March 16, 1861

Macomb Eagle

The Opinion of Douglas.

We publish this week a portion of the remarks made in the Senate last week by Judge Douglas.  It will be seen that he interprets the inaugural of the new President to mean peace.  While we regret that the language of the President is so apparently contradictory that it gives color to so diametrically opposite conclusions therefrom, we shall yet rejoice if Senator Douglas has read aright.  It will be especially gratifying to the Democratic party, to see the position that they have held with such great unanimity for the past few months endorsed by the President and leading men of the republican party.  If anything were needed to satisfy us that we have been right on the present national troubles, it would be found in the fact that the republican party can find no other practical solution of the question.  The firm opposition of the Democracy to any aggressive measures has had the effect to force the republican President and cabinet into occupying the same ground.  Let us now add them in their efforts to save the Union.


WHEAT CROP. – We have made many inquiries of the farmers this week, in regard to the growing wheat.  They all represent the crop to be in fine condition, well set in the ground, and presenting a healthy color.  The amount of winter wheat sown in this county is not large, the failure of this crop for so many years having deterred many farmers from investing money and labor in so uncertain a crop.  A large quantity of spring wheat will be sown, and the most of it will be put in the ground next week, if the present dry weather continues.  The papers in Schuyler and Fulton counties say the wheat crop is very promising in those counties.


LECTURE ON NORTHERN INDIA. – We had the pleasure of listening on Tuesday night to a lecture on Northern India, by Rev. Dr. Warren.  The lecturer was for fifteen years a missionary among the people whose customs, institutions, and superstitions he so vividly describes.  Dr. Warren is not a professional lecturer, but his descriptions of Brahminism, of caste, of marriage, of suttee, and the common life of the Hindoos are entertaining in a high degree.  The lecture on Tuesday night was for the benefit of Luther Sperry, a Baptist minister of Kansas, whose house and goods were recently destroyed by fire, while he was in this State soliciting contributions for his destitute neighbors.


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