January 5, 1861

Macomb Eagle

Democratic County Convention.

The Democrats of McDonough county are requested to meet in Mass Convention at Macomb, on Tuesday, Jan. 8th, 1861, for the purpose of appointing delegates to attend the Democratic State Convention at Springfield, on the 16th of Jan.  Come up, friends, and let us consult together.

By order of the



Let us Counsel Together.

Above we publish calls for a county and a State convention.  It is designed to obtain an expression of the feelings of the Democratic party in relation to the troubled and distracted condition of our country; and that uniformity of action, if possible, may be agreed upon.  Important matters now claim the attention of every patriot.  It is the right of every man in this country to speak his mind, and no greater necessity ever arose for the voice of the people being made known.  Our country is on the brink of civil war; our nation is dismembered; and unless wise and patriotic measures prevail, we shall be plunged into all the calamities and horrors of a domestic war.  “In the multitude of counsel there is safety.”


Republicans against Adjustment.

We publish this week the plan offered by Judge Douglas, for the purpose of quieting the difficulties existing and which threaten to lead to most disastrous consequences.  It seems to us that there is nothing in this plan which could be objectionable to any patriot.  But it has already been rejected.  And we may here remark that every effort to adjust the difficulties, no matter what its terms or provisions, has been rejected by the republicans.  They propose nothing themselves, and will accept nothing from others.  They seem determined, by a dogged and wicked obstinacy, to prevent any adjustment of the difficulties, to avert any of the calamities that threaten us, or to alleviate any of the distress that now fills the public mind.  Let the people remember that the leading republicans, in Congress and out of Congress, are opposed to any peaceable solution of our troubles, and reject every honorable proposition that is made to preserve the Union as our fathers made it.  They have brought these troubles upon the country – they caused the secession of one State – they are doing all they can to drive four other States out of the Union within a month or six weeks – they are advocating measures to drive ten more States also out of the Union – and threaten to plunge the country into all the horrors and calamities of civil war.  All this they are doing, simply to show their devotion to idea of negro freedom.  They will be held to a fearful responsibility.


Bushnell Items.

–          Miller & Krauser have opened a furniture store, at which they will be able to supply chairs, tables, sofas, etc., at very low figures.  We advise our readers trading in that town to give them a call.

–          Secession, revolution, or what else you please to call the inauguration of a new policy, has been proclaimed at the store of Messrs. Angle & Allen. – They secede from credit, and form a new partnership with Cash. So they go.  That is the right way to do business – the best always for buyers and sellers.

–          Canfield – clever man if he is a republican – can be found at the Bushnell House, living well and feeding all who call at his “inn” with the best of chickens and hot coffee.  Call on him and enjoy a hearty laugh.

–          There are several other institutions we intend to speak of, as soon as we can get the “figgers.”


The ladies of the Baptist Church desire to return their thanks to those citizens whose contributions for, and presence at, their supper tables, last week, have aided to relieve their church property from embarrassment.


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