February 16, 1861

Macomb Eagle

Don’t think we shall.

Our amiable contemporary thinks that we should take down the motto at the head of the paper.  Singular how men will differ.  That motto is, “THE UNION – IT MUST BE PRESERVED.”  We don’t see the least necessity for abandoning the glorious sentiment contained in that motto.  We are for preserving the Union, and always have been.  We have opposed its destruction, when it was assailed by northern abolitionists and southern fire-eaters, who have worked together so well at their wicked purposes, that seven States have rebelled from the authority of the Constitution and are now setting up a government for themselves.  We have striven to preserve this Union, because of the numberless blessings it has secured to the American people.  But it must be manifest, even to the dull comprehension of our contemporary, that the Union cannot be preserved or continued without a manifestation by the people, of the same spirit of conciliation and compromise – of mutual interest and fraternal affection – which animated the hearts of the Fathers, when they formed the Union.  Think you, reader, that any one of the great men of the early days of the Republic would have let a party platform stand between them and their country?  That any one of them would have allowed his individual “consistency” to rise higher than his duty to the whole people?  Such a supposition is a libel upon the memory of the great and good men, whom we revere as the Fathers of the Republic.  Are not those who seek to weaken the bond of the Union, by endeavoring to cast odium upon the institutions of the South; who hold up southern society as the “sum of all villainies,” to the religious, and a foul blot upon the body politic, to the irreligious: are not these the real disunionists, who have initiated the troubles of this day, and who are justly responsible for the separation of the confederacy?  Our fathers could treat slaveholders as men in society and as brethren in religion; but some parties and some churches have grown wiser than the golden rule, better than practical charity, and holier than the pure faith of the Fathers of the Republic.  Under the influence of these latter-day sorcerers, is it any wonder that alienation has sprung up, that hatred has been cherished, that odious allegations have been promulgated, that crimination has begat recrimination, that constitutional guaranties have been destroyed, that the laws of Congress have been nullified, that threats are made to “extinguish slavery” by the force of a numerical majority out of the States where slavery exists, and that finally the last desperate right of an outraged people has been resorted to, by seven States, with the probability that six or seven more may follow them?  No.  If the Union cannot be preserved in the spirit and meaning, as well as the form, given to it by the Fathers, then it is the fault of those who have destroyed this spirit and denied this meaning, if the Union is not preserved.


Latest News by Yesterday’s Mail.

-Hon. Jefferson Davis and Hon. Alex. Stephens, were unanimously elected President and Vice President of the confederated States of North America at Montgomery, on Saturday.

-The Convention of Louisiana passed a resolution approving the choice of the Montgomery Convention on Saturday, and one hundred guns were fired at New Orleans, in honor of the election.

-The Little Rock arsenal, containing a large number of arms and a considerable amount of ammunition, was surrendered to the State of Arkansas Friday, and is garrisoned by one hundred volunteers.

-The Democratic State Convention of Michigan met at Detroit, and passed Union resolutions and against coercion.

-There was an immense secession torchlight procession at Memphis, said to be the largest and most enthusiastic ever had there.

-Some post-masters recently appointed in the seceded States decline to take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States.  Of course the offices will have to be discontinued if persons cannot be found to take and hold them according to law.

-A private dispatch from Greenville, Tenn., says that Green (Senator Johnson’s county) gives a majority against a Convention of 2291.

-Government has official intelligence from the collector of New Orleans notifying that duties on goods passing up the river will be collected at New Orleans in behalf of the treasury of Louisiana.

-The Kentucky Legislature, without doing anything of a national character, adjourned to the 20th of March, to await and then to consider the action of the Peace Commissioners at Washington.

-Richmond, Feb. 11. – The Governor transmitted to the legislature to-day a communication from Judge Robinson, commissioner to the Seceding States, dated Montgomery, Feb. 3.  He says the Governor of Georgia, accepts the mediation of Virginia, and gives assurance authentic that Georgia will abstain during the period contemplated, from all acts calculated to produce a collision of arms between the State and the General Government.  The commissioner believed that the Governor of Alabama will give a favorable answer, and that South Carolina will conform her cause to the action or recommendation of the Southern Confederation.


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