January 26, 1861

Macomb Eagle

Mischief Brewing.

We learn by a letter from Springfield, Jan. 22nd, that a bill is pending before the Legislature to create the 27th judicial circuit, to be composed of the counties of McDonough, Warren, and Henderson, and providing for the election of judge and prosecuting attorney on the 15th of February. – This bill has been got up at the instance of certain pap-suckers in Macomb, who are squealing like hungry hogs for a chance at the public crib.  It is also to forestall a certain investigation into the alleged illegal voting in this county last fall!  The republicans want no investigation of these frauds – and hence their indecent haste to have a judge and attorney elected on the 15th of February, whose rulings on the bench will be “in accordance with the republican interpretation of the law” and of two certain Dogbery justices in this county.

–          The board of Supervisors will hold a special session next Monday.  It is understood that the principal business before the board will be a proposition to authorize the collecting of the county revenue in currency.  There is little danger that the county will lose anything by the adoption of such a measure.


–          An election will be held in the Adams and Brown Senatorial district, on next Tuesday, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr. Brooks.  The Democrats, and people generally, will show their approval of Mr. Brooks’ action by re-electing him.


The Markets

Macomb, Thursday, Jan. 24. – Hogs have advanced to $5; wheat may be quoted at 75c; and corn at 13c.  The price of these products is controlled by the rates paid at Chicago and St. Louis, and will advance or recede according to the quotations in those cities.  In the retail trade, butter sells at 12 ½ c per lb, eggs 10 c per dozen, chickens $1 50 per dozen, turkeys 5c per lb, prairie chickens $1 per dozen, wood $2 50 per cord for hickory and $2 for oak, broom corn $20 @ 25 per ton.  Groceries, the quotations may be about as follows: sugar 9 @ 10c per pound, coffee 16 1/8 @ 20c, salt $2 per sack, molasses 50 @ 7 for southern, and sorghum 50c per gallon.


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