March 23, 1861

Macomb Eagle

  • Retired. – Mr. V. Y. Ralston has retired from the editorial control of the Journal.  During the time he was connected with that paper, it possessed a dignity and effectiveness which before were strangers to it, and which we think it will not enjoy soon again.  We do not know what business Mr. R. intends pursuing, but we think he will find that the chair editorial has attractions which no other occupation can present.  We cordially reciprocate the good wishes expressed in the following sentence from his valedictory:

From neighbor Abbott of the Eagle, I part with the kindliest feelings, and take this
occasion to say that in all our intercourse in a joint stump discussion protracted
through months, I ever found him to be a fair opponent and a courteous gentleman.


  • New Salem Township. – The Democrats of New Salem township will hold a meeting at the New Salem school house, on Tuesday evening at 6 o’clock, to nominate candidates for township officers.  We like the “grit” of our friends in New Salem, and feel confident that with a full vote they can take the wool off of their opponents.  The re-action in favor of Democracy and peace is going on everywhere, and it encourages the friends of the country to work more zealously than they have ever done.


  • This week has exhibited all the phases of March weather.  Warm, cold, thaw, snow, clouds, clear – in short, it has “blew and snew and thew and friz” – all in the same day, and repeated every twenty-four hours for variety.  Blue-birds and robins attended a funeral, caused by a mournful occurrence:
    “The first bird of spring
    Attempted to sing,
    But ere he had uttered a note,
    He fell from the limb –
    A dead bird was him.
    The music had friz in his throat!”


  • The circuit court has been in session this week, his honor Judge Bailey presiding, There has been no cases of unusual interest tried this week.  Among the attorneys from other counties in attendance, we notice Mr. Higbee of Pittsfield, Mr. Judd of Lewistown, and Mr. Williams of Quincy.  The grand jury is supposed to be busy in ferreting out offenses against the law.


  • The Macomb Journal appeared last week on an enlarged sheet, and now presents about the same amount of printed surface that the Eagle does.  Mr. Ralston retires from the editorial department, and it succeeded by Jas. K. Magie, late of Oquawka and Carthage.  We wish our neighbors prosperity in everything except their politics.


  • A team belonging to Wm. Hunter run away last Tuesday.  They started from the square, and run towards the east part of town, where they run into a wagon standing on the side of the street, and injured one of the horses so severely that it died in a few minutes.  “Nobody was hurt,” yet it is likely that Mr. Hunter is “suffering” by the loss of his horse.


  • Mr. Jos. Burton returned from New York this week, whither he has been to make purchases for the spring and summer trade.  We would say something about the stock of goods he is receiving, only we think he intends to “spread his manifest” at length in our columns next week.


  • Mr. W. H. rounds, who came to Macomb a few weeks ago and began teaching a writing school, left on Tuesday evening for Massachusetts, in charge of an officer.  It seems that an indictment had been found against him for embezzling money, and he was taken back to answer.


  • Mr. Morgan, the energetic prosecuting attorney for this district, did a land office business at the Fulton circuit court.  He procured the conviction and sentence of eight persons to the penitentiary, and two to imprisonment in the county jail.


  • Mr. Tinsley is on hand with a large stock of spring and summer goods, and will sell them at very low terms for cash.  We advise purchasers to give Mr. T. a call, for we believe they will find it to their advantage to do so.

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