, Ebon White 3rd.
Sergeants – H. H. Gash, C. Clark Morse, John E. Lane, James Shreeves.                                                                                            Corporals – Jos. M. Gaston, A. Downey, W. H. Bonham, John V. Mason.
Drummer, Enoch Welker; fifer, S. P. Danley; flag bearer, James Magee


Fredrick Seiber
James Ervin
E. D. Kelly
B. F. Spencer
Charles Hook
Rob’t Morrison
Wellington Louk
J. H. Louk
F. J. James
J. T. Spear
George Strong
Henry Johnson
J. Allison
James F. Hendrickson
Edward Harley
Sam’l L. Frankenbury
George Slocum
Albert Taylor
Denzel Markham
B. M. Clark
Miles Price
D. W. Madison
W. T. Lugg
Wm. Logan
John C. Murray
James B. Jones
W. Morrison
A. Shannon
W. P. Comer
L. Thomas
J. H. Stainbrook
W. W. McManimus
J. Eyre
M. F. Henderson
J. M. Forrest
R. G. Whiting
T. B. Morton
L. Randolph
E. K. Westfall
W. Line
T. B. Chapman
C. H. Montague
J. Y. McCartney
Chas. Waters
J. B. Beaston
J. H. Ralston
J. C. Bell
W. S. Hendricks
C. Lane
W. F. King
W. Doren
H. Oatmen
O. Sperry
R. Simmons
— Wheeler
W. W. Woods
J. M. Graham
John Gordon
J. W. Shipman
A. T. Parvin
B. Hainline
J. Allred
G. L. Hainline
J. L. Hainline
F. A. Adams
Geo. Wheeler
R. H. Speak
Abel Thomas
Chas. E. Sackett
Geo. A. Reed
A. V. Kennedy
H. L. Markham
W. H. Kendrick
A. T. Lea
C. L. Sanders
G. E. Palmer
Van C. Hampton
Henry Hart
W. H. Hainline
M. B. Burr
J. W. Asher
C. Lustre
E. K. Brandon
H. Gordon
H. H. Hampton
T. Mora Fishbourne
S. D. Haven
F. W. Hollenbeck
W. J. Franklin
W. F. Bain
Wm. Hicks
H. L. Johnson

 This company will probably start for Springfield the first of next week.  D. P. Wells, Esq., is also making up a company, and expects to have it full in a few days.


  • We have no time nor space to bestow upon the paltry liar who conducts the Macomb Journal.  He publishes his own infamy and baseness, and then is so foolish as to try to shield his villainy by falsehoods still more atrocious.  We have “surrendered” nothing of our opinions or principles.  We have published nothing in these columns, in relation to the conduct of the administration, that was inappropriate to the time and the circumstances – nothing from which we would erase a word or expunge a sentence.  We surrender not a particle of our right to criticize the actions and policy of public men, and we have always striven to preserve this Union by peace and friendship, for without this between the States it is no union at all.  We shall not be driven from our life-long loyalty to the Constitution and the country, by the falsehoods of a dirty knave and lying poltroon.
  • PERSONAL. – We understand it is reported in various parts of this county that the editor of the Eagle was “compelled” to hang out the American flag, by a committee of republicans, or something of the sort.  There is not a word of truth in any such statement.  The editor of the Eagle acts from his own convictions of duty and right, and there are not republicans enough in Illinois to “compel” him to do any act which he would not do of his own accord.  The insinuation conveyed by the republican liars is, that we are not loyal to the Constitution and government under which we live – an insinuation which they knew to be as false as their own hearts are villainous.  No one but a scoundrelly abolition disunionist would resort to this kind of means for the purpose of injuring a Democrat.
  • Two cows were killed last week on the railroad, in the city limits.  We are told there was carelessness and a violation of the city ordinance, by agents of the company, in both cases.  The railroad company is a tolerably independent concern; but still they may be taught that other folks have rights as well as themselves, and that violations of our ordinances for public safety cannot be permitted with impunity.
  • Mr. I. August, of this city, who has been spending the winter in Kentucky, returned this week.  His business called him through several of the river counties of that State, and he had opportunities of learning the sentiments of the people on the question of Union or secession.  From all that he could learn, he regards them as almost unanimous for joining the southern Confederacy.
  • HOME GUARDS. – Dr. Walker has been active this week in getting up a company of mounted men, with the design of being ready for service at home, if an emergency should possibly occur for such service.  This company will meet at the court house on Saturday, for the purpose of electing officers and adopting by-laws.  A company of infantry is also being organized for the same purpose.
  • A LIVE SECESSIONIST. – There is one live secessionist in town, and he takes pleasure in proclaiming the fact.  He can be seen by the curious on the west side of the square, second door north of Jackson street.  We advise our citizens to go and see this secessionist from high prices and the large stock of groceries which he wants to sell at low figures.
  • McDONOUGH BATTALION. – We understand that Mr. Wilson of Middletown has a company near full, and also that a company is nearly made up at Prairie City.  These, with the Union Guards and McDonough Guards, will probably form the McDonough Battalion, and will be together during the service.


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