March 2, 1861

Macomb Eagle

Let us Reason Together.

Day by day the probability of an adjustment of the difficulties that unhappily divide the North and the South become less and less.  We believe that there is now only a possibility of such an adjustment, and that the final separation of the southern from the northern States is almost inevitable, and that too at an early day.  The strong probability is, that we are hereafter to have two separate governments, within the limits of what was formerly the United States, each independent of the other, and pursuing each its own policy upon all questions of internal and external concern.  The great question then is, shall this separation be peaceful, or shall it follow a bloody and calamitous war?  This is the question we want each man to answer for himself – to consider without reference to past party attachments or party names, and to answer to his conscience and to humanity.  Unhappily the people of the northern States are divided upon this question, one portion, while deploring the calamity which has brought our Union to the point of dissolution, preferring honestly, since the separation must take place, to make it peaceful; to conduct the proceedings so as to promote the happiness, prosperity, harmony, and future interests of both sections.  They would look upon a war between the North and the South as the greatest of earthly misfortunes, as the climax of folly and wickedness; and which ought, by every consideration of humanity and religion, to be avoided.  This is the opinion of a very large majority – we believe three-fourths, of the people of the Northern states. – There is, however, another class, composed of the ultra, the fanatical, the abolition portion of our people, led on and encouraged by office-hunters and spoilsmen of all grades, who, while admitting that separation now seems inevitable, nevertheless talk of coercion, or enforcing “our rights,” of recovering possession of the public property; in short, as the favorite phrase now is, of seeing “whether” we have a portent in their estimation, and they mean, so far as they can influence public opinion, and so far as they can control the incoming administration, that it shall be settled to suit their destructive notions, at any expense of treasure and blood to the people.  The advocates of this policy do not expect through its instrumentality to prevent a separation – to compel the seceding States to return to a willing obedience; but like the belligerent school boy, they want to try their prowess, and whip their antagonist, before the final separation.  What folly, what stupidity, what wickedness! thus to endeavor to plunge a nation into war, solely to gratify a spirit of revenge, and without the hope of accomplishing any substantial good.  No one will go further or do more to win back the seceding States, if that be possible – or to retain the slaveholding States that have not yet left us, than those who hold to peaceful and conciliatory measures.  It is the rabid abolitionists, aided by the office-hunters and friends of the office-hunters, that oppose concession and compromise.  The friends of equal rights to all the States – of administering the government in the spirit of the fathers who framed it – are opposed to the use of force; and in the painful event of a failure to adjust matters so as to recover the lost States, or to prevent the losing of other States, will bid their southern brethren go in peace.  They will not favor the conversion of a free republic into a despotism.  If the happy relations which formerly existed between the two sections cannot be restored – if our attempt to sustain a government coextensive with our vast possessions and our diversity of industrial pursuits must prove a failure – then let us spare the world the sickening spectacle of brethren warring against brethren, and shedding each other’s blood, simply to gratify a momentary passion and a hatred that is born of infernal counsels.  Let the people stay the hands of the wicked.


Middletown, Feb. 26, 1861.

To the Editor of the Macomb Eagle:

I wish to make a few remarks to the many readers of the Eagle in regard to the importance of Union in the approaching township election.

From facts that have come to my knowledge, I would appraise Democrats generally that it is the intention of the republicans to carry the election in all the Democratic townships, by deceiving them by their cunning schemes.

When they come to you and suggest a better man in your party than the regular nominee, pay no attention to it.

When they say to you, let us leave this party spirit aside in little elections and vote for the man, believe them not.

When they say to you, I don’t know that I feel enough interested to go to the election, set it down as a lie – for every mother’s son of them will be there.

Skilled in the arts of deception, they seek to divide the Democratic party.  Therefore I say beware of them, for remember union is strength.

Witness the dark and portentious cloud that hangs over our beloved country at the present time, which is the result of disruption of the Democratic party.  We all know that the principles upon which our government is based and the principles of the true Democratic party are so closely allied that one cannot exist without the other, any sooner than a man can exist without a heart or head.  Hence I say, let us begin this work of unity even in townships, and the pounds will “take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves,” and we will yet see the day when the Democratic party will rise Phoenix-like from its ashes, and be a better and purer party, for they will have learnt the importance of concert and union.

Yours, & c.,                 VIGILIANCE


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