January 12, 1861

Macomb Eagle

Mississippi Probably Gone!

The latest intelligence from Mississippi leaves scarcely a doubt that the convention of that State have followed the lead of South Carolina, and ere this paper reaches our readers, have passed the ordinance severing her connection with the United States.  One Tuesday, the committee appointed on the subject had agreed in favor of reporting the secession ordinance, and it is known that a large majority of the convention were in favor of the measure.  Thus they go.  One after another of the States are dissolving their connection with the government, in consequence of the fanaticism that would thrust obnoxious and oppressive measures upon them.  The bond of Union, through the dominant party of the North, has ceased to be one of fraternal affection or of common interest, and like a quarrelsome family, the different members are seeking in separation that independence which they could not secure when living together.  Alas! that it is so!


–          Mad dogs have made their appearance in Warren and other northern counties.  A great many worthless dogs might be put out of the way, without doing harm to any man.

–          Ralph Farnam – the last survivor of the battle of Bunker Hill – died at Action, Maine, a few days ago, aged one hundred and four years, five months and nineteen days.

–          There is but little doubt that there is an organized band of counterfeiters at work in Illinois.  A number of the villains have been arrested within a week of two.


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