December 29, 1860

Macomb Eagle

Day of Fasting and Prayer. – President Buchanan has issued a proclamation, recommending to the people of the United States to observe the 4th day of January next as a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer.  He says that “Hope seems to have deserted the minds of men,” but that “God’s arm alone can save us from the awful effects of our own crimes and follies;” but that an “an Omnipotent Providence may overrule existing evils for permanent good.  He can make the wrath of man to praise Him, and the remainder of wrath He can restrain.”


South Carolina Gone!

The convention of South Carolina have passed the ordinance dissolving their connection with the government of the United States.  The States of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, are taking measures to do likewise, and probably by the 4th of March will have that object accomplished.  It is not improbable that events may occur that will place the entire South in united action with Carolina.  That would make a powerful nation, and with the immense exports of that country would soon make a prosperous and wealthy people.


–          Lincoln’s organ says that the southern States must be forced to remain in the confederacy and submit to whatever negroism his administration may see proper to inflict upon them. – Lincoln’s great idea is that a negro has the same right to be heard in the government – in enacting and enforcement of laws – that the white man has. (See Peoria speech 1854.)  When Mr. Lincoln calls for volunteers to force this doctrine down the mouths of a free people, with cannons and muskets, we think he will have something of a time of it before he gets through.


Improved Corn Planter. – We were shown the other day a model of the improved corn planter invented and patented by the Messrs. Floyd, of this city.  It is certainly an improvement upon any previous machine for planting corn, and this fact will be admitted by every one who makes an examination of it.  Its various superior parts cannot well be described on paper, but an inspection of the machine will commend it to general favor.  The patentees, F.G. & E.A. Floyd, are now selling town and State rights, and will probably commence the manufacture of the planters next year.


-Snow to the depth of six or eight inches now covers the ground. – This is the deepest we have seen for several years.  Sleighing is excellent – and everybody who can rig up a sled is taking advantage of the occasion. – The weather is very pleasant – just cold enough to hold the snow and make it agreeable for two to wrap up in one buffalo robe.  That’s the nice part of it.

-Secession seems to be getting fashionable.  A few members of the Methodist church in this town, thinking they could not stand the rule of those having authority over them, have seceded and set up for themselves. – The dissolution of the union to the society was effected peaceably – without war, or even much wordy warfare.

-Two sleighs came in collision on Tuesday.  One was crossing the track on which the other was running at lightning speed, without a driver. – Some smash – lots of excitement for five minutes – not much damage done.  Everybody telling his neighbor that people should be more careful.


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